New player guide(lvl 42 and below)

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  • Hello SG Community.

    There are a lot of new players that came on this server, so I decided to make a short comprehensive guide for this category.

    1.The first thing you should know is mages and assasins are really good in PvM on this server(they have 35% bonus damage against monsters). Of course arahan warriors and mirage suras are still good classes for begginers, so keep that in mind when you create a new character. Also, your main stat will increase the attack value instead of just str(Mages and Suras - int, Assasins - dex, warriors - str) - so you should aim to get your main stat as a bonus on your items. I would also recommend you put all your points into the main stat(here stats are capped at 100 instead of 90 without items, alchemy, fish etc)

    2.Do all the quests until lvl 35. Some of them give really good rewards(dragon tiger earrings, lots of useful green and purple potions, exorcism scrolls, hermit advice, 100k yang). Don't forget to open apprentice chest, they give temporary buffs(like HP or bonus XP).

    3.Fishing is really good there, clams are expensive, you'll catch all fish when the bubble pops instead of waiting for some seconds. Also as a begginer you should participate at the fishing event, you get a really good reward.

    4. You have 7 days of item mall bonuses(double drop,yang,fishing), so take advantage of it and make your basic items in the first 7 days. First you should aim to get a FMS/RIB/Antique Bell+9 with around 30 avg. Then aim to get golden/ebony/jade earrings+9 and silver/ebony bracelet+9 with 20% double chance to drop. Then get the rest of your items in no order(golden necklace+9 with some 1k+ hp and 10% crit, leather boots+9 with 1k+ hp and 10% crit, pentagion shield+9 with immune + 12 str/int/dex, lvl 34 armour+9 with 1k+ hp and 50 attack value and finally lvl 21 helm+9 with 8% attack speed and 20% orcs/esoterics). After the 7 days, you should buy a odin's ring(it costs 60-70kk curently) and you can get 2 more weeks of double drop.

    5. If you can't find any of these items on the market, don't be affraid to buy a clean +9 item and start changing bonus on it!. On this server if you reroll any item, you can choose to keep the bonuses on the item or get new bonuses. Make sure to use blessing marble to get your desired bonuses faster.

    6. Don't look for rare items just yet(with 8% avg, 8% hp absorbtion etc), they are really expensive(1 won+)

    7. As for ways to farm, map2 metins are a safe bet, they give mount certificates, green magic changers, adders, books, stones, bands of oblivion(you can sell useless books for 70k yang at the general store, and stones+0 +1 +2 for 25-75k yang and bands of oblivion for 100k yang, and they stack up on your special inventory). Dragon valley metins give in addition exorcism scrolls and hermits advice(with a low chance of course) and soul stones. As for other ways, spider upgrade materials sell well, as well as orc tooth, curse book, unknown talismans, esoteric primer(with and without +) sell for 700k-2kk each(you have to check the exact prices for yourself here). Other than that, rarity ores sell each stack(250 items instead of 200 on this server) for 8-10kk each, so keep your eyes open for rare items. You can disenchant these items at the rarity alchemist in map1, and of course fishing and mining are quick ways to get some money for gear.

    8. You have a special inventory with 5 pages for each category: upgrade materials, books, stones and chests, so inventory management is not as important.

    9. After you get some good gear, you can farm 45-55 metins, you can try orc maze(be sure to have a partner or a buff with you), farm in the first floor in DT for materials and rare items after lvl 40.

    10. Keep a look for rare items(especially if it has avg, avg damage resistance, strong against monsters, str/dex/int), they can sell quite well(1won-3won or even more).

    11. Don't forget to get a mount from the certificates, you can keep it if it has attack value. Use a scroll of evolution to upgrade the mount(you'll need a horse medal and 500k yang).

    12. Don't forget about bio quests and horse quests, as well as getting alchemy going on(you'll have a quest at the alchemist to activate alchemy). You'll drop rough jade from the orcs, garnet from esoterics, sapphire from mount sohan and ruby from desert.

    13. Other than that, have fun. You should stay lvl 35-42 until you get your items and G skills or if you're an assasin, if you just get your items. Then move on to lvl 55-62.