Returning Player

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  • Dear all, how you doing ?

    I have been playing this game. i mean Sg, for years and i left 3-4 years before.

    Dont know how the game feels right now, maybe lots of things may be changed.

    Is still Tary working here ?

    Has the number of active players been increasing ?

    I may return again, but need to know if its worth it or not :/ as a f2p firstly.

    And if I start and farm as usually, how much time do i need to go lvl 50-60 with good items?


  • Hello, Welcome back!

    The game still good to play, and yes Tary still around. There are decent amount of players. It is totally worth to play the game, you can farm upgrade materials and sell or metins. Best item to farm currently is soul stones, they drop from metins, also rarity ores from dismantling rarity equipment. Feel free to ask me anything regarding the game, my In game name EmyEmy, Asmodia Kingdom. Thanks & looking forward to see you in game!