[GUIDE]Horse Master

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  • Lv 22: Brutal Red Trees x10
    Red Wood forest take teleport, it's right there

    Lv 23: Red haunted Tree x15
    Red wood Forest
    around blue area and lvl 90 metins

    Lv 24: Gnoll Warrior x20
    Dragon Cape
    around blue area has lots and easy, left side of map and metin of gloom also spawn them

    Lv 25: Cyclops Soldiers x25
    Right at start of the map is easiest
    make a teleport scroll! you will be coming back here

    Lv 26: Manticore Magus x30
    Dragon Cape
    Around Rakshasa (boss) area

    Lv 27: Lemures Executioner x35
    Dawn/gautama (use that scroll!)
    Search around in one of those 2 areas and wait for respawns

    Lv 28: Tritonic Slasher x40
    Nephrite Bay
    Around General Kappa(boss) area

    Lv 29: Black General x45
    Metins of Ember in Dragon Cape or Nephrite Bay


    Find Red Chief boss in the light blue coloured area, fight him without killing him, he will spawn Black Generals over time

    Lv 30: Armored Crab x50
    Nephrite Bay
    just kill around the blue area and wait for their respawn

    lv 31: Nemere, the Ice Lord
    Nemere's Watchtower (ice run)
    Be the party leader of an ice run to gain the quest credit when killing the boss. 1 hour time limit so be ready before starting it

    Thanks & Goodluck :thumbsup:<3