[VIDEO GUIDE] Nemere's Watchtower

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  • The Nemere's Watchtower Guide

    The Nemere's Watchtower is located in ice mountain map, you can teleport to this dungeon through 'Dungeon Info' (click on the green icon and teleport). You need lvl 90 and there is no class requirement for this run. You also need to defeat the Nemere's boss to complete the level 31 horse mission. Cooldown for this dungeon is 30 minutes. Bring your coats and earmuffs! this icy dungeon will have you freezing with hundreds of ice cold monsters trying to stop you from reaching the upper floor! Fight through them and clear each floor to reach the boss! Goodluck:)

    Some useful information for you:


    o As much Average Damage Resistance as you can
    o Some Magic Resistance
    o Having good Ice Resistance, skill resistance vs nemere and Dragon Earrings can help a lot
    o Some HP restore
    o as much Damage Absorb by HP as you can

    o As much Strong vs Monster and Average Damage as you can
    o There is no other strong vs
    o Fast hitting weapon (Poison Sword, DWC, Bamboo Bell)
    o High attack speed, Tiger Earrings
    DSS – not required but helpful, minor legendaries +4 are more than enough
    -Ruby with Average Damage Resist, Average Damage, Attack Value
    -Diamond with Skill resistance (gives Ice Resistance)
    -Onyx with block
    -Jade with Damage Absorb by HP or HP Restore
    - Any Sapphire for agility and Garnet for HP

    Dungeon by Floor

    1. kill all monsters

    a use this floor to find out how many monsters you can fight at once
    b better to go slow than fighting too many at once and dying constantly

    2. kill mobs and loot the ice keys, right click keys until success

    3. kill all monsters

    4. kill all monsters
    5. kill mobs and loot Pole Stars
    a. There are 6 big cubes, use a Pole star on a cube by drag’n’dropping it
    i. If it gives a small message saying ‘the key was wrong’, move to the next
    ii. If it gives a long message saying ‘the cube is right but the key is wrong’,
    continue to use Pole Stars on this cube until it vanishes.
    b. Repeat this process until all cubes are gone

    6. kill all monsters

    a. move back to the starting point for safety and wait for respawns

    b. Clear some monsters then break the metin of cold

    7. Kill all monsters
    8. Kill monsters, loot flower keys and right-click the keys until finding right one

    9. Clear some monsters then destroy the Pillar

    10. Clear some monsters then kill the boss you need good skill resistance + Ice resistance.

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