[FEATURE] The Wall is under Siege! - Event

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  • The ghostly army of Pandemonia gathers to invade the yellow and the blue nations. To keep this common enemy at bay, both kingdoms have joint forces to create a mighty wall. But only if enough brave warriors defend it against the constant attacks, there is a chance of victory.


    • Weekly event
    • You can join it like Budogan by activating a "Quest"
    • PVP between yellow and blue is deactivated
    • You get teleported to a special map
    • In the middle of the map is a wall (like those in the siege war).
    • Would be cool if you could stand on the wall and use range weapons and cast spells (optional)
    • Would be cool if there are gates which are closed until Pandemonia breaks them ("They are through the second gate!") (optional)
    • On one side of the wall there is the respawn point of the players. So dying is penalized with the time you need to get back to the wall. You don't lose exp.
    • On the other side of the wall is the spawn point of the Pandemonian army.
    • The Pandemonian army uses the heavens lair models
    • This Pandemonian foot soldiers are accompanied by mighty allies such as Reapers, Giants, Dragons, Bosses to create a "They got a troll with them"-feeling
    • Its important that this mighty allies spawn randomly so that every event is unforeseeable and unique.
    • The Pandemonian army is programmed to attack players.
    • If no players are within their reach, they attack the wall.
    • The event lasts 15 mins (the cavallery comes and kills the Pandemonian army)
    • Every participant gets a reward, "Defendr Chests"
    • The number of the chests you receive is based on the following factors:
    • Damage dealt to the Pandemonian Army, Percentage of the wall which is not destroyed.