Be aware of this shops , [ SCAMMING with wrong prices ]

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  • GamerSHell

    sometimes i get that problem aswell, usually on CH1 it just randomly happens :D

  • Akuuu

    But, that's exactly why i wrote (jk) . so that it's obvious that I'm just kidding, and he doesn't live in fear that his Char is lost in space and time.

  • EmyEmy

    Dont scare him poor guy xd, dawnbreaker please send a ticket or on discord contact a gm

  • Akuuu

    Dawnbreaker - That sound's like a banned account if you ask me. (jk)

  • Dawnbreaker

    Is any GM on that can help me? I have a bugged char that just can't be logged into

  • Hiumi

    Is KarmaComa here?

  • EmyEmy

    The books do not stack just click on 'refresh' they will be stacked'

  • PrometheusX

    since the patch yesterday

  • VeKi

    since when do the kingdom books from moonlight boxes dont stack..and are in the extra inventory...what

  • EmyEmy

    Ty shadow for so many costumes , at least will not have to wear same costume every month, would be different costume every month:)

  • Pukka

    and not lv 85 ruby necklace for example? Which is lower and takes only normal pearls? Ty

  • Pukka

    Shadow just one more question, why can we up Oceanic Shoes lv 90 which take ancient pearls

  • ALmoSIQaR

    ty Shadow you are good leader

  • Pukka

    That'd be lovely, thank you so much :)

  • [GA]Shadow

    The block is based on the level. After XX level the smith won't work. In case we can add a similiar smith for the high level items on another run

  • Pukka

    and prob it was a bug, just wanted to check, ty anyway

  • Pukka

    Anyway as I had some answers from espelth saying we should be able to up all in that smith

  • Pukka

    I understand for the armours, which requires ancient pearls, but the neckys?

  • [GA]Shadow

    From what i see it is blocked on purpose. It was done probably to keep the values of the upgrade items.

  • Pukka

    "The item can't be made better" please can we get this fixed?

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  • Hi guys,

    These shops are trying to scam gold from other players with wrong prices in shop.

    3x shop with full items all with 2 Won - 1 Won + on each item.

    Hope GA find that who is behind this shops faster and punish this player faster :D

    Victims who are scammed by these shop is better to make a ticket maybe you can get back your gold.

  • While its fine that you warn people about these Shops, its his decision wether or not he sells that stuff for 1 won or 10 gold.

    Also, little sidenote dear XxXAliXxX, please dont call out people for scam without any evidence.

    Just because you saw a player near that shop that doesnt mean they are his. You are near the shops too afterall.

  • Isnt this this against the rules somehow? they are pretty much breaking the shop search if they use up all the slots available in the shop search with scam items.



  • I would call it scam because we all know that thief glove price is 200-600k not for 1 won, when you do shop search u might not even notice the '1' won only the 'gold'ie 250,000 gold and then click on buy it is definitely an attempt to scam players which is totally wrong. So I would say Ali is not wrong here, he is in fact acting like a responsible player by warning others, especially think of new players who have no idea about prices.


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  • As I clearly mentioned a name for checking process , I did not said that player is scammer or not I just mentioned his name for checking process also you can check my name if you want.

    putting an item that's price is 500k, for 1 won 499k it is using game bugs for scamming others because when you put a thief's glove for 1 won 499k it comes top of other gloves with 500k.So everyone knows, shop search system prioritizes items with most cheap price to expensive.So when I want to buy something from shop search I will buy first item in the list because it must be most cheap item in that list.

    BTW if you think I am wrong you can close this topic.

  • yeah a few of these are just people being silly or inputting a wrong value however what's been happening with pearls and changers is madness, what they're doing fits the description of a scam, not to mention, abusing a game mechanic and abusing a bug.


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  • Even though I don't like this market shitshow and it is good to make people aware of it, in that case I agree with Elspeth . People make prices and everyone can put an item for whatever the price they want, that is how market works. It is not illegal or against the rules. No one forces you to buy that particular item but if you do, it is your fault for not paying attention to the prices. The biggest problem in this situation is flawed "search system" not the players who use it to "trick" other people. You can call that people out, but they don't deserve to be banned. The best solution for that problem is to repair the "search system" feature and to pay more attention to the prices instead of buying blindly the first thing that is listed at top.

  • you know nobody's telling you not to fix the search system here? Until the search system is fixed, I am in favor of those who use this vulnerability to receive a 1er day penalty. I don't understand why you guys are so insistent that he doesn't get punished. Are you guys building those shops? There are 10 red changers in a shop, all installed from 2w. This guy went 2 more Sunday after we said We were offended and when we were told there would be no penalty, the same way he set up!

    No one's talking about scammers being punished so you can be careful! We are not stupid, we know to be careful, but I think the best solution is to prevent them for certain periods of time until the search system is fixed

  • no one's gonna let the hater out for why you didn't lock the door when a burglar broke into your house. Maybe a little less punishment. You see, fraud has always been a crime, and now it's being done openly in front of you