Wrong ban?

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  • EmyEmy

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  • [GM]Elspeth

    Neither are we planing to drag the current players from here to the other Server, nor are we planing to replace this one with another one. It wouldnt be online for 10 Years if we'd just replace it in a heartbeat.

  • [GM]Elspeth

    We have stated multiple times that we are not planing to replace anything. Thats why this is also the wrong place to discuss things about the second Server.

  • Fivel

    im just worried about playing on a server that might soon be "replaced" so to say. Is that so hard to comprehend? Many people think like that ingame, i thought this was the place to discuss it

  • Fivel

    relax it was just an idea, sorry for discussing things in a forum

  • vvvvvv

    I think your idea about the whole server doesn't really matter and you should let them mind their own business and let them work on their own project. Just wait till it's released and I'm pretty sure that you won't complain about it if they've decided to put so much effort into it.

  • Fivel

    I think the second server should be a "1 IP/oldschool" server that would be treated as a nice getaway from the main server. Something to play on the side, not abandoning the main server

  • Fivel

    Aren't you worried it's gonna drive the people that are currently playing on SG away from the main server?

  • Fivel

    So the new server will be handled as a seperate project? I thought it was an attempt to introduce people to the SG servers.

  • EmyEmy

    Bloody kids

  • EmyEmy

    Patience is virtue ! Just wait it will come omg

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    We are working on it daily and we already announced it will take some months, if waiting is a problem we understand, but we won't release it sooner just because some people cannot wait sorry

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    You have a lack of respect because we always answered your question, even today, we told you where you could get informations. 2 days ago i personaly told you the server 2 will have its own forum/website, so not sure what else you want more

  • S3ke

    so you`re saying i have lack of respect because i ask about YOUR server ? because i want to play YOUR server ?you are being a lil rude on almost every post recently.. lack of patience ? well you just lost another player then ...thank you.

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    We already provided the informations on the epvp thread, asking here every day is quite silly other than a lack of respect since we already kindly asked to not ask here

  • S3ke

    ok so where can i search information about it then ? this whole thing makes no sense ...its almost like you are hiding it from the people .....

  • AnarchistPagan

    Well, sure. Without a graphical improvement metin2 will never meet new players at metin2 in general. But the old players that are still playing metin (on all the existing servers) are more than enough to call it a dead game.

  • [GM]Elspeth

    The announcements of Server2 wont happen here so this is the wrong place to search for Information about it.

  • S3ke

    hey is that s2 still happening ? its been a while ...and nothing...

  • EmyEmy

    them* cant even edit!

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  • Please kindly justify the decision with specific details regarding the account suspension. It is rather unfair to ban any players account with one simple and generic reason, in this case “real money trade” .

  • Hey there,

    as i have already told you Ingame, you have to write a Ticket for such matters.

    The Forum is the wrong place to discuss such things.

    Also, the reason is rather specific, not generic atall.

    Real money trades of any sort are forbidden, if you are banned and you received that as your reason, then its quite clear why you are banned.

    You (or someone you shared Accounts with) tried to trade items/accounts/etc. for real money.

  • Post by zera123 ().

    This post was deleted by Elspeth ().
  • As I knew....Mum was a old player in that game, it is not reasonable for Real Money trade...

    Its must be some misunderstanding in this case, please to investigate more carefully, cus RMT is a very serious issue.

    thanks all Gm team

  • Show him the evidences of what he did. You can't one sided say you hold the evidences but not reveal

  • Before closing this thread as bans should not be discussed on the forum, I'd like to clarify something because, if there is something we dislike is hypocrysy.

    We do not ban anyone without being 100% sure. It is quite the opposite, if we are sure some players do RMT, without solid evidences we won't ban them.

    If the ban states that there was Real Money Trade, it means there was. The character who was banned for this, is RokAsian, if Mum is the same person behind this account, then yes is guilty as charged. If it is another player, sorry, your account was shared, you knew the risks, your items were on sale as well, so you have to be banned too. Please check this this thread to remember whats our stance on account sharing. Remember, if one of the GMs shares their accounts and damage is done to players or the game, we get fired immediately we don't say "it was not me it was my friend".

    We are not going to share any details on the player who reported you, RokAsian, not even the slightest screenshot or conversation that might give you an hint, because we care for the privacy of who reports. Just like if someone accuse you of hacks or having modded items, we wouldn't disclose your legit bonus, or money spent or playtime count, because is nobody's business, if we say a character is legit, it is legit, without having to demostrate anything or show any personal informations to prove a couple of envy players that they are wrong.

    RokBuff, RokLucia and more from the same guild, were banned for the same RMT reason months ago along with all the shared accounts. One player of your guild, wrote to us that his items were sold without his consent while he was on a break, however he had no evidences to show and so no actions were taken. We are not idiots, we know what you do, is just a matter of evidences and in the case of RokAsian we got them and so the ban was casted.

    So you can stop this charade pretending to be innocent and maybe grow up a bit and take responsabilities for your actions.

    Thread Closed.

    PS: You can stop sending email asking how you can solve this situation, we will never give second chances to those who acts like victims on the forum to make others feel pity and create seed of doubts about the admin's decisions, while they secretly ask for solution to our support.