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  • Dear Metin community,

    I decided after a long Metin break

    to start on Metin 2 SG.

    I have a few questions

    1) Which kingdom is the best?

    2) Which Lvl for farming?

    3) What farms?

    4) which class?

    One condition is, I will not spend real money

    I hope for some tips


  • Hello and welcome ;)

    1) blue is more populated, more shops, more players - idk if it is the best or not, that's for you to decide (on the side note, if you decide to join yellow you can get 1month free shopbox - offline shop)

    2) I suggest stopping on 35lv first to get some eq and improve skills

    3) mostly metins, spider upp stuff, poly marbles

    4) I think body warrior is easiest and fastest class to farm at beginning, but skills books are most expensive for him, sura weapon is also nice. All depends on your preferences

    You can get anything here with gold in game, no need to spend real money. But it will take time, so you need to be patient.

    Some tips:

    1) DO ALL YOUR MISSIONS - rewards you can check on wiki, but it's worth your time, you'll get basic hp equip

    2) normal horse can be trained every 3h

    3) you can craft some poly marbles at Baek-Go in m1, so check it out

    4) when you start don't rush to farm metins, use your time in different way, for example farm horse medals, upp stuff at sahara, you can go at esoterics to drop rib

    5) vendors sell low lvl armours/weps +9/+8/+7

    6) keep track of events - you can win some tec points (event calendar is on forum)

    7) if you are truly first timer on this server you can get access to NOVICE CHANNEL with one of your accounts to farm (more metins, better spaw time, so use it wisely ;))

    That's all that comes to my mind at the moment.

    With any questions you can find HELPER at the bottom of your friends list. Feel free to pm any of them

    And Good luck ;)