Using Mall Glove+Thief's Glove (together)

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  • Dear @[GA]Shadow,

    I have a question ,

    Could you please clarify about the effect of drop rate when we use mall glove + thief's glove?

    Using Thief's Glove when u are using mall glove is increases drop rate?

    I Mean >

    Mall Glove ( 50% ) + Thief's Glove ( 50% ) = 100% ?

    because I tried something with bosses, when I kill a boss using mall glove (without thief's glove) I have so better item drop from that boss,For example I killed Blue Death without thief's glove it dropped a BD Box + 1 Draconis(Antique) + dark lord's fang or something else (Three or four items)

    But if I use thief's Glove with mall glove it decreases my item drop from bosses and i got jost 1 BD Box from that boss

    Do you confirm using mall glove without thief's glove is better or not?


  • They can stack. They don't lower your drop rate, at worse they don't raise it due to some cap mechanics that certain drops have but they can't make it worse.


    Blue death is a limit type drop, so mall glove or any other glove doesn't work. When you hit level 75 you have 50 60 orr 30% of dropping each of them.

  • For making sure,

    Blue Death was an example. For metin stones , V2 Item Farming or somewhere else,

    you mean mall glove+thief's glove = 50% or 100% ?

    Do we need to use thief's Glove when we have mall glove or not ?

  • You should tell me some monster's name so that i can check. The drops are based on monsters not on maps.

    Metin stones are normal monsters and both gloves works.


    This is how mall gloves works. If you see 30% on a drop on a metin stone, that 30% is refered to 125 drop rate. If you have mall glove on, that 30% will refer to 175 instead. Not sure how a 30% becomes, but since 175 is more than 125, it becomes better. Equipable glove does the same, it adds to that 175, his own number, which i don't really know how much is as it has its own formula. So yes they stack. Chance to double drop never worked and probably doesn't work on most of the servers, i changed it some years ago so that is the same as equipable glove, so that too stacks.

    From what i see on V2 all monsters or almost all have a limit type drop of level 60, so nope, gloves won't work there.