[FEATURE] Event suggestions daily login reward & Bingo completion rewards

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  • IronMikeTyson

    xD ye Holy is op farmer 24/7 :thumbsup:

  • Hiumi

    Ofc 1 ticket took lot of time to be farmed. We cant sit all the day to farm. Good luck

  • AlmightyHoly

    https://www.metin2sg.com/Support now stop spamming shoutbox for 1 ticket kids :D

  • EmyEmy


  • Hiumi

    the quarantine brought me back

  • IronMikeTyson

    Hiumi damn still playing

  • TheBrocker


  • Hiumi


  • Desired

    Pc perf mythic superclass diamond?

  • RedWyn

    Pls dont provoke thanks messi.

  • Hiumi

    Iq200 fake profile, good job

  • LyBos

    Also you are being disrespectful towards shadow, afterall he made the run so he knows best <3

  • LyBos

    You sure do not succeed in enligsh Hiumi

  • [GA]Shadow

    Logs cannot be checked without stating all the party members names, hours and such. Write a ticket.

  • Hiumi

    No, my guild isnt like urs. We succes all, thanks for care about us

  • Nessi

    i thought you are used to wasting tickets by now, by the big fuss all of the sudden?

  • Luxuria

    Shadow we just started the run, we were hitting the 2nd statue and we all got kicked out of the run. checks the logs and u will see noone of us talk to the npc 2 timesm just check it. we all lost our tickets for a bug game and it shouldnt happen

  • [GA]Shadow

    Then option number 2, some of you spoke to the npc

  • Hiumi

    We were inside 1min, how we can fail?

  • [GA]Shadow

    You can fail the run if you are too slow on the statue as written on our guide, so either 1 or 2.

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  • Hello , I would like to suggest new events as u see title 'daily login rewards' it can be like players log daily and obtain rewards, not asking for something big but small and useful stuffs like a few bravery capes, x1 hermits advice, a few green potions etc. Probably more players would login daily etc xd (like daily attendance)

    Bingo completion rewards; add a BINGO Board and players have to complete them. for example complete 1 row and win something, it could have like 'open 10 boxes', kill 20 monsters, 'complete 3 quests' or join an event' even maybe kill a player :L when you complete whole bingo board you receive something good! HOORAYYY and Cry out BINGO (not in call chat though). :thumbsup:

  • I know events are generous, but this might bring players to login daily more activity good for the game? make it limit per ip? ofc then it will not be exploited. Remember its not about ''more rewards'' or greed for rewards but about bringing players to game and motivating them. And think of BINGO to play with it can be fun.

  • Character bound items work well with these, especially if the first 25-29 day rewards are simple things like potions/material with every 7th day getting a green/red changer and the last few days(or just very last) something bigger like pearl/blue changer/master compass.

    Our events are already too generous and we are not going to add a login system bound to be exploited

    Then combining a bit the ideas would do the trick since it would force the player to take an action, this being: each day the player has task to complete only once completed they receive the login reward, takes wayyyy more effort and harder to exploit since the players actually have to work for it, especially if the tasks aren't small things.

    Bingo is cool as part of a week long event and would be a nice change to the usual loot box trope