Few Suggestions

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  • Helo World,

    I have a few suggestion for the server. Let me hear about it.

    I. Alchemy

    1. Upgrading

    In my opinion, with the new class "mythic" the system Lost a bit sense.

    I would suggest that we need the following to upgrade:

    raw-> cut 5(or 4, i think 4 would be better) Alchemystones

    cut -> rare 3 Alchemystones

    rare -> antique 2 Alchemystones

    antique -> legendary 2 Alchemystones

    legendary -> mythic 1 Stone.

    I think this would be better...

    2. Upgrading Success

    Upgrading is very frustrating. It fails very often. I know its hard to get, but

    why not giving it an upgrade by giving it refinement+? we can give some items

    a new sense!

    II. Lowlevel upstuff

    Why not giving new players the chance to really make some money by having fun

    as in the Orc maze, which is really fun and good to make for new players.

    Adding more stuff like 1 Clam, 1 Fishbone, 3 Spidereyes or such to the Orc Maze boss

    Could reward new players by far more than getting a blessing scroll from the chest!

    III. Storeable Costumes and Skins

    I wont betray myself while giving Stuff to my other chars.

    What do you think bout my ideas?