Server2 Votepage?

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  • wo sind all diese Leute? Dude, halt die Klappe, du hast auf diesem alten Server 0 gemacht, du wirst noch weniger auf einem neuen Server machen

    I play since 2013 btw.

    However, I have stopped there are hardly any players on the way and have all stopped from my old clan.

    We are now a group of 24 people waiting for a new server and only from my circle of acquaintances.

  • They are not fake accounts. The server was advertised on external sites and the feedback was that despite is a good server is too old.

    And while we agree that we could implemented more runs, more systems, more more more, nothing will ever lure new players if the main issue is that the server is old.

    So we are pondering the idea of opening a new server for those out there who will never join Server 1.

    A website with registration and poll will take place in some weeks and we will see the numbers. Multi accounts won't be counted, fake emails either, proxy too. As we reconize hackers and bots that use proxy in vain, to avoid being detected, we can reconize multi accounts done this way, so there is no need to worry.

    And besides, who doesn't want a new server should not register as he is not forced to play there, who thinks the server won't last, should not be against it then, as if it won't last and he doesn't play there it won't be his problem if it last or not.

    I said this because there is no need to be aggressive in this thread.

  • The first consequence of opening a second server would be that this one would close in a matter of weeks (i doubt there will be enough staff to handle 2 servers simultaneously), so, my question is this:

    Should players continue developing their chars or wait for the result of this poll to see if this old metin2 server has any future ?

  • Why would this one close in a matter of weeks? We already said we won't close it.

    If this one will not close then it's good news. Everyone is free to play wherever they want.

    Imo, a new server could never compensate all these years of development.

    The game itself is very old, if it reached the end then nothing can be done.

  • Why would this one close in a matter of weeks? We already said we won't close it.

    Because new players will most likely start on the newer 2nd server. 1st server will get less and less traffic, others from old server will try new server etc. etc.

    All this can and in my opinion will lead to a market crash. But I guess I will just buckle up and get some nice items which i think will rise in value so i dont have to buy them later for absurd prices.

  • Nessi

    New players already go elsewhere and the feedback we received is because the server is too old and they don't want to compete with people with thousands of farmers.

    I understand your point and ofc its logical you want to do something about it. It just feels like the 1st server is taking a risk if the poll will lead to a 2nd. I know you said this will not happen but who can predict something like that with 100% insurance?

    Anyway I hope I am wrong about this and that it will turn out fine.

  • shadow i think you guys should go for it ...create it ...if things go bad somewhere in the guys can merge the servers i guess....but im pretty sure people will come from all over start will always bring new start = more competition...people will be more interested...i think the feedback is more positive then negative...people are just scared that the actual server will close if you open a new one..but that won`t happen ...

  • that is because server is too old..i can tell you from my own experience...i started recently on the server....there`s no competition...prices are ridiculous....we talking billions...there`s absolutely no chance for a new player to pvp ...well in fact people wont even pvp anymore...most of the top players are all geared up and bored...noone buys your sh`t because most of the are all geared up...and to make it short...its too old... a good idea would be ,..maybe if the new server would be succesful ...merge both of them in the future...and you ''saved'' both of them i guess...that`s just an idea...don`t hate me for it :D...we all got our own this is mine... :)

    Im sure there are other players like me...who wants to play...who finds the server great ... but they just don`t see there chance on this server...a new one server would open the gate for more people im pretty sure ...i hope its gonna happen and i`ll meet you guys there :)

  • look on first page of the forum ( on general chat), you just started but you had 1-2 thinks to said about the server like you was playing on it for long time, and btw, i start to play like 2 months and half ago, i`m already cool for my lvl, both pvp and pvm... but don't worry you gonna get your server, the result will be 0 both for sv 1 and 2, gl

  • in life when we get old, we better have a child and he/she helps us out.

    Suppose that the new server will be the child and old one is daddy.

    Let the child grow by time. Daddy is always gonna keep an eye on her.

    When the day comes, the little princess will come home and thats when you connect 2 servers into 1.

    That makes one big happy family.