Metin2 client issue or computer problem?

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  • Hi all,

    My issue is a bit strange, I used to not have this issue on a much weaker PC when I last played years ago.

    What happens is, I log in, set up a shop on a secondary account, go to sleep. Wake up, the map 1 music is still playing in that window, however my shop is logged out and I can not get anything but a black screen on that window. I can not close it by pressing the X in the corner of the window and it uses around 25-30% of my CPU, with my account being logged out ( I can not see my shop if I log in with my main)

    This is annoying as I can not even set up a shop overnight and frustrating!

    Is anyone having a similar experience? Should I update something?



  • What you mean logged out? I leave my shop every day open in a secondary account and after some hours the screen just stop working, without leaving me to check if i sold something or close the window. But i have that "issue" since 2006, its a common thing that happens when you leave an afk account. You cant probably see you shop because if you put it outside the safe zone got killed.

    The solution for this is to use shopboxes from item-mall.

  • I know what you are talking about, and the problem is not that. My shop is in the safe zone, I know the usual black screen that Metin2 has, but it's beyond that. My account gets logged out, while the window looks black and the music is playing.