Increase in TP costs

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  • Legano

    If you need a challenge try s1. Not full of players but lots of fun

  • vertical

    guys how can i play server 2?

  • Thoreau

    Is anyone playing S1 or it's pretty over of S1?

  • JohnWickTR

    How long does maintenance take?

  • wlochatybobr

    hi got problem with patcher, just downloaded it from home page, and it freeze at 0.3% and exits. Any ideas what can be wrong? I've already exit antyvirus

  • Hiumi

    Celebiee did u evolve it? Do u have armed/military horsr?

  • Celebiee

    hey, when can i attack from my mount ?

  • Hiumi

    Desired sit and wait xD

  • SiiiXxHD

    Buy Stone of Evasion +6 pm me ingame or here...Ingame: SiiiXx

  • SiiiXxHD

    SONYKK's Shopbox? Is the person online? PM

  • Degmond

    You will have to suggest them

  • Desired

    Waiting for the same update like in server 2.

  • cpt00

    Iron plate +9 price ?

  • perses

    why patcher of new game he dnt dowloading

  • perses

    hello any ga gm

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    it works

  • emsej2

    homepage dont work?

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    It is always the 10% of the tec points you purchase, purchase not spend.

  • Ken

    hello guys, can somebody tells me how i get MP points?

  • [SMOD]Tary

    You can contact us via ticket: or via email [email protected]

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  • So TPs can't be bought via seagm anymore.

    Instead E-Payouts was added as an option.

    I did not see any announcement to that. Any reasoning behind this? Mainly since TPs became significantly more expensive now...

  • Hey there,

    As a lot of players have experienced themselves, SeaGM wasnt anywhere near perfect as an option for purchasing TP.

    It often caused trouble, some countries couldnt even use it atall.

    The increase of the price is based on the fee's that are charged by the website.

  • I had no problems with that site. Sure it wasn't as fancy as others but it did its job.

    Though, I can see that others had problems.

    Still this means for a lot of us that we have now an over 30% markup in TP costs (as of the 50€ option - 120k is now 90k).

    I really doubt the fees are that huge and tbh I doubt I will simply live with that. I wasn't a huge maller anyway, so...

  • Paypal have a 4% fees, but with the risk of chargeback. Credit card payments or PSC have 14%. Meaning that if you spend 100 euro, we get 96 with paypal and 86 with the rest. If you notice there is also a SMS payment now, it takes 78% of the money you spend however.

    Anyway I will discuss with [DEV]Dulaan if we can tune up a bit the Tec points received with each payment despite the fees.

  • Wait a second. So you are saying because you get less money from purchasing tec points we should get less tec points as well? Even with paying the same amount as before? how does that make any sense? The virtual currency has no real value anyway. Its not like you make less money from thee 200 euro option if you give the person less tec points. You could give the player 1'000'000'000 tec points and still have the 180$ something profit. Not that you should do that, but I don't see the point in reducing the tec values. It clearly only makes people frustrated.

    If I misunderstood something here please enlighten me

  • I understand your point of view but it actually makes sense if you are trying to keep the server up; It does cost quite a lot to maintain a server, so we can't just give away the same amount of Tec Points if the company actually receive half as much (Less received money equals to less earnings, and that means that we eventually won't be able to keep the server up anymore).

    That said, we understand the player's point of view and we are always open to suggestions, that's why we raised the amount after you guys told us and we are constantly looking for the best payment options with the lowest fees, in order to make everyone happy.

    As for PayPal, we are currently working on it, I can't say when but it should come back in the near future. In the meantime I suggest you credit cards as a quick and good alternative.

    To actually fix the Tec Points issue we should've done something like 1 EUR = 100 points and of course change all the mall item's cost but unfortunately we have always used a way more complex system that is not user friendly at all and is almost impossible to change now.