dungeon system/teamplay/dungeonrewards/difference between high and low level

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  • Hey Guys,

    in my opinion there are only a few "stages" an charackter stays in cause its the most effizient way to gear up cause you dont have any other options that makes sense. i will write down the stages as i would see the evolution of an charackter cause to be honest its always the same.
    lvl 1-35 farming/leveling map2
    lvl 35-60 farming Temple
    to farm temple is one of the most broken farm mecanichs in the whole game. how is it possible that an lvl 60 char makes 3 or 4 times the money as a lvl 100 char who needs like 100 times more expensive gear.
    Heres a short example:
    lvl 60 farmer with gear worth like 25- 30w can farm 3-4w per hour in tempel.. by soulstones and green changer and exo/hermits.
    Me an lvl 113 Warrior with gear worth like 700-800w can farm "only" 6 Metins 110+ in ench forest to get like 10-20 changers per hour.
    I cant farm Meley cause its an ip run, i cant farm Erebrus cause its needs even more gear and like 3 chars full pvm, i cant farm Ochio cause its only 1 time every 2 hours and you need again more gear(pvp)
    Its not about crying or blaming, its about improving.

    In my opinion and now we are going to my Idea:
    the run should gets harder the more players enter. to make it "worth" to enter with more players
    Simple example in Devils Catacomb:
    I enter solo: Azrael has 3600 000 Hp restoring 20% every 25 seconds by 30% swordres -> dropping 1 box
    If i enter with 3 chars(not all mine) he has 10 000 000 hp and restoring 15% every 10 seconds by 40% swordres -> dropping a chest at the end for everyone and a random drop for the most dmg dealed...
    You could also controle that by setting different "tiers" of drop:
    Tier 1 Antique core
    Tier 2 Scn
    Tier 3 Sce
    and so on
    So the idea of that is to make it worth and interesting to do a run, cause the dungeons getting trivial so fast....

    Another example and an importan one isOrc Maze:
    Solo: it doesnt make sense that the boss dropps 3 adder and 4 changer and the stage before dropps 20 fms/ribs whats basicly more worth then the bosskill.
    so what i say is keep the current versions of the Dungeons but add the opportunity to make the run more harder but also more rewarding. Im not talking about 1 orcmaze 10 Mythical cores! but to make it fair we should think about what do i need to succeed the dungeon and what is my reward.
    New player could meet up and doing that run as a party. and to make it quite obvious that the challenge is rising the npc provides an menu for the partyleader what dungeon he wants to enter(namees variable):
    The point here is to make a supreme or even heroic dungeon so hard, that a single player would NEVER make it solo even with the best in slot on every item. to get that the boss could get difference resistence or systems like plague run eggs.
    Lets take that to an example on a dungeon metin:
    Solo -> Metin can get killed by any player
    Group Normal-> Metin needs to get killed by a mage -> you cant take any mage with you just to get more reward cause she has to be good at pvm
    Group Heroic -> the metin has so much hp that you have to hit them with all chars that entered the dungeon-> 3players 3 000 000 hp ->5players 5 000 000 hp and so on
    Group Supreme-> same system as Heroic but the Metin spawns bosses that the party has to bring out a tactic who is killing bosses(very weak to skills for example-> pvm mage needed) and who is killing metins.

    Its easy to understand that you cant just patch something into the game and try and error it, cause if it´s an error the server and the fun for all of us are dead|| Therefore its obvious for me that you have to plan stuff like that and balance it and test it and so on. But it should be ezy to bring such a system life on a test realm and pick out several players to make them test it.

    I hope that my Idea is quite clearly to understand and there are no people dying on every single detail of this post and getting the idea behind, just wanted to make this suggestion here cause im sure there are other players kinda unhappy with the current dungeon systems and looking for new challenges.

    The last Point is that i am against to make it easy, i want to make it interesting with such a system.

    Cheers and best Regards
    Creator of MindGrind

  • Unecessary complex. It would take me months to re-write the functions of each dungeons to accomodate this suggestion, when it just easier to setup a system of Normal, Hard and Extreme, where the monsters get a multiplier in damage and HP based on which difficult you choose, no matter the party member.

    At the end of the day you guys don't care about how complex and hard a system is, you just care what it drops and if it can give you the upper hand against someone you hate, so why should we waste months of work and weeks of testing that can be used elsewhere?

    Also you want people to make groups to make these hard runs, but yourself cannot do a meley cause is an IP dungeon, is quite controversial. You want new challenges because you don't want or you can't do the ones that came recently.

    Orc Maze is a low level dungeon for new players, it doesn't need improvment cause it literaly have zero difficult and there is no point on raising the difficult because we don't want people to stay at those levels or to struggle.

  • Okay i see my kind of suggestions are not from Interest.

    What ever, i tried. But i kinda think its funny how you ALWAYS blame our suggestions comes from greed or hate....

    With my System i wanted to make it more fun for every player to play the game not only for those who are willing to play the meta farmspots:
    Tempel, Beta maps and Red forest...

    And since im not liking to be blamed as greedy or that i hate other players this thread can be close.

    At the end of the day you want everyone to play high level but that will never happen when noone can play the content of high level.

    Whatever, ty for your oppinion on my suggestion.

    threat can be closed

    Cheers and best Regards


    Creator of MindGrind

  • Who said greedy? Its a fact that whatever update we do, especialy Dungeons, have always 3 questions: 1) What it drops 2) Can i solo it with my mage 3) How many KKK i do per hour.

    It is also a fact that if we put in live something that is either too easy or too hard, someone will complain that XXX player or YYY Guild managed to farm better than them so is unfair.

    Why would i waste months of work and endure weeks of headache cause by players for a suggestion that just screams "improve drop"? I can improve drop within days without making things so complicated.

    I didn't blame you as greedy or hateful, i said you were controversial. You want a hard system to force people to do groups, but you skip 3 dungeons because you don't want to party with other players

    I also showed how your suggestion can be achieved easily with a multiplier for runs that establish the difficult and hence the drop, but you simply ignored that.

    Thread Closed