Possible features and changes

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  • EmyEmy

    Who is Fiki? xd

  • PalitaGoblin

    i saw that guy jumping on rooftops i thought it was a burglar

  • EmyEmy

    YES I saw Santa ! passing by Ice mountain

  • PalitaGoblin

    anybody seen someone with long white beard, red clothes and a hat?

  • EmyEmy

    I get this too at times but solved with restarting client

  • EmyEmy

    You get this error when u log'error while connecting to server"?

  • WKS

    okay will get at it right away thanks

  • [GA]Shadow

    Send us a ticket with your ip so we can check if is indeed blocked.

  • WKS

    iv no idea, i was playing ok for a while with my main and buff, then i loged out and cant log back on again

  • [GA]Shadow

    Then you were banned by our firewall, maybe you attempted to log 200 characters at the same time or did some flooding

  • WKS

    tried that too not working

  • [GA]Elspeth

    Try disabling Windows Defender, most people forget about that & thats what seems to cause the most problems.

  • WKS

    both are off

  • [GA]Shadow

    it means your firewall or antivirus is blocking the connection

  • WKS

    any way of fixing it is there any patcher or something? re-instaling game dosent help

  • WKS

    i have error while connecting all day today

  • EmyEmy

    Yea ofc

  • WKS

    is the server on?

  • EmyEmy

    Luxuria on? xd

  • [GA]Shadow

    It unlocks the III and IV slots of your main inventory

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  • Hello everyone, hope you doing great!

    Glad to be back in-game after huge break for many reasons. Found a very nicely updated server with many more people than I expected and that's good news :D I'm back for like 2 weeks now and already played many hours. So I kept notes of some possible changes and features I would like to see in game and things that I think will make our server even greater than it is! If some of those ideas already be mentioned in another thread, excuse me, no actual time to check everything in-forum.

    1)First annoying thing I noticed while I was farming at Red Forest. Godness Tear is unstackable and keeps filling my inventory no reason. Don't cancel the whole drop of the item, just please make it possible to be stacked. Like the rest useless stuff we getting from the Metins like horse food.

    2)That's not a problem, just a personal opinion. I found better the old position of the Daily Rewards button, next to the inventory button. Cause its actually faster to access and also can actually remember to use, keep forgetting about it while it is in f5 toolbar. Also, sometimes daily rewards doesn't even appear and I have to change location or channel to appear, also take a look on that.

    3)We play this game for like 15 years and the bravery capes still doesn't work 100%. I mean yeah, they are the cheapest and most easy item to get these days but still, its annoying the fact that i have to use like a full stack just to finally get the whole room-wave on me... if it's possible please make it more efficient.

    4)Save login credentials could be a risky thing in the client home page to add but also very helpful, and it would be nice to be an option for us. Most of us using many accounts at the same time, shops-buffers-farmers-mains... it would be nice to login just with a few clicks. I get that is risky but give us the option to accept that kind of risk and use it as a tool.

    5)How about a dot next to our names in chat boxes with green color when the player is offline and red when off. It's annoying when you start typing a huge message and you just lose it because the player just re-logged or logged out. We could have its current status and that would be a useful information. Also, saw the idea of another guy saying something about pm someone when he is off so he could see the message after back online, awesome idea, especially for shoppers.

    6)Most of us, when we rolling stuff, we use stacks of rolling, not just rolling using changers 1 by 1. It would be great to add the classic system of rolling with the filters. You fill your wanted filters, you add how many changers you want to use until the very goal and you don't have to do anything else. (Of course it keeps the old stats if it fails to find the new wanted once).

    That's it for now! Let me know what you think and if any of these are possible.

    Have a nice day!

    PS: thank you so much for the anti-exp tool and for making it free (no slot needed, u rock!)

  • 1) I don't see any reason to keep this drop on the tables, the medal of dragon god offers a better effect, so it will be removed.

    2) We prefer to keep it on a sidebar along with other new icons. But we are aware that the recent changes brought new buttons to the game, so we are also implementing a customizable key binding. You will be able to change every key to your own tastes, so if you don't like the F5 you can move to something else.

    3) It is not that they fail, it is how the monsters react after they are lured and killed the target. Another lure will make them return to their position, giving the effect that the cape failed, or they won't move at all, because they shouldn't be in that position to begin with. I'd rather not touch the monster's behaviour of this game.

    4) When you guys will stop asking us to unban one of your accounts that used hacks but was your brother / friend on it, we will surely accept that you take your own risks and do risky things like this one.

    5) You can repeat your last message by pressing Arrow UP, so there is no need for that.

    6) A switch bot will never come on this server.

  • I have seen in the developer's thread that we will be able to CTRL+Right Click sell items very fast. Can it be added to trading, when you trade someone to add in trade using this quick feature?

    Can it be added to dismantling items for rarity as well?

    What about blessing scrolls, they cost 50k now, can something be done with them, perhaps like 200x scrolls = 1 compass? Least they would cost then like 250k each.

  • If we allow caps on call chat, after 1 week you will get bored and stop using it anyway. But on the next maintenance you will be able to copy link from your browser and paste it on the chat of your client, or open links directly from your client.

  • I never get bored with caps:D. Please allow caps in call haha. I am glad saved logins and switchbot will not be on sg! It is nice that we will be able to share links in-game.

    I would like to suggest the following :

    1- To increase the amount we can stack like make it more than 200

    2- Allow to equip during battle, for example when you try to equip thief gloves while destroying metin you have to be motionless to equip it

    3- Make it possible to logoff during battle, when you try to logoff and monsters attack and logout is cancelled.

    4- Add icon to show monsters resistance like if they have earth maybe add earth icon next to the monsters hp bar. It will be useful since many players keep asking about resistances in all maps.

    5- Make it possible to equip and unequip while on poly mode so that we can easily switch gears etc.



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  • Removing Godness Tear and adding customizable key binding it's just GREAT news! :thumbsup: Well, I still can't get the save login feature. If you add this, also add some kind of rule that covers this situation, something like "you don't accept reasons like this one". As I said, it is meant to be a risk we accept, an option with all the reverberations with it. Anyway, as for the rest totally acceptable. Also, didn't know about the UP arrow thing, feel stupid :S Keep up with the great work :thumbup:

  • There are clear rules about sharing. Yet players complains when their account gets banned for insults, real money trade, hacks, bug abuse, just because it was not them behind the monitor when it happened. To them it doesn't matter if their account took part to something illegal and they shared it without caring.

    If they share the files of their client and all their accounts and password gets leaked, none of these players will admit is their fault but blame it on us. At the end of the day we have a player who got robbed and probably quit, the same player who spread around some bs of how we got hacked and a community that hearing this won't put some sense into him. So to us is just not worth using precious resources on something like this.

    You could use a macro button that auto imput your id and password with 1 click, nowadays a macro keyboard cost like 15 euro.