plague run

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  • EmyEmy


  • Luxuria

    who call the pvm king?

  • EmyEmy

    Luxuriana where are you girl? :(

  • Hiumi

    Tary said few days ago that shes under exams, be patient

  • VeKi

    didnt get it either,i guess they have alot to do so lets be patient :P

  • deathpool

    Tary, what about the rewards from the pvm king? I didn't get mine at least, don't know if others did.

  • [GM]Elspeth

    The costumes dont hinder our devs from working on meley. But theres only so many costumes that dont look like random fabric scraps full of bugs.

  • jackywin814

    master horse

  • BBazzuka

    Meley is a better option, but let's have patience xD

  • Hiumi

    Na, we want marly run :)

  • ALmoSIQaR


  • ALmoSIQaR

    I want more xD

  • EmyEmy

    There are so many costumes already lol

  • ALmoSIQaR

    is there new costumes today?

  • [GM]Elspeth

    Not sure what you mean HardCoreCat the Server is doing just fine.

  • deathpool

    what about rewards of pvm king event?

  • HardCoreCat

    Seriously? Server just crashing now or what

  • EmyEmy

    Send a ticket

  • BrokerX

    how can activate Account? dont get Email

  • locoloco67

    Hey guys

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  • who wants the old reward and who not? 6

    1. old one (60kk) (6) 100%

    hello guys,

    i create thi thread bcs is something wrong with last update in specialy with plague run

    plagued run reward was 6x 10kk gold bar and now is 3 red changer and 3 red changer so this is so bad for server economy ,


    i my case i buy like 20*30 polymorphs per day thats mean 200-300kk who a low lvl can have them and is easy for him to evolve

    i buy odins every day like 5 minimal per day ,

    +green/red changers ,blessing marbles bcs i am not that guy who stay and farm moons, all of this just from plagued reward

    stuff with good rarity

    and here are many people who make equipment for plagued run more exactly for that reward

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  • Farming gold instead of items is the worst idea for a server. While you can farm gold, others can't, you can afford to buy anything and prices will keep increasing. While the reward might be reworked, red adders/changers aren't that bad. Of course, with the current adjustments, prices will drop to a point it will no longer be viable for you to keep them in shop. Right now a rough estimation would be in 30 days green changers 3-500k, 2-3kk for red changers and 5-10kk blue changers..

    Saying this, I am against the idea to be able to farm gold in a run, no matter the investment you made to be able to solo that run. We have to see if lower prices will begin to make new players to join this server or the update came way too late for any change to make a difference.

  • Poly will drop because at one point you will stop doing runs for the little reward you get and you will focus more on hell/aqua dragon. No, odins will not drop anytime soon. But if you keep farming gold you will make sure the prices will remain high, when you are supposed to have items and fun and not useless gold.

    BTW, nice trick with the removal of the other option from your poll :P

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  • In the patch note it is written that the boss of this run can drop now pearls.

    So is 3 red changers + 3 red adders + chance of pearls? If it's this way, it's a good drop.

    Maybe 1 red changer + 1 blue changer + chance of any pearl would be better.

  • nemere, yamachoon,bagjanamu,aqua dragon,azrael, and blue death chest all of this drop pearls

    on plagued drops are 10%white 8%blue 5%red so this are so lower

    and now for vyenna :D

    when prices will go dawn? after all players dont have yang to buy things?

    and show me in minimal 1 week odins will go to 90kk minimal...

    and 8o

  • The more drops a run has, lower the prices should be, if you chose to sell the drop and not hide it somewhere. I said Odins will not drop, only poly. You want an update that will help you get the gold without the trouble of selling the items. It is not the server situation that you care about that much, like you wrote in the first post in this thread.

    Since you are looking for answers, go to Basics for Beginners guide and check again the 3 models I am explaining there. You can chose to play the game or dictate the pace of the game using my 3 models. The choice is yours.

  • I would prefer to answer those who have plagued equipment and they are interested in that run and they were interested , not those people who have never been interested in them and will not be interested in plagued run because it will not affect you .

  • Should I post here my plagued equipment? I don't know, I did many runs in the past, sometimes you have to adapt and understand why certain rewards have to be changed.

    Farming gold affects me because I will have to also farm gold. Dunno why you consider worthy of opinion only those who agree with you.

  • reward was chnaged bcs some people wanted same thing like sv2 thats the problem,

    yes some things are oke but to change this reward not ...

    and i do like 6 months minimal 10runs per day and max 15 what u think? is okay for me?or for that players who do that and now

    that eq is ussles bcs they take a lower reward? u think u can drop at every dungeon a pearl?

    this reward need to be same as past not change it bcs is too late to change it

    look on server 2 no many people make plagued bcs reward is not so good

  • agree to change the reward!!!

    This run is became full useless now.

    Red changer doesnt have 10kk/yang price, and its very rare to drop pearls.

    + U have to use 1 polymorh which is 10kk yang.

    For a 30-35 min run, if u dont have a super luck u get like 25kk max!

    In this time i get minimum 3 blue changer from stones and didnt even say the bravery capes, skill books etc drops.

  • "We want the changes from server 2" they said.

    "Guys, don't forget server 1" some others wrote in forum.

    Now, you have the change and you don't like it because it doesn't pay off your investment in gear and it puts you on the same foot with metin farmers. Maybe is time to move on, try other runs, lv up? Neah, we can agree to disagree in here.

    Maybe this is supposed to be a serious talk but I can't help myself and I'll just troll you a little:

    Shadow please help the dinosaurs and revise the plagued run drop so they can have more cash and no players around!

  • i prefer buying them not farming that why , bcs if all farming blue changers will be noone who can buy them righ?

    and this is very bad for market in my opinion (this is already happening after 1 week with red and soon with blue changers)


  • You are talking nonsense. Collect weapons, stones and sb sell them on general store and u still will make instant golds. I just remember that u was able to make just with selling weapons on general store 100kk per hour. Now you can collect also stones and sbs so for sure u can make more golds this way as from plagued runs.

    This update is good at least you are not forced to make the plagued run to make golds.

  • excange my plagued items with a poison and bsa to do that and i will do ,bcs they are ussles now and u are agree

    so give me a poison and bsa and 70sword for (15-18won) armor (25-30won) helmet (10won) and change stats on my sce bcs they are perfect for plagued run only + alchemy ruby jade onyx and i want to see u how u can do this to all players who intested all their yang in just this


  • Didn't u said u made since 6month 10-15 runs daily? Let's say u made daily 6wons (10runs) this is in 6month 1080wons I think you could buy for that already good poison and a good bsa

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