Video Guides for all SG runs

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  • Pukka and I started a project which will be completed over the course of many months. We will record us completing SG runs and with only a minimal editing (adding background music) these videos will be put here. We are both mages so completing each run takes a bit more than what other classes can achieve. But the end result is the same.


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    And thanks for watching!

    Since this is posted in Guides section, feel free to ask for any information you need regarding each run presented.

  • We are both mages so completing each run takes a bit more than what other classes can achieve. But the end result is the same.

    the idea of make the videos is for help our community how to do the runs right? So if u do all the runs with lv120, in the case of dc run, it wont worthy ... why? cuz with lv120 chars u wont be able for get all the drops of the run (i m speaking about Tartaros and Charon). and the same for the runs where the final boss is 10+ levels less than 120. The idea of guide videos is so good but if u dont do it with the right char levels, u re not teaching how to get the 100% profit.

    Use ur other chars (with the right level) for do all the runs but if u dont have the right char or the eq for that char, just call for help another players who always farm the same run and knows how to get the 100% profit.

  • First thing: the current run posted is from Hell, nothing about Catacombs in here.

    Second thing: we show you how we do runs as a party lv 100 and 120.

    Third thing: you speak about a changer and a stonecraft book as additional drops in Catacombs, I know you are all about 150% profit from a run.

    The last thing: if you don't like it, skip this post and enjoy others.

    Thank you very much Luxuria

  • is not just dc, also for aqua, dt, orc and plage run u wont use lv120 mage lol ... i m giving u a good advice and u reply so rude and with full sarcasm. good luck in ur proyect.

  • Let me help you with the envy you all three manifest: You don't know what we are going to post in here; even more, none of you need the information posted in here. Your claim that you care about players is laughable when all you care is about yourself. So give me a break with cheap excuses like I can't do orc maze with lv 120, because this is not what you all care about.

    We recorded Hell run so far and this is what it is posted in here. Do you have anything to say about this run? Because if not, please save your time and go elswhere.

    Thank you very much for your care!

  • EmyEmy , learn to read:

    We will record us completing SG runs

    Also EmyEmy , learn to read:

    Since this is posted in Guides section, feel free to ask for any information you need regarding each run presented.

    What is it EmyEmy , you can be rude towards everyone and it is fine because you don't like rules, but others should not be allowed to? Double standards sounds familiar to you?

    So far the only run available in this section is Hell, there is nothing about any other runs yet. So, do you guys need help completing Hell run or what is it? And please clarify as to why Orc Maze run will be helpful. I would like to know the opinion of a lv 110ish player, when the market is full with lv 30 weapons and the green adders and changers can be farmed easier on metins; believe me when I say there is no fierce competition on those maps.

    Luxuria asked if it is not better to do the run in a way to also get the full drop from Tartaros and Charon. Those mobs have a long list of drops, Do we have to record 455 Catacombs runs until you guys get the idea on how and why to get drops from them? Does the changers market run out of changers and everyone sits on Catacombs run to get one? Stonecraft Book is a drop from Charon, Plagued Carrier Box, Item Mall Lucky Pouch, Devil's Reliquary and if I am not mistaking, Blue Death Box.

    I do Gahnasel with Lv 120 because it is faster and the drop from the Boss have a minimal lv requirement, but not a maximum lv, is the very same thing with drops from V2, V3, DT, HL1, HL2 and cut DSS on lv 90+ maps. We show you how we do the runs, we do not take advice from beginners, because they have the tendency to stumble upon details and can't see the forest because the trees stand in their way.

    Again, and please learn to read, we posted Hell run, no other run is ready yet and we show you how we do runs, not how to get a lv 80 helmet in Catacombs. If you can do the run as fast or faster, congratulations. If you have questions on what to improve, ask in this thread. But keep in mind we are both mages, a class not very renowned for its PvM abilities, even with all the buffs it received.

  • haha nice joke vy you are just taking everything personal just chill. I used to break rules i got bans for it for your kind information and this was in the past, talk about now. I said everyone is free to make videos, tbh i wont bother to read what you wrote, happy sunday! I still do not get it why are you so triggered.