[Feature] Some suggestions and fixes

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  • Hello, I thought of some fixes and new features and I hope you like them.

    1- Offline messages: Now since you can send a PM to shops via shopsearch, shop accounts are offline most of the time and you can't PM them to make an offer, so adding an option to send them an offline message sounds like a good idea (can be in exchange for a small amount of gold maybe like 5kk or so).

    2- Poly Stamina: The fact that forcing the player to write a command (/set_r) everytime he runs out of stamina while polymorphed is kinda annoying because he stops moving at all. My suggestion is to either add a walking animation to poly or remove stamina at all while using it.

    3- Stuff that affect poly damage: There are some DSS (Sapphire/Onyx) and some boosters (tiger earrings, vitality stone) that reduce your damage while used in polymorph. Having that fixed would be nice.

    4- invisible monsters: Sometimes when you cape a lot of monsters, some of them start damaging you while you can't damage them at all unless you move your position a bit because they become invisible. It used to happen to me at low level in spider cave and now at hell run. It doesn't happen very often though and I don't know what triggers it, but it's good to mention it.

    5- Achievment system: When you give a game a lot of your time it's nice to have some sort of achievement system to track everything you're doing. It can either have rewards or not. Achievements can be like (total monsters killed, total bosses killed, total dungeons finished, etc...)

    I find this idea nice because it can lead to another idea which is the BattlePass system, where at certain time intervals (1-3 months), players can subscribe to BattlePass with a certain amount of TP to unlock certain achievements during the BattlePass period and rewards can be some unique perma costumes that never get released again after the end of the BattlePass period.

    6- Passive skills: Passive skills are books that drop from mobs like mining/polymorph and can be read like them as well from normal, master to perfect level. This will give players some stuff to work on as well as improving their characters. Passive skills examples can be (Skill duration, melee/magic percentage, attack power, etc...)

    7- Shopbox price saving: When setting a shopbox, putting a price for each item of similar kind can be very frustrating at times. Hence, I suggest making it save the last price you set for an item and apply it for the rest right away. You may think that this is good for consumables but not for items (for example if someone is selling 3 battle swords and each one have a different price), well that player won't be really affected by that since he will have to change the price anyway just like he used to do it before, so I can't see a downside to this.

    8- Seperate/hide gold chat: when farming, you can't read any chat due to the amount of gold flooding your chat when being picked up. I suggest either adding an option to hide gold pickup chat or seperate it with a smaller chat box next to the normal one. I know you can press L to see the window where you can choose the chat you want to see, but some players like me dislike the idea of having this window on the screen while farming just to not miss guild/all chat.

    9- Horse in pvp: The fact that you can mount anytime you want makes it viable to people abusing it in pvp or even in farm maps. I suggest adding a 5 seconds delay to using mount if you take damage from another player.

    10- Supreme hermit: this item (if added) can be crafted at Master NPC with a recipe like 100 hermit + 100 exorcism scroll and it increases the chance of reading a rainbow stone by 50% or so (Staff can workout the numbers, I'm just giving an example). This might decrease the frustration of failing Rainbow stones considering how expensive getting one has become. Moreover, it will boost the price of hermits/exo scrolls which can benefit lower level players as well.

    11- 7 days mounts skins/Costumes: I liked the idea that came with the halloween event in the itemshop. My suggestion is that 7 days mount skins / costumes should be available all year long with extra stats. This way a player can choose between paying the same amount of TP for 4 times a month to benefit from extra stats or just pay it once for reduced ones that last 30 days. (This might add a TP flow to the server along with the battlepass idea mentioned earlier).

    12- Shop Preview: It would be nice to be able to see how a skin looks before buying it. Most of the times people buy a costume to try it out and then end up disliking it but forced to use it for the next 30 days. The ideal case is adding it directly to the itemshop, but that might be a lot of work. An easier way to do this is simply by making a new discord channel called ItemShop Preview where there's a pic of every costume, skin and pet with its title above it. People can check it and look for the thing they intend to buy to see how it looks, and it can be updated easily if new stuff hit the ItemShop since all it takes is a screenshot of GM using it and posting it on Discord.

    I hope to see positive comments only, either if you liked the suggestions or not to keep the thread clean. I had some ideas regarding sash/talismans but these are already being worked on.


  • 1. Can be done but of course with limitation, like max 10 messages to avoid abuses and problems as the messages must be stored server side.

    2. It works fine with monsters that are meant to be marbles. We are aware the old team implemented others poly which weren't supposed to, but the majority doesn't have problem. Try a dog or a wolf poly, after you run out of stamina, they walk for few seconds and then they are back at full speed. To be honest the best approach is to make all poly craftable with their own recipe, so that you can also search them in the shop search properly and remove the drop of random polymorph from monsters, making material items viable again.

    3. There is no easy fix except changing the damage formula, which players may not like it.

    4. I doubt there are invisible monsters, you may confuse it with damage numbers lag, you keep seeing damage but is simply the lag from all the monsters that in few seconds did 100000 damage packets to you. It is just visual, i doubt your hp goes down from those delayed numbers of damage.

    5. The only hard part of this system is a good graphic and of course to make it retro compatible with old players. This is something we might do when we have free time from more complex and time consuming updates and as well as someone who is good with graphic.

    6. No plan for passive skills for now.

    7. Doable till you close the client. If the price must be saved even after you close the client it takes a bit more time.

    8. We are already working on a command that stop the gold log to be registered.

    9. Doable and easy to do if there are no special requirments.

    10. It won't be done. Something expensive is good, or else stop complaining about the market.

    11. It won't be done either, the higher bonus are to celebrate special occasion, if you can get them every day, it ain't special anymore

    12. Quite not true, we refund if you don't like what you purchased, as long as you don't farm with it 24 hours before saying you don't like it. There is no need to create a Discord, which none of you will read anyway, is simply better to make a preview button on the item mall which display how the costume or hair or mount or pet is. But this requires quite some time.

  • Thanks for the reply and clarification.

  • on that number 4, the monsters do become invisible, if you stay in the same spot then the monsters keep damaging you while you can not attack or see them, and if you move a bit they will appear and thus be able to attack them.

  • to that number 3; I noticed not many players know about this bug, if no fix is able to be implemented, in the meantime it should be made public to everyone to avoid advantage to only some players.

  • achievement system is cool idea, battle pass hell no, it reminds me of other bullshit private servers which is what I wanted to escape from while playing here.
    A good idea will be to have 7 day version of the 30 day costumes and hairstyles in item shop. I'm not talking about the halloween ones, just normal costumes that are always present, so people can buy one costume for 30 days or 4 costumes with 7 days each - for a change of style.
    Regarding horse in PVP if u cannot use it in guild wars or national war, I don't see any point in forcing this on players in normal maps, most of us don't even care about pvp so is better if we can just run away when a guy is in his bad day.

  • I love the ideas! They all seem great to improve the game especially achievement + battle pass system. I also agree with the stamina bar issue, it's a real mess especially when caping a lot of mobs and you suddenly stop in the middle.