% for cap attack speed / movement speed?

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  • EmyEmy

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  • [GM]Elspeth

    Neither are we planing to drag the current players from here to the other Server, nor are we planing to replace this one with another one. It wouldnt be online for 10 Years if we'd just replace it in a heartbeat.

  • [GM]Elspeth

    We have stated multiple times that we are not planing to replace anything. Thats why this is also the wrong place to discuss things about the second Server.

  • Fivel

    im just worried about playing on a server that might soon be "replaced" so to say. Is that so hard to comprehend? Many people think like that ingame, i thought this was the place to discuss it

  • Fivel

    relax it was just an idea, sorry for discussing things in a forum

  • vvvvvv

    I think your idea about the whole server doesn't really matter and you should let them mind their own business and let them work on their own project. Just wait till it's released and I'm pretty sure that you won't complain about it if they've decided to put so much effort into it.

  • Fivel

    I think the second server should be a "1 IP/oldschool" server that would be treated as a nice getaway from the main server. Something to play on the side, not abandoning the main server

  • Fivel

    Aren't you worried it's gonna drive the people that are currently playing on SG away from the main server?

  • Fivel

    So the new server will be handled as a seperate project? I thought it was an attempt to introduce people to the SG servers.

  • EmyEmy

    Bloody kids

  • EmyEmy

    Patience is virtue ! Just wait it will come omg

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    We are working on it daily and we already announced it will take some months, if waiting is a problem we understand, but we won't release it sooner just because some people cannot wait sorry

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    You have a lack of respect because we always answered your question, even today, we told you where you could get informations. 2 days ago i personaly told you the server 2 will have its own forum/website, so not sure what else you want more

  • S3ke

    so you`re saying i have lack of respect because i ask about YOUR server ? because i want to play YOUR server ?you are being a lil rude on almost every post recently.. lack of patience ? well you just lost another player then ...thank you.

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    We already provided the informations on the epvp thread, asking here every day is quite silly other than a lack of respect since we already kindly asked to not ask here

  • S3ke

    ok so where can i search information about it then ? this whole thing makes no sense ...its almost like you are hiding it from the people .....

  • AnarchistPagan

    Well, sure. Without a graphical improvement metin2 will never meet new players at metin2 in general. But the old players that are still playing metin (on all the existing servers) are more than enough to call it a dead game.

  • [GM]Elspeth

    The announcements of Server2 wont happen here so this is the wrong place to search for Information about it.

  • S3ke

    hey is that s2 still happening ? its been a while ...and nothing...

  • EmyEmy

    them* cant even edit!

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  • if so, with all the mov speed you can get from leonard pills and pots + items and green pots combo (%green pots and L green pots)

    then it means Berserk is mostly useless at 90% of time cause increases hurt rate, and the values it gives aren't usefull, is the team thinking of balancing the skill?

    the meaning or berzerk is a skill that makes the char super focused and going ballistic, why not maintain half the hurt rate, reduce the mov. speed and atk. speed bonus to half, and add another bonus?

    I would sugest maybe adding pierce since there is no skills in game with this stat wich would make it unique and exactly the counterpart of the mental warrior.

    ofc im just extrapolating

  • Because those are mall items and boosters. By using the skill you are not wasting resources at all. To have your attack speed a player who is not a warrior like you have to use every 10 minutes a green potion M or superior or having attack speed items on gear. You don't have to. You have these stats forever thanks to this skill.

  • but as you can recall you can use the % atk speed pots for 30 min (and you receive a free stack of 200 if you doing all the quests) =6000 min and the M or L pots drop on moonlights so everyplayer can get it as they are getting them in day to day playing, wich means im going to sacrifice tanking capability so i don't use a free resource? no logic in that i understand where you getting, but tbh i can make all my gameplay without zerk without even noticing it in the atk speed and mov speed due to all the free availble resource

  • Your skill gives you up to 61% while that potion gives you only 30. They can't stack, is not like if you use 10 + 20 + 30 you get 60. Your base attack speed is 155 max, without counting bonus or boosters and taking into consideration you are using a weapon with 30% attack speed. The max is 200 so without boosters or bonus you can't reach the max, while your character can by using a skill that cost zero.

    You can also boost your Defense using the same boosters despite that are skills that boost defense. The game have boosters for almost every stats.

  • let me correct you they do stack, il post the evidence as soon as i log in, 1 its called green potion M and other Attack speed Potion and 1 gives a flat value of 30 and the other 15% thats why they are stacking, as so do the Green Elixir with the Magic resis potion (both are different level potions of the same kind) and other examples as the White Elixir and the defense potion

  • Green potion L gives 30%, is a potion, it expires either with your death or with time or with remove magic. Elixir of attack speed is a mall item, is not a potion, is an effect bonus. It only expire with time, and it only gives 10% attack speed. Green potion S M or L can't stack.

    There are ingame in the whole server 390 of these. Consider that one of the most rare items in the server is the white pearl and yet we have almost 7000 in the server. 390 is a meaningless number.

    The game also have the liquor of speed + which gives 15% but there are only 26 of these ingame, so i suppose is not really ingame but just given out in the past during some events.

    The point stands. Whoever wants to reach your speed has to purchase a potion from item mall and use green potion ingame and they can't even go near your P skill boost as it gives over 60%.

  • ok, my point stands the cons are much greater than the worth on the skill anw, and btw it can't be only 390 (only on my chars i have over 400 of these atack speed potions, and let me tell you these are diffrent from the ones on the Mall) these ones have the image of the M green potion and the one on the mall the icon of the L green potion, same can be said of the item "leonard pill ( +60 mov speed) and the item Leopard pill.

    Such simple change as making mov speed stay at 250 and atk speed cap be raised to 250 would make the skill so much worth without impacting the balance in a huge way....

  • I checked your character. You have Attack Speed potion, is a potion for beginners. It has the "B" means it can't be traded or sold in any way. Eventually you will run out of those because they are meant to be a boost for new players, same as the "leonard pill". The B means bind.

    No it is not a simple change. The character can't simply move faster than it moves already. The animation that you do when you attack, at 200, is maxed. Body warriors don't need any buffs. I mean the Archer have a skill that only raise movement speed, yet nobody complains.