[POLL] Rare Changers / Rare Adders

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  • Lovia

    stone of vita +6 cant search in polish lang pack. plz fix ;)

  • yusupheu

    not problem thanks for the updates

  • [GA]Shadow

    shop search also helps you in case you want to buy, so is not a great loss. I tried to keep this feature since i am the one who did it, but to no avail there was a fix

  • [GA]Shadow

    The skill book color caused a lag on the chest's extra folder. There is no work around this we had to remove it. Regardless the books are ordered by Clas and skill so is not hard to reconize them

  • yusupheu

    is skill books' look an update too

  • 100pcentTSK


  • [GA]Shadow

    Server on

  • LuxuriaGodOfPvM

    Shadow what does this means? Fixed the duration buff on effects such as Poison, Fire Duration, Slow, Stun and Remove Magic when Leadership Buff was selected;

  • Shiva

    me bro Cerva

  • bombardieru

    cerva pls use more of " , . " , ty

  • Cerva

    What you read on that ticket are just my assumbtions and testings i was most likely the only one reporting that back then if shadow says he found the solution to that i guess he is right

  • [GA]Shadow

    It is blocked on purpose, when the reboot happens it will be public.

  • xCr3ypTaL

    Could i repeat my Question? I cant see the Patchnote for 29/05/2020 on Forum with the note "Access denied". I'd like to read the changes if it is possible :)

  • [GA]Shadow

    Still this problem has been on the server since 6 months and not recently. You have your memory and experience on your side, while I have a ticket and a video of our test server with the problem fixed.

  • [GA]Shadow

    You claim out of nowhere it is not true because you never experienced, of course, to experience you needed to have a certain amount of box and books.

  • [GA]Shadow

    Not sure why you keep going while being in the wrong side. The problem was not the moon or any other box (it happened with all box), the problem was the color of the books

  • deathpool

    and the player with that problem that you posted, only has that problem with 1 specific character

  • deathpool

    I can talk about myself and about what I saw on forum, and I had no problem with moons and neither I saw anyone with that problem here on forum until these days

  • 100pcentTSK


  • [GA]Shadow

    Either this player is a time traveler or this problem was 6 months ago.

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  • Rare Adders / Changers in Item Mall? 69

    1. Yes (15) 22%
    2. No (54) 78%

    Hey guys,

    We have been discussing between the Team about these 2 items and we would like to ask your opinion about whether we should add these items to the Item Mall for you to use!

    Feel free to comment also in this thread your opinion!

    Kind Regards,


  • no ty.

    The only healthy way to add these in the game would be the suggestion from months ago of adding a way to disenchant legendary items to create rarity adders/changers. I'm not sure if you have the budget and/or the devs for that kind of system at the moment though.

    Definitely NOT in IS though.

  • Maybe add a possibility to craft them via "master". For example with hero certificates, moonstones, blue dragon beans, ice grail, flame key. just very rare and a lot of these crafting-items so they wont get thrown around after 2 weeks. Maybe this is the way to make plague run great again with an item exclusive to that run which will be needed 10x (next to other items) to create thechanger/adder as well.

    These are all just examples for this idea of crafting the changer/adder via items.

  • No, it's called rarity for a reason, adding it to the mall would ruin the aspect of that. I also wouldn't appreciate the possibility to craft them.

    The it is rn is perfect. The drop chance was raised a while ago and now it's balanced very nicely.

  • Adding these items to the IS would be unhealthy for the game. I'd even say that they shouldn't be in the game at all, because that would cause grinding for X item and possession of already great, rare items less enjoyable. But If somehow they'll be added, they should be considered as an "Endgame" items. Like scream mentioned, crafting with a lot of rarest upgrade materials/items via "Master" NPC is an option. Maybe a very low percentage drop (0.001-0,005% or even less) from a rare, endgame monster/chest. For sure they should be one of the rarest things on the server.

    The post was edited 2 times, last by L0lu ().

  • Yes, but make it more expensive in mall like 50000mp etc. To be honest, TP is not that attractive to purchase as you can pretty much farm everything in game, like pearls, blue changer, dss etc. So, i think this is a great idea to bring more money in SG. so the team can have more decent update in the future.

  • Yes, but make it more expensive in mall like 50000mp etc. To be honest, TP is not that attractive to purchase as you can pretty much farm everything in game, like pearls, blue changer, dss etc. So, i think this is a great idea to bring more money in SG. so the team can have more decent update in the future.

    they can do that without adding these though. they won't help the game in the long run at all. And trust me when I say that even with the availability of materials in the game, players still go for the commodity of getting pearls and such from the Item Mall.

    I do agree though that more stuff can be added to the IM but definitely nothing that has to do with rarity adding/changing.

  • How to turn the best server in the world in to a private server noname. What makes this server unique is its rarity system. Differentiation of equipment, uniqueness of some pieces: we would lose these characteristics to find ourselves in a server like many others.

  • i personally think the struggle to get legendary items with the right stats is exciting and farming them is rewarding and fun, to add a special extra to regular farming. if adders and changer was available ingame this would make farming less rewarding and fun and also devalue alot of people's work in searching for the best rarity items, i mean an item isnt really rare if you can just roll it. thanks

  • :nono::nono::nono::nono::nono::nono::nono:

    No No No.:fie: NO! :chainsaw:NOOO!!!:dash:

    Why? (Calm down).

    Ok let's talk: NO! I don't want it. Adding this in the Item mall will Ruin everithing. It will be senseless to farm hours and hours to drop a Legendary and make big money.