FIRST STEPS IN THE SERVER (What should I know when I log in for the very first time?)

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  • Hey all,

    in these days some new players asked me what to do at the beginning, so I decided to create a mini-guide answering to the main questions of every player at the first login in a new server, especially in a server like this in which you haven't stuff+9 with perfect bonuses at the start like 99% of private servers.

    Premise: I am not mothertongue so I can make some mistakes, I'm sorry for that, but I will make the possible to be clear.

    Premise 2.0: This guide contains very few things and it's realised to show the essential of early-game, not to be specific in every single part of the game, but I'm sure it will give to you an idea to what to do at the beginning, without losing hope, thinking the game is too hard.

    When you create your first character on the top left of your screen some bonuses are showed and they last 7 days; the most important of them is the double drop . Remember: this is the bonus which makes the difference. Without it, you lose a lot of earning. So you must have it always activated (I will explain how, once it expires) and put ALWAYS a thief's glove on and 20 double drop on ALL your equipment. These three things influence your farm heavily. Without them, the game is boring and very slow, especially if you haven't a lot of time to invest.

    How to receive double drop on the top left of your screen, when it expires?

    Once you farmed about 70kk, click F6 and write "Odin's"

    Buy one and click with the right on it and in a few hours you will riceive your tec points. Now click on item shop in the icon situated in bottom left of your screen and then:


    How to get a Thief's glove?

    The thief's glove are obtainable from forest metin stones, so you can't do anything to farm them, BUT you can buy easily from shops for less than 1kk. So, again, click F6 type "Thief's glove" and buy the cheapest one.

    How to get 20 double drop on earrings and bracelet?

    Simple: farm green adders and changers and change bonuses until you get the bonus.

    Note: The blessing marble, which add the 5th bonus on equip, is droppable from moonlight event. You have three choices:

    1. farm during moonlight event (strongly recommended, since you will get some good drops like zen beans, changers and ofcourse blessing marble)

    2. buy it from shops for less than 2kk each.

    3. try your "luck" with 4 bonuses

    "I'm too slow, how can I do to move faster?"

    From general store you can buy:

    and for about 500k (or ask to high level character for free) you can get a lion certificate. Once you got it, drag it on stable boy and you will riceive a Lion seal (you can't attack from it, because you need the armed horse).

    Once you levelled up your horse (WHICH IS VERY IMPORTANT, since you have to wait 1h between a mission and the next one, so level up your character to level 20, click F5 activate anti-exp and go to easy monkeys) you upgrade your lion mount using

    droppable from moonlight boxes or you can buy from shops for about 400k.

    There are 5 types of bonuses that a mount could have: HP, exp, strong against mobs, attack value, defence.

    I advice you to not care about bonus when you get the very first lion seal, because you only use it to move faster and to get (and evolve thanks scroll of evolution) a lion with attack power when you will farm metins. Once you made armed horse, drag lion certificates on stable boy until you get one with attack value. Evolve the mount dragging the scroll of evolution on seal and you can attack from it.

    "Ok but if I have no money how can I buy these items?"

    At the beginning, it's not so easy to make some money only with utilities like changers, soul stones and so on. But you have a huge help farming metin stones which is the gold you make from stones +0+1+2 and books.

    Stones+0-->25k from general store

    Stones+1-->50k from general store

    Stones+2-->75k from general store

    Each book-->70k from general store

    You will have enough money to do what you need if you sell everything to npc.


    Very short guide, just to explain how to move the first steps. I didn't talk about gold making methods, because there are a lot of guides in this section very well explained. Anyway, I hope to give an help to everyone start the server for the first time. Farm when you have time, enjoy it and you will achieve satisfactory results.