joe biden, is he a demon?

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  • it's not exactly the best of places to raise a child to begin with...

    unfortunately, the country is already in chaos, there's forest fires being caused by gender reveals, nearly 500 mass shootings a lot of them in schools this year alone, a lot of racism, you can go into debt if you get sick and the list goes on

  • Trump is bad,

    Biden is bad.

    But we need to live with it.

    You only see one side of the 'pedophiles'.

    Why was Jeffrey Epstein killed? Was it to protect the richest?

    You dont see who does better for the country.

    Would you want a president that just want the wealthy people to live happy? While the poors suffer? Imagine having Billions of dollars and pay $700 only to Taxes? While other people strugle to work 2-3Job for their family and pay triple the Taxes that Trump just paid?? Tell me which one is fair? Have a president who only cares for the rich people or have a president that cares about everyone (rich/poor).

    And you said about shootout? You know Trump is republican(red), if you are a US citizen, Republicans are the ones that want anyone to have guns, because its their 'rights' by law to have a gun. While Democrats (blue/Bidden) are fighting to prevent that random people can have guns....

    So before you come and call someone a Demon, you got to do your research of what is better for the country.

    They both are bad from their past. But you need yo see what is better for NOW.

    Imagine you get sick in the US and have to call an Ambulance. You will pay around $1500 just for an ambulance. If you are poor, they'll just let you there. Imagine you cant afford it, what will happen? Therefor, democrats(Biden) is trying to at least apply free healthcare for the Citizens.

    Thats why, do yout research before just posting 1 youtube video.

  • man just look how he handled covid situation.

    he kept calling it China Virus in order to give a target to the people instead of finding real solutions, meanwhile the country he's been cursing has totally cleaned the virus.