About the 35% extra damage for Sins and Mages.

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    Server off?

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    it's been popping more often lately :chainsaw: :rocketlauncher:

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    This stupid captcha is so annoying and retarded grrrr

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    In my mind, in my head This is where we all came from The dreams we have, the love we share This is what we're waiting for

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    You get a random Event twice a day and a big seasonal Event instead.

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    Because the scheduled events are not taking place during the Halloween Event.

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    Why there was no Moonlight boxes event ?

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    mobile payment it`s avaible ?

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    Only with white lion

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    HeyHo @everyone is it possible to fight from a mount under level 35 ?

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  • The difference of races is what makes good this game and also because their are differents races, it's obvious, they will have differents skills which gives advantages and disadvantage in the game, thats how Webzen made the game. So now, if u re giving this plus for "balance" the game, give to warrior and suras critical, blessing and reflect skill as well. With this 35% extra damage, Mages and Sin will make the same the damage as a warrior or sura ... so why the hell a warrior has aos and a sura has blade? u re ridiculing this skills and making it useless with this 35% for mage a sin. now a dragon mage will have the damage of warrior with aos/sura with blade PLUS CRITICAL, BLESSING AND REFLECTION ...

    And again, if u wanna say "we re making it for balance the game", so change the sword and 2 hand resistance of Mob and Bosses and se it like Bell, Fan, Bow and Dagger because u want to make the game "more balanced". Sin and Mages may not have aos/blade buy they already have extra damage against mob and most important Bosses (because the low resistance of their weapons) and now, with 35% extra, they will be so OP. So if u re warrior or sura and u wanna compite in poly against sin or mage, they will crash u because the 35% extra damage + low resistence of their weapon + ,in case of dragon mage, critical, blessing and reflection.

    if Webzen wanted to make "perfect balanced", all races will have the same skills and mobs and bosses will have the same resistance for all the weapons but thats not how the game is because all races MUST HAVE THEIR OWN BENEFITS, obviously.

    All races have his own benefits and u should keep it like that cuz with this, u re not balanced nothing, u re unbalacend the game.

    Edith: if u dont like ur race cuz u think u have disadvantages against other races, CHANGE UR RACE instead asking for more damage or more benefits. So now, Warrior and Suras can ask and ask and ask for special critical, blessing and reflection for our races because we dont find the game is balanced, is not fair mages can have skills with gives critical and blessing and warrior and suras not. Like is not fair, warrior can have aos and suras blade for extra damage and sin and mages not. And also, weapons of suras and warrior (Sword and 2 hand weapons) has the same range of attack value of Sin´s Bows because, again, is not fair they have weapons with more range of damage. So now we all can complain about the benefits or any race and ask for have the same ... are u looking how the ridiculous is sounds? exactly, thats all my point.

  • so Suras and Warrior can cry and demand for special plus like critical ,blessing, reflection, same Boss´s weapons resistance and same range attack of weapons right? is all for make it more balanced.


  • If you want critical, blessing and reflection. Make a schaman and carry it around with you. Like, everybody else did for years now. :)

    Just to give you some numbers my 61 warrior with 34avg fms+9 5mob +5 stones, AOS g10, 60 bio NOT done, a helmet with 5mob (my 80 assassin also got those 5 mob) does around 3k crits on 70 stones. Yet my assassin with 80 bio done, 60 bio done poison +9 38avg +6 stones DID only around 3.5k damage (although it might have been 3.8k? cannot really test it anymore now can I? It either was 3.5 on 70 stones or 85 stones). Now I do 4.4k crits on 70 stones. Which is much more. But I would not be too surprised that if my warrior was 80 and had all these things, when he does 5-6k crits.

    The only players who are allowed to cry are mental warriors and magic suras in my book. Not the classes EVERYBODY was playing even if they did not want to, just to make $ far better than their main choice of character ever could. Those two sub-classes probably should get the damage buff too, but it might be much harder to do that, since it is based on skill choice and not on character choice. But they could give taichi and dark protection similar pve damage buffs.

    If you are asking for a buff, because you believe you will have to replace your 35 AOS farmer with an assassin. Your warrior is fine without a shadow of a doubt. If a 35 assassin would outperform a 35 warrior. Then assassin would be broken as h3ll once we actually get a poison... since AP does a whole lot more when you don´t already get 2 poisons worth of AP for 'free'.

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