Mental Warrior Tweaks

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  • My healer has in raids 31k and is healing just 4,2k (they even nerfed it from 12k to 4,8 with max int and im also not crying bcs of that) if u count it as "a ton" then u are crazy af xd

    the loading time from all the 5 dmg skills from mental warrior is fast enough to spam all ur skills without waiting(btw the cd's in total is lower then as example from dagger sin) and beside that it has one of the highst skill dmg output

    i just read all the time a guy which is mad bcs of one skill, tell me ur ingame lvl Levioh im curious if i saw u in any raid that u can decide that mental warriors are so useless

    in the end its all okay how it is, there shouldnt be a change at all imo

    best regards Desired :3

  • First of all I'd like to apologize as I didn't know heal was nerfed in this server , I've never participated in raids since I'm not ready for it yet , but still it doesn't take way from my argument that taichi is a blank skill and I fail to believe that with good gear you get hit for 11k with spirit strike when you get hit 1.5k from dark orb.

  • There is no point to argue. We are not going to change the original concept of the skills that this game was born with, no matter what happened by adding new items or accessories, that mainly were added by player's demand, It is a defensive skill and it will stay a defensive skill.

    The real problem is how the pierce formula works, which should only negate the defense and not punish it further by adding that same defense to the damage output of the pierce.

    And we are going to change this as we should have done months ago.

  • No, it looks like it was done by mistake. Regardless the description is clear, it should only ignore the defense and it is not what is doing.

    okay and what should pierce dmg do in ur opinion?

    as example i do 750 pierce dmg how much u want to nerf it? or u want to remove it complettly in pvp?

  • The current formula of pierce is Your damage applied to a target with AC = 0 + amount of AC of the target.

    To put some numbers if you do 1000 damage and your target has 500 AC a non pierce attack is 500, a pierced attack should be 1000, but instead is 1500.

    Maybe i get this wrong but what you just said is that in your example normal dmg would be 1000 and pierce dmg will also be 1000 which is exactly the same so it makes no sense or i don t know what you mean..if you do 1000dmg in a guy with 500 defense or in a guy with 0 defence. This makes no sense to me because there is no ideal case in which target has 0 defence.

    1000dmg vs 500AC = 1000 normal dmg (non pierce) not like you say 500

    After that, you said you actually start from 500 non pierce dmg and you said it should be 1000 which already is because 500+500 = 1000 under the current formula. Instead, you said that it is actually 1500 but this implies critical too not only pierce so it makes no sense.

    In other words, from this example i understand that you actually want to separate pierce from critical ( at the moment when you pierce and crit at the same time the dmg adds which is logical ) otherwise this example makes no sense at all.

  • I personally can't agree with nerfing pierce dmg because it already suffered a major decrease when you removed 300AP from lvl96 bio.

    Under the current circumstances, nerfing pierce would make melee classes completely useless in 1v1 because dmg from pierce would be maybe 100-200 or even less.

    Shadow We don't need further dmg decrease as this already validates your general opinion over pvp - you always said that this server needs dmg boost and not the opposite - nerfing pierce is contradictory to your own beliefs.

  • It is simple math.

    Your damage output will always be lowered by the target defense first, not counting the bonus resist which the target may or not may have, because every target, monster or players will always have AC. If you have 1000 damage and you hit a target with 500 defense, your damage will drop by 500. This is how defence works on this game.

    The pierce is meant to ignore the defense, so your damage will be 1000. Currently with this current example it will be 1500, which makes no sense because it adds the target AC as damage too other than ignoring it.

    Hope this is clear now, there is no need to create theories about critical and pierce if you don't understand something.

    There will be other major nerfs to balance the pvp, probably most of the top pvp won't like it, but it is a change for the better.

  • name it as it is Shadow i think most of the players know it already but i hope u let the players choose before u do anything

    beside that there are many videos and so on which u can see that the pvp is not rly broken with the new items, u can have a high resistance and a high dmg output

    im complettly agains all updates for pvp imo its already perfect as it is and im sure there are many high lvl pvp players which will agree with me

  • I think they dont understand what you try to explain.

    They act like you want to remove the piercing hits.

    You want to repair a broken mechanic instead of removing it but these kids wont understand it.