Moonlight drop system [CHANGE]

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  • Hello dear community !

    I would like all those who read this post to judge it in a rational and heartfelt way.

    My proposal is about drop-system. The current one is that when a monster gives you a box it drops down not directly into the inventory. This seems to me to be something that is outdated but also very bad for man. Why is it bad? I will tell u :

    1. Events are made for players to have fun and relax, but there is nothing fun and even relaxing to gather tens of hundreds of boxes on the floor.

    2. The ocular health of a player is severely affected by this event. We must also think about the health of the players. There is nothing good for the eyes to look fixed and focused on boxes, amongst other 100 things that fall on the ground (as is the case in DT or elsewhere where many things fall)

    Besides these things, neither you as a team will help with anything that we gather from the ground.

    So please, do the next event that all the boxes automatically collect in the inventory, so we do not have to stress ourselves by gathering them on the floor.Nobody gets the advantage if you leave them like that. And if nobody comes to the advantage, why not change them and make the server more fun? :)

    Please judge right, and bring this beautiful change into the game.

    Thank you.

  • It would be an amazing feature and i believe every moonlight farmer would agree with it.

    The drop could be ajusted in a way that will give the same amount of boxes per hour taking into account auto-collect.

    This feature would surely bring more people into the moonlight game as there are many that can't handle spamming z key for a few hours.

    Unfortunetly, i can predict that the answer from staff will be a negative one 100%.

  • This game badly needs an autodrop feature. Spamming ^ or y is just stupid nowadays.

    Heck, make it even buyable from the Mall... In other games you can even customize which items you want to auto pick up, though this might make hardcore farmers even more hardcore lol.

  • The eyes reasoning is actually a really good one. If nothing else, the staff should at least consider that one. Heck, halve my drop for all i care, it's extras anyway but moons are harmful to the eye even if you don't farm for them, but something else.

  • Unfortunately this would only help botters and afk farming so there's no way this will come into the game.

    Have you ever tried to set Names to Limited and clicking on the yellow boxes? (hold down ALT to temporarily display names again)

  • i told tary this idea and she said to me this is not pserver

    Do not need to be pserver to have this beautiful feature. Only need to be a server who are interesting regards players, and a rational-thinking server who allow only good things on him :)

    PaliPali : Don't helps. Stress and no-fun persist

    If they do not want to add this feature for all the players, they can add for donators who buy third hand, and make the third hand to collect all event bokex(hexagonal, moonlights etc)

    The post was edited 2 times, last by Flore ().

  • Wait, so Quality Of Life updates are only for pservers? Also isn't this technically now a pserver lol?

    Anyways, Metin2 is an old game. To keep up today it badly needs those nobrainer features that current game have, focusing on the QOL features that are present in other games.

    An example of a QOL features is the Movement Speed with mounts on this server. It's way above of the speed we once had back in the days. Definitely one of the reasons why Metin2 doesn't bore me atleast. Also the shop system is another QOL feature.

    Having something along the line of ridiculous drops can be auto picked up would definitely be neat.

  • a bot can automatically pick up things too.

    afk farming is a ban reason.

    whats next?

    i dont care if it comes or not but im seriously bored of all these nonsense excuses towards every suggestion

    Unfortunately this would only help botters and afk farming so there's no way this will come into the game.

    Have you ever tried to set Names to Limited and clicking on the yellow boxes? (hold down ALT to temporarily display names again)

  • I would prefer it as a tecpoint item, like third hand but for moonlight boxes. It should be for all characters in an account or if it is an item like thief gloves, one should be able to store it in the storekeeper (in that way you can use it with all the characters in your account).

  • I agree with the OP on this one. So just because it makes it easier for botters, that means everyone has to suffer? That's not the honest player's concern what is easy for botter and what is not. Honest player should not be punished just because something is harder to implement. And I think the staff is doing great at banning and finding bots anyway so it's not actually a real issue. I hope everyone will realize that "finger numbing repetition until your eyes go blind" is not a form of "difficulty." That's just cruelty.