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  • 1. +3 stones should also have a value (Ex: 85k yang )

    2. There are many useless objects that have no value. (Curse book+, I have 800x / Unknown talisman+ I have 2166x etc...) Have to decreases the chance of drop.

    3. For Website: Let's have a button with "server presentation". It's a good idea for new players

    4.Autopatcher: Why not change "registration" with "Calendar"?. I think it's a better idea to add the calendar

    5. Nation war - Add the "spectator" function. I saw that, after entering the sanctuary, no player can enter. I don't think it's a good idea, maybe the player doesn't arrive on time

    6. Thief's Glove (or others) -to be able to equip them without separating them

  • 1º They are valuable already since you can upgrade them, so I'd say no.

    2º They have the same drop, probably, as any other item, the "problem" is that ppl farm a lot of the metins which spawns these mobs.

    I'd put them as a craft item for poly marbles related to mobs from that zone (in high quantity).

    3º +1

    4º +1, the Registration can be put above "More" in the patcher.

    5º +1

    6º +1 if it's possible, same with experience rings and any other similar item with time duration (dragon earrings, love earrings, etc).