Drop bonus formula

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  • Hello,

    As I see that in the patch 07/10 the drop bonus formula was changed I have a question regarding this modification.

    Up until that date I did not know that being a lower level than the target gives you an bonus drop.

    I'm going to state what I've understood so far and please tell me if I'm correct or wrong.

    example: if you are breaking lvl 85 metin you have a 10% chance to drop a changer.

    Being lvl 75% you have a drop bonus chance ( example 5% ) therefore your chance to drop a changer is the 10% defeault + 5% bonus--> 15% whilst being a lvl 85 you only have 10% the default and this is the punishment ( missing the 5% ) that the patch solved.

    As I understand this used to be the formula before and it was changed now to having that drop bonus up to 5 lvls above therefore any lvl under 90 will have 15% chance ?

    Thank you.

    Kind regards,


  • This is how it was before (it is for bosses not for metins but is the same)

    If you are 75 and your target is 85 you had a Delta of 150. The delta is a factor of a formula that takes into consideration the % of drop of the monster / boss or Metin and you drop rate bonus, package, gloves, bonus on items, settings from the server etc.

    The outcome is not straightforward, if is 10% and you have a delta of 150 is not 15%, because the formula doesn't just multiply the numbers but divide them into a constant too.

    How much it becomes is not important, whats important is that before if you had the same level you would lose 50 points of Delta Drop while now you don't.

  • so now you have a delta of 150 if you are any level between 75 and 85.

    what about from 85 to 90 because Elspeth said that you are going to get lower drops from 5 lvls above

    • Drop Bonus Formula changed, it is now not going to punish you for being on the same level as the Bosses/Metins anymore. The Drop Bonus is now starting to lower from 5 Levels above the Target.

    this means that the delta is 150 on a mob/metin/boss at any level up to 90, right?

  • No you have a delta of 150 for all levels not just for 75 and 85. The delta is given by the level difference and level difference is from any level. If you have -15 level or +5 level is the same now.

    Meaning that if the mob is 50 and you are 35 or 55, you drop the same

    Meaning that if the mob is 90 and you are 75 or 95, you drop the same

    As long as you don't have 6 levels more than the target your Delta won't drop.

    And so on.

  • I did look but to no avail. Just like you cannot afford to spend time playing the game, i cannot waste time looking for something that may be not even there. Besides whatever item is not under a monster's drop list, is a quest drop and it has its own formula anyway.