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  • EmyEmy

    Hii shadow! :*

  • PrincePersia

    shadowe on?

  • Fivel

    thats why i said "even if i tried". Which i don't because i know it's a lost cause

  • [GA]Shadow

    Hard to find a party if you don't use the ingame tool :)

  • [GA]Shadow

    You know we can see your shout logs right?

  • Fivel

    I couldn't find a party to play with me, even if i tried, if everyone would get one red changer at the end

  • Fivel

    From a design perspective, i get it, it's there to make the run take longer so people wouldnt rush it. But from a players perspective it's boring, unrewarding and basically a waste of time

  • [GA]Shadow

    obviously if you play alone you will be bored af

  • [GA]Shadow

    Every run i designed was meant to do in party

  • Fivel

    Because it's not fun either. The "plagued egg" section is killing the pacing, its RNG based, has way too many eggs, no rewards.

  • Fivel

    What makes a run good in your opinion then?

  • [GA]Shadow

    it is simply stupid to just ignore these bad designs unless you drop 100 milions gold per run

  • [GA]Shadow

    If the class requirment is not ok, if having to wear a specific armor and weapon to get less damage and deal more is a problem

  • [GA]Shadow

    If something is bad, it will be bad always no matter the drop

  • [GA]Shadow

    If a run is good based on the drop you get then the player's opinion is useless

  • Fivel

    If you think the plague run is in a good spot, thats ok, in the end it's up to you. But the player experience was very different for me.

  • [GA]Shadow

    you can do the run without poly, you don't need any permit to enter the run

  • Fivel

    well i couldnt, it took me months to get to a spot where i could attempt the run, reading poly books, buying gear, building my main. And by the time i got there, the reward just wasn't worth it anymore

  • [GA]Shadow

    Also the value of an item on the market is not our concern, you can craft a poly with every day material if you choose to buy and spend gold or use the poly is your own call

  • [GA]Shadow

    They can do the run with crappy items, believe it or not

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  • Hello Guys, i am an official Metin2 PLayer for years and i read few days ago about this server & i have a few questions?

    1: is there any players or empty like others?

    2: Pay4win or you can farm your own Echanted Items and make good bonuses

    3:Any Active Events ? Active Staff ?

    I Chose my thread to be written in "General" Because this will be every player advice to me

    Sorry Staff if i broke any rules i just said Official "Didn't Advertise for other servers"

    Need Your Answers Soon <3

  • 1º To see if a server is "dead" or not you check city1 from jinho bro. It has a decent amount of players in my opinion but maybe for you, who came from the official one, is "dead". Make your own conclusions.

    2º No, it's not pay to win, not at all.

    3º Everyday there is an event. Check "Calendar" here in the forum, at the top of the page.

  • You have to start playing to know how is the game and how many are playing. Server is quite decent got players. You cannot call the server dead based on 'views' and replies,, since many players do not check forums regularly but are active in game.

  • Well Thanks all for your replies,

    First Lamia people like you is the first and main reason for new players to not start in a new server,

    Second EmyEmy Thanks for your reply and yeah your right but server like sg thought forum will be active

    Third Vyenna all servers calender is full of events but non makes one..... and guides on wiki here is too poor

    Deathpool thanks also for your kind reply i appreciate it

  • and i asked about this server because i read many threads like these

    this is one of them from 2018

    So, here is the problem, which trust me, is a problem.

    it might be 2018, and there are many games out there, but i still know way too many guys/gals who like and still playing metin2 (most if not all of them are playing other servers sadly, and ofcourse worse servers than this because this is the no1 :this::thumbsup:)

    The sad truth is that we got WAAY too few old/new people, which makes the gameplay harder and harder.

    For example if u have a decent item at a great price, nobody is gonna buy it, simply because only old and high level players are now active (and not many of them) and they wont buy something except if its the best.

    You need an item that should exist on mass to upgrade something?? well thats gonna be a problem, because its gonna take 10times more than it should take.

    And ofcourse for many other reasons.

    All of the players im watching playing are old members, and i know/have seen ALL of them. maybe i can see a new player starting every 1-2 weeks. And its not only that 1-2 weeks for 1 new player (that im watching) is very little, but 1st, in most cases he is gonna stop playing after a while, and 2nd the amount of people that is stopping seems to me quite higher than the amount of people starting it.

    My point is : We need to advertise the server somehow. And mostly the staff has to come up with an idea to do that. This is not an easy thing to do for many reasons, and i personally dont know if advertising is affordable, but i think and hope you can see that we need something like that, and maybe even some of you guys have a good recommendation to do that, and to help with the advertise, just to see the server alive again!!

    Its a great server, with a lovely community and i think more people should learn about it!!

  • If you have problems with the calendar you must explain what is the problem with some details.

    "servers calender is full of events but non makes one"

    Sorry but I can't understand this sentence. Every Event has their own thread that explain what you must do, the hour and the day.

    As for your idea to advertise, we did, but if the reply of the potential new player is that the server is too old to prompt them to start, we can't do much other than resetting the server or opening a second one. We opted for the second choice.

  • Hello what i mean is in the server im playing now check its forums full of events but we see only scheduled ones automatically so we are bored there :P

    and yeah the only reason i asked because there are many threads saying server is dead no players and i gave 1 exp so now im downloading it to try it out

  • bro this server is just like counting to 10 on your finger because its easy as that! Plus join discord chat and you will make ez friends trustworthy for sure.....

    And this is coming from an

    "Im a banned player but still support it"

    Just make the right friends and the right choice you will have fun :)