server ideas

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  • I have been playing metin for quite some time, hopped between many official and private servers and i think most of the players can agree that this is one of the best servers that ever existed.

    After reading many of his posts, GA Shadow s heart is without a doubt in this game and in this server allthough this is a business that has to be profitibale, i can see that this server is run with passion and for the love of this community and server.

    When the rarity update was released i was completly against it because all the things i collected inagme did not feel special anymore but after i read shadow plans i can completly understand this update and i can understand why this update is necessary for the upcoming updates.

    To be decent in the high levels you need rarity items and in the previous era we all know how hard and difficult to get them and how much farming and won were need and lets be real with all the games that re beeing released in 2020 playing a farming hardcore game thats rng based is not apealing to the mass and keepin a server for 50 die hard fan is not business.

    I used to keep my main at around 86 because i, like many others, needed those rare items to be able to do the higher content and thats the main problem in metin, ppl are avoidingto lvl up bc in there mind they need the perfect items but now that makin good rare items re easier ppl will lvl up faster.

    I have played for years yet never done dragon, plague, ice or hell run bc first i spent all my time farming those rare items to make a better character and would get bored after few month and quit and 2nd those runs are not very much rewarding if you play it in a group so many of us prefer spending 1 or 2 hours on metins than to go with 3 or 4 players to drop 1 white pearl.

    To convince ppl to lvl up you need to make the process even more easier and faster and i would even say cut the rarity changers items needed to half.Why do i need to spend 4 hours in 2020 to collect the items needed for a rarity changer to only get a very small chance for a decent rare bonus??

    I spent few hours doing death reaper yesterday when i logged of i realised that i gained absolutly nothin in the few hours i played, all my upgrades failed the rare dss i dropped all failed, boxes gave me absolutly nothin worth so for the time and effort spent i had no progress what so ever .

    What i would suggest is:

    1) accelerate the updates and the new content, the more apealing stuff to do in the high lvls the more players will lvl up, in most rpg games the game really starts after you reach max lvl and with higher lvl ppl more money will be spent in the server

    2) make dungeon drops for every participating player like diablo3 (since shadow mentioned it) in diablo 3 whenever you kill a boss every player will get his own loot.

    This way old and elite players will form groups to do the runs since they have nothing to loose loot wise and run will be done faster and easier with more ppl.

    To prevent over farming with multiple characters implement IP and lower drop % to keep the aspect of the grind.

    3)Cut the rarity changers items needed to half.

    Why do i need to spend 4 hours in 2020 to collect the items needed for a rarity changer to only get a very small chance for a decent rare bonus??

    A gm said that it took him 50 changers to get somethin decent . It would take about 3 hours minimum of farmin in the same spot to collect xp and thief gloves so if you play for 3 hours a day it will take you 50 days to finish 1 item ofc its luck and rng based but still thats the median.

    4) make game time spent ingame rewarding. We all know that we can spend hours in metin playing without progressing at all even be less powerfull than we started so maybe you can implement a reward system for example increase the % of rare drop or a certain item drop or % of success upgrade after each hour playin with a cap of 6hr.

    5) updates should not be feared every big game in the world might make bad updates and they would release a patch to fix it afterwards even if it impacts the server for a short period.

    In the end i really thank shadow for all the effort that he has put in the server keeping in mind that it s his responsibilty even if the players are negative bc lets face in all games ppl nag everywhere but that does not stop the devs from adding content to make money.

    Sorry for the long post:P

  • I can see your first idea being decent with a few tweaks... What if there was 2 options before entering a dungeon, one would be the Current system where u can enter with multiple accs with the same ip and same reward system thats currently in place, and the second option would be with IP restriction where ur idea of the reward system is implemented, that way people who want to solo with their main and their buffer arent screwed over and it avoids people spamming with multiple accounts. Also if they do go that far even though it probably wouldnt be too popular with the metin community there would be many ways to get around the IP block which would probably have to be banable if found out by the team.