Why not Chinese?

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  • PaliPali

    pfft shoo

  • EmyEmy

    Forum Lottery should be posted on Tary's wall not here on shoutbox

  • PaliPali

    03 17 25 38 49 + 04 06

  • Jinxie

    So Tary.. Any news ? xd about anniversary event or anything

  • EmyEmy

    2018 anni event was on 5oc to 14th oct so it will be around oct i think

  • EmyEmy

    Anniversary event i think yes ofc why not oo

  • Hiumi

    Will we have any event for anniversary?

  • Legano

    If you need a challenge try s1. Not full of players but lots of fun

  • vertical

    guys how can i play server 2?

  • Thoreau

    Is anyone playing S1 or it's pretty over of S1?

  • JohnWickTR

    How long does maintenance take?

  • wlochatybobr

    hi got problem with patcher, just downloaded it from home page, and it freeze at 0.3% and exits. Any ideas what can be wrong? I've already exit antyvirus

  • Hiumi

    Celebiee did u evolve it? Do u have armed/military horsr?

  • Celebiee

    hey, when can i attack from my mount ?

  • Hiumi

    Desired sit and wait xD

  • SiiiXxHD

    Buy Stone of Evasion +6 pm me ingame or here...Ingame: SiiiXx

  • SiiiXxHD

    SONYKK's Shopbox? Is the person online? PM

  • Degmond

    You will have to suggest them

  • Desired

    Waiting for the same update like in server 2.

  • cpt00

    Iron plate +9 price ?

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  • we have eng, ger, ro and so on, but why not Chinese?

    as we know Chinese players also invested and contributed so much here, how about Chinese language?

    insert chin and more chinese plagyers join together?

    or anyone not welcome for more powerful competitors?

    "I am not lost, I am on my way!"

  • i agree with you 100%

    translation of a game isnt something "small" in my eyes

    but i guess if the community of chinese players here want, they can contribute in the translation

  • Oh, so just because you guys can't learn an international language means they have to remove all other languages ?

    You know, it's not so easy to translate a full client to chinese... they didnt translate by themselfes to polish/romanian/italian, they had someone who was doing the quests/npc/mobs translation, so, bring someone and i`m sure they''ll gonna do it.

    Just because you spend most of your lifes inside a bunker playing games doesn't mean you can't learn english.

    I`m not doing great with my english skills but all i know atm it's because of metin2. I've learned here, no school,nothing.

    For the moment you have at the bottom of your friends list Helpers, you can ask them if you have any doubt


    If you don't know something you can use : https://translate.google.com/


    If you have a quest or something like that, for example you have to kill a wild dog and you don't know which one is that mob you can simply type the name of the mob on http://www.google.com and at the final you can add " metin2sg"

    Problem solved. GL

  • be careful for the "real meaning" behind a sentence

    i didnt say all chinese players cant read english.

    the main point is that we need more players.

    if u here try english-only and remove other langs , the number of players will increase? hope u understand bro

    "I am not lost, I am on my way!"

  • Hey there,

    The languages provided in our client are the ones, which have the biggest player base. Chinese is not one of them i suppose.

    Translations like these are a lot of work and it is also to be considered that no one of our Staff members speaks chinese.

    Since you continuesly tag random people i'll close this Thread.