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  • Hey Guys,

    I am new at Sg and had a few questions.

    I wanne only play a ninja or a shaman what is better? I don't wanne play warrior or sura

    Which lvl is the best at start to farm money?

    Are there German Guilds on the Server?

    Anyone have good Tipps for me for the start :P?

    With friendly regards

    Your new mate Sapujar :thumbsup:

  • Hey Sapujar

    Both Assassin and Mage have an additional 35% Strong against Monsters, so they're both not that bad in PvM as on other servers.

    Assassin is going to be really strong in poly for higher levels in dungeons and against bosses, but not really useful in lowlvl.

    Mages are probably better in lower levels, if you play dragon mage you don't even need to create a buff which saves a lot of time and money.

    For beginning you can farm upgrade items from spiders in desert with lvl30-40.

    Then with lvl 40+ you can farm metin stones in valley and upgrade items in DT.

    Lvl 50-60 you can farm metin stones in temple which is probably one of the best farming spots these days.

    There is a german guild in blue empire, StrawHats. If you're interested leave me a message.

    You get itemshop double drop in your first week for free, stack that up with thief's gloves and 20% doubledrop in earrings and bracelets to get the maximum amount of drops everywhere.

    Welcome to SG =)