My frustrations about actual market.

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  • My two cents:

    Devils catacomb and Demon Tower are 2 runs that are very very lucrative. they both are possible solo if your gear is good but the bigger the group the faster the run will be completed. they both can give huge gold even for players who don't have great gear. Plague run is also a run for beginner and the time spent in the run also drastically decreases when more player join it. What you fail to understand is, that high lvl player are making the 'perfect' gear for each run to solo it. this takes a lot of time and a lot of resources. Of course we want the right payout for the result of our hard work. In my opinion players who don't play that much and don't have the best gear are not suppose to be able to make highe amount of gold by themselves. but if 10 or 15 such player get together and do these runs together it should not be a problem to still make a nice amount. And no I'm not saying you are suppose to do the run with 15 people...but if 15 such players make a deal there will be at least 4 or 5 online at a time which can make runs. How do you think we dropped our first sce? by making some friends and then doing runs together. not by complaining that after 6 weeks of playing im not able to solo all runs in my lvl range. and after all these runs were not created to get solod. I myself had to go through a frustrating amount of plague runs and spent a huge amount of gold untill i was able to solo it efficiently.

    Ps: there are still runs we high lvl players are not able to solo and we do together ;)

  • Lets do runs, my friend. And be pacient with my bugs.