What is the better way to invest my TP?

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  • FixMyMind

    Hello, How are u?

  • Cloudyy19

    Hello, so i made a ticket, about the novice channel :)

  • vvvvvv


  • xPain05

    ohh nvm xD

  • xPain05

    How can i play in german ?

  • deathpool

    will there be any summer event?

  • Hiumi


  • Hiumi

    Taty on?

  • [GM]Elspeth

    Generally people who are rejected either have an old char or requested access with multiple accounrs (for example buffer + farmer)

  • PaliPali

    send ticket for more info, make sure to include char name and an email to contact you with

  • PaliPali

    so you have an old character, that's likely why you haven't been accepted :|

  • silone1993

    nah, i have an account from when the server started but i only reached lvl 30

  • PaliPali

    highly likely means you were not accepted because you have old characters or used the ticket on another character

  • silone1993

    nothing yet

  • silone1993

    nah, i did a request 2 days ago

  • EmyEmy


  • [CoMa]Shadow

    Novice channel is from 1 to 50-60, i doubt you will be this high when the request get approved, which is usually done in 5-8 hours

  • silone1993

    thats cool, but if i continue to lvl up wont i be not considered as and aprendice anymore¿

  • [GM]Elspeth

    you can send a request via the item you get from the level 2 apprentice chest, after that it takes a maximum of 24hours for us to check if you are to be accepted

  • silone1993

    how do i access the novice channel?

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  • Hi, I have a question. I will buy 18k Tp, and I don’t know what is the better way to invest it. I’m lvl 45, abilities AOS M4 and Berserker M4, poor equip, and I finished my 1 beginner week.

    What is better to do with 18-20k tp? Sell odins, buy glove 1 month, or what? Thanks. (Sorry for my english)

  • It depends of the gear you have currently, if you have armed horse, buffer (if you married both chars), how much yang you have now. Tell us about this and I can give you some advice.

  • It depends of the gear you have currently, if you have armed horse, buffer (if you married both chars), how much yang you have now. Tell us about this and I can give you some advice.

    I’m warrior lvl 45, AOS M4 & Berserk M4, Armed horse, Buff lvl 40 M1, married, Iron+9 35 AVG and 10 critical, armour 34+5 8% restore hp, ee+7 normal. I have 80kk now, and I’m in novice channel, I’m taking metin stones from valley. I think is all.

    Waiting for your answer, thanks.

  • I would buy the farmer pack of 2 weeks (10k tp) and a costume of 30 days with 8 vs mob (7.2k tp). there are like 6 types of these costumes.

    If you have some luck, the costume will have 2 bonus without the need to you spending money to add them. If that's the case, you can try to change their bonus and look for 1k hp with attack speed, or at least 1k hp (each change is 1kk in general store, pay attention to not buy the adder cause the adder can add or remove the number of bonus). If you dont have that luck, there's no need to spend money on that.

    With this, I will go to Demon Tower, gather enough Demon Keepsake for the biologist lvl 50, you can drop too Demon Spearman polymorhp (7-9kk), you can spend a bit of time there for this and increasing your lvl too.

    After that, you'll be lvl 52-54, I would go to lvl 61 in v2 in the 4 first rooms. Lvl 61 before this Tuesday (there is 30% more exp right now). At this lvl mobs will start drop Moonlight M. You should farm in v3 spider cave for this event at your lvl. Obviously you will not be able to kill an entire room, but bit a bit and in the firsts rooms of v3.

    If you dont have right now, you can spend some of that money to make it (gear). I mean some basic gear, a lvl 1+9 necklace with 4 bonus (1.5k hp/2k hp + 10 crit) for example, I would try to buy ee+9 clean (30-35kk), 29+9 clean shoes (35-40kk) and then put 4 bonus and search for 1.5k hp/2k h + 10 crit too, or attack speed or faint, or hp at least). You need of course a lvl 1+9 shield with inmune against faint minimum. The bracelet is enough the one with 1.5k hp from the early quests. You'll need 2 passage at least (3kk each, 6kk for both your chars).

    With this farmer pack you will have the chance to play 2 days of Moonlight Event if you buy it today, this Tuesday and the one day from the next week. Each pack of 200 is 19kk more or less. You can even open it and with some luck you can get from a pack Red Changer + crap + scrolls mutation/evolution + marble = 32kk (the ideal drop ofc xd).

    Forget about increasing aura of sword, and berserk you can forget about it till lvl 90 xd. After all this, at 61 do the quests from uriel and the other ones that give exorcism scrolls/hermits. Save those for auras after you already make a decent gear (these exorcism and hermit are not tradable).

    Stay at lvl 61 some time, it's a good lvl to farm. You have 4 metins per channel lvl 60 in dark temple, save the locationes of these places with return scroll.

    Tomorrow is Vein Spawn. If you can, play it, and go after soul crystal ore only with both of your characters (each agate of soul crystal is 28-30kk). At lvl 61 you still can drop Orc Boss's chest I think and this is one of the boss chests that can give 10 Green Pots L (1kk each one easy), you should take advantage of boss spawn this Wednesday and kill some of them and maybe you'll be lucky. 9 tails and Spider Queen too (they give like 20-25 I think).

    And increase your horse lvl everyday till militar. Militar is important for his ability to escape and for the second evolution of a mount, to have the full bonus of it.

    At 61 is a good lvl to farm red changers on lvl 70 metins (but you need some decent gear for this). Better farm on Ice Mountain with metins 65 for red changers and for ice marbles/yeti furis/etc, and for lvl 55 metins ofc.

  • This is the answer that I was looking for, thank you deathpool, I will do all step by step. Thanks again!!!