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  • EmyEmy

    Plz dont close my thread! Discussion still open

  • EmyEmy

    Anyone in yellow start some drama, call chat is dead!

  • EmyEmy


  • [GA]Elspeth

    Write a properly detailed Suggestion in the Suggestion Forum section, LozilkSG. The Shoutbox isn't a good place to discuss such stuff :P

  • LozilkSG

    + Every chest/run would get an stabil value

  • LozilkSG

    I would appreciate a Dungeon system within the Dungeon Difficulty is set by the Amount of Player and the Difficulty Choosen Normal/Hard/mythic at the End every Participant gets a chest you would never have problems again to find people for runs

  • EmyEmy

    Aos Noob

  • EmyEmy

    whats after grizzly bear?

  • [GA]Shadow

    Server on

  • mynamejeff

    How long does the reboot last?

  • EmyEmy

    :crazy: :dash: :hi:

  • EmyEmy

    shut up

  • PalitaGoblin

    You cant ban me for that! I will spam harder

  • EmyEmy

    why this guy is not perm banned?

  • EmyEmy

    please ban this guy PalitaGoblin he spammed my wall

  • PalitaGoblin

    Good morning, have a good breakfast everyone

  • iPhone5

    [VIDEO] ASIAN vs HOWHIGH 08.11.2020

  • EmyEmy

    Open thread If you want

  • dolguldor

    So Shadow, should I open a new thread again on the same topic? Since the topic is closed i couldn't say my opinion.

  • Nature2

    @[GA]Shadow Can you tell us the purpose of the poly update ? Btw closing thread after thread to forbid players from talking about updates is a great step forward :thumbsup:

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  • We are so greedy, here is a list of changes we did in the past few months simply to increase our Income;

    • Add blue Changers as Metin drop
    • Add Exos as Metin drop
    • Add Hermits as Metin drop
    • Drastically increase DSS drop
    • Add Inventory Expansion as Metin drop
    • Add Offline Shops to the General Store for free
    • Add Costumes to the Daily Reward System
    • Add a Pet to the Daily Reward System
    • Make the Horse Amulett obsolete
    • Make Red Monocles and Biologist Potions way more accesible Ingame
    • Drastically increase the Metin spawn rate in order to make Changers of all colors even more accessible
    • Announce that Anti-EXP will be removed from the Item Mall and available for everyone in the future aswell
    • Made Blessing Marbles and Blue Changers craftable
    • Added DSS Changers as Ingame exclusive Item
    • Made it drastically easier to obtain clams and therefore also pearls which makes buying them in the mall obsolete
    • Merge SG2 instead of simply taking it offline and relaunching which not only would have been easier but also way more profitable

    I'm sure i could find even more but i just realised that drastically decreased our income and not the other way around..

    When we do changes, theres a reason behind it.

    Wether we share this reason or not is up to us but for changes like these, you can thank the players who think they have to abuse absolutely everything we grant them.

    TL;DR - The Costumes became like this by choice and not by accident and as i announced in a seperate thread, the hairstyles will be the same in the near future.

  • I haven't seen any explanation so far for why they're not storeable.

    Not tradeable because you had some complaints about people selling them with 0min left, but not storeable?

  • We appreciate what you have done for us

    But it is not reasonable for me to buy many outfits if I have more than one character that I use in the same account

    If we could just store it everything would be fine

    I have 3 other characters in the same account I play with and a lot of players like that.


    If you can do everything for us, this is not impossible and does not cause any problems for you

  • 7200 tp for costume

    5000 tp for hair

    all this nonsense is for 7-8kk per day :) c'mon guys meet me in map1 20 gmt everyday, and i'll pay all of you that gold just stop with those threads