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  • And next time please read what he wrote/suggested.

    The server needs something new. It could be any of those examples given above.

    I was just showing him that 75% of what he said has already been said more than 8 times before. Also everything above he straight up copy pasted from where ever you can bet your ass the devs or whoever is working on the updates already seen / thought about.

    I have never acknowledged nor denied that the server needs a change but at this point it is just futile to keep on with the conspiracy theories about a future server and the doom of the first one and so on (you should be up to date with the recent spam of the forum) - if something is to happen it will happen.

    Furthermore if one is to also be paying attention to what is going on the forums recently it is clear that the main priority for now is the s2 poll and the site and later (as they said) the s2... definitely not more dungeons to be exploited, camel mount ?in the sea of mounts we already have? or stupid lotteries (actually lol'd). Meh whatever, excuse me for no encouraging the mindless spam and conspiracy theories xD. Carry on with the spam, don't mind me.

    The game must be a girl cuz im always in it.

  • You are right. Why would I mind someone who is not even playing here.

    It was suggested on 43 different threads. It is good to have it all in one.

    Copying from other servers? Ofc it has to be copy, since .sg team can't implement flying cars or aliens on its own.

  • Meh not different from almost everyone else here I see. Just wildly guessing who be doing what... and if you were so educated on the subject like you are pretending to be you'd know they didn't copy pasta like no update straight from other servers in the past what? 5 years? Whatever keep bashing, will not answer any other of your provocations.

    As about the lycan class? just no? What's the point. See who levels up faster to 120? x or y in 7 or 14 days? then who gears it faster in a few other days? And what after the 3 weeks? back to logging in only on easter x-max summer events nw and pvm king? ye definetly. What the game needs is a complete overhaul of the way the trading of items (see soulbinding system on almost any other mmo) works, the way the dungeons abuse works, the way ppl abuse acc sharing and everything, that's what keeps every1 from coming to the server and that's what has driven players to quitting overtime. But what do I know anyway i don't seem to be playing here from what others are saying.

    As I said im out peace, will just enjoy the mindless forum spam while it lasts.

    The game must be a girl cuz im always in it.

  • one good reason why many people not joining server 1...you people are too toxic...shadow please bring that poll so we get get over all thing...

    There will be restriction of joining for toxic players ?

    You wanna be treated like white polar bear? You have to understand that, if new server opens, it will also have all kind of players. I just hope you won't ask for 3rd server then.

  • We? I dont want Lycan class so its not we.

    You and the few lmore don't want it it's like 1kkk want but few nubs no. No than what you wan't old school same like before 99lvl ? or 105lvl? with the classic runs? No nice updates as jureczek suggest ? Well he can open server like you and your few friends wanted here but for like 3 months max that server 2 will be empty.

    You wanna be treated like white polar bear? You have to understand that, if new server opens, it will also have all kind of players. I just hope you won't ask for 3rd server then.

    Yea that's my point after 3 months. This guy and few more which don't like Jureczek suggest will ask for 3rd server. Problem is all off them are just nubs here. Only this SirPic i don't know what he want it's 2019/2020 god damn we need server need players need updates like this one jureczek suggest. Listen me SirPic it's not anymore 2004 year yea it's was amazing but it's past for us old players that was cool, but kids new players kids children they always want something cool, like mounts,wepons,armors,hair,skils,classes,maps,runs,pvp style,pvm, That is what Children wanted. JUst like Fortnite no body caries why Ninja stop playing or some others they have allot off children playing. Bcs they want something cool amazing like Marvel movies.

    Just accept this SirPic its now 2019/2020 year not anymore 2004y so we need changes allot off them but allot.