Question about weapon Sura (LV61)

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  • Gzanu

    how we can enable key setting ?

  • [GA]Shadow

    There is a client side patch that enable the key setting

  • EmyEmy

    Kloder <3

  • [GA]Shadow

    Server on

  • PalitaGoblin

    maybe for life

  • KingJohn

    for few minutes they say

  • googleadsense

    The server is off?

  • EmyEmy

    Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that

  • iPhone5

    [VIDEO] ASIAN vs HOWHIGH 08.11.2020

  • PalitaGoblin

    when will the light come?

  • SunZu

    Don't install metin on work PC, use teamviewer to do remote control of your home PC :thumbsup:

  • [GA]Shadow

    A few minutes, the time to upload a patch

  • Diury

    how long?

  • penof

    server of?

  • Diury

    any update or what

  • [GA]Shadow

    Server is currently off for bug fixing

  • EmyEmy


  • babapve

    depend on your boss/company, but in most cases its just more than stupid to do that. dont take it personal.

  • EmyEmy


  • EmyEmy

    I tried to install metin2 at my work pc, needed amin permission and password xd

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  • Hello,

    first sorry for my english its not that great.

    I want to make a weapon Sura lv 35-61. I Think i will farm SD2 or something else for moonlights.

    My question is how do i skill a Weapon sura? There is no discussion that Int will be skilled first but what after int? Full Con or Dex/STR?

    Hopefully someone can help me. This char will never make PVP if its helps you

    thx for help:misslelauncher:

  • Hi, first ofc full int then dex for damage / if u want survival go for con but as weapon sura you have survival skills. So first Int, dex, con, & str. For skills you can raise 1-Enchanted blade , 2-Fear, 3-Dark shield. Goodluck:)

  • Hi there,

    I suggest V3 foor moonlight farm, better drop rate, hovewere neither acessories nor upp items drop there. I had around 3 500 moonlight treause / 2hrs farmed there. All you need is at least G1 Fear G1 Blade, you won't need BUFFs with this build, I suggest a 150 defence mount, a Yin-Yang armour SS+5 (8% hp restore in my opinion), a shield with immune againsts faint. I used an EE+9 5% avg 20% drop chance and HTB+9 20% drop chance, a Leather Boots with 8% avg resistance with crit, the necklance is not important use whatever is at hand the only thing you need is Crit and HP, as for Helmet I used a level 21 helmet 5% mob don't forget the attack speed . Double Thief's Gloves. Needless to say a Level 21 horse so you can upgrade to a 3rd tier mount.

    As about the status points I suggest go full INT then 2 VIT 1 STR, if you don't like this setup you can buy blood pills pretty cheap around the market. Skills 1st Blade 2nd Fear 3rd Armor.

    The best level to be is level 61-62 (61 for the shield 62 for SCE+9), although you can try a level 55 build too, but I missed the atack value that come from level 60 Biologist's Quest.

    I hope I could help. If you got more questions you can find me in game as BuPooooP (4 O's), feel free to write.

    Best regards,

  • Hey there,

    just throwing this out;

    Keep in mind that strength doesnt increase a Suras Attack Value, but gives a slight bonus to their skill damage.

    Which in return means, that raising STR for a Farmer is basically useless.

    Which also means, if you go for a Level 61, Gold Earrings will do a better job than Ebony Earrings but will also be harder to find since they, as far as a i recall, only drop in the Key Floor / 11th Floor of DT.

  • If he goes for a lvl 61, heaven's tear earrings are better. I guess you wanted to say level 35.

    Regardless, with lvl 35 is better ebony with 8 avg for the hp it gives. Gold Earrings gives like 10 int (?) + 4 int for agate. It's not worthy and I doubt they give more damage than 8 avg.

  • if you have m1 skills or around that level, go full int and afer that full con. once you gather gear, you can remove con and go str/dex. heaven's tear earrings are naturally good for suras and with m1 skills on sura you will need m1 skills no buffer and you are good to go. however, once your skills reach g1, you will no longer need any buffer and it is incredibly easy to tank biggest rooms in sd3. also, you ca nfarm pretty much everything else solo with lvl 61, just be sure not to accidently level up. but i guess fi you level up to 62 it is not all that bad because you get to use soul crystal earrings. as for skills, blade and fear should be your top priority. shield can be thirt supportive defense, but focus on fear mostly. cheers, mate

  • Hey,

    You should go obviously for INT first and after that my opinion is 2 DEX 1 CON. That's for lv62. Everything that a 62lvl player could possible do, you will be able to do it this way. Also I suggest you HTE +9 and if it's possible with AVG. HTE will be way more useful to you instead of the EE because as a sura you are tanky enough.

    SCB will also be good in farming metins as an extra damage. The only reason you will need a buffer though is only for the Enchant damage and that's optional.

    Good luck :D

    Youtube Channel: MonsieurLiakos ~ MonsieurLiakos ~ Asmodia Kingdom

  • If he goes for a lvl 61, heaven's tear earrings are better. I guess you wanted to say level 35.

    Regardless, with lvl 35 is better ebony with 8 avg for the hp it gives. Gold Earrings gives like 10 int (?) + 4 int for agate. It's not worthy and I doubt they give more damage than 8 avg.

    Yes i meant Level 35, my bad.

    Eitherway, Gold Earrings with 8 Avg will definitelly deal a lot more damage than ebony earrings, while EE give you 1450 HP ofcourse, which usually you wont need eitherway though.