Everything wrong with SG - and how we can fix it

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  • Hello.

    Some of you might know me for casually spamming Asmodia’s chat. My name is 8inch, and I’m taking the time to share with you my thoughts and views on Metin2.sg - everything that’s right, everything that’s wrong, and my suggestions and how we can improve.

    I’m not posting this to critique GMs, Tec Interactive, or anyone who has any sort of authority on this server. I’m merely putting my opinion out there, as I believe my point of view (of both an old and a new player) might be beneficial to those interested in not only keeping this server alive, but growing it.

    So, here are my main pain points with Metin2.sg

    • New players are not given any incentive to play.
    • Old players are the only ones playing.
    • New players quit soon after starting.
    • Farming is redundant, tedious, and pointless.

    Just a pointer, I’ve been a helper in 2 servers, a GM in 4 servers, and I’ve run my own server at one point. I’ve been passionate about Metin2 for over 10 years, and it’s the only game I play now. However, I don’t think SG is a server that helps players relax and unwind. At this point, every new player is taking a RISK by investing their time in a server that isn’t investing in its community.

    Let me elaborate.

    The fact is Metin2 is still living because the game forces players to be social and to build a community, an economy, and even social circles in-game. Because this is the case, more incentive should be there to develop drama and love/hate relationships between players. What I noticed immediately when I entered is that people said they don’t like trolls(like me) and drama, yet jumped on the bandwagon without a problem. There are players known server-wide for their attitude, for their years of playing, for their all-caps writing (I’m looking at you Emy<3). Players like these are the ones valuable to the community because they show a personality, and new players like that is what SG needs.

    When it comes to new players, they’re instantly bombarded by low-level PVP chars, low-level perfect farmers, long waiting times for books, low upgrade rates, and an economy that requires enormous amounts of “farming” in order to even buy one good item(an item that old players value and will only sell for huge amounts of gold). What incentive is there for new players? The novice channel? For my two weeks farming 6 hours a day in V2, with thieves glove, malled glove, and 40% itemdrop, I dropped exactly 2 of the 16 rarity items you need in order to have a character that’s able to compete. (Things like 8avg ebony, 8avg phoenix shoes, 8avg falcons etc). The rarity system is flawed and legendary items are near impossible to get. Sure, you can go with “they’re rare for a reason” but that doesn’t change the fact that new players are not incentivised and simply can’t afford to compete on the level of older players, except by paying a couple hundred euros for Odins in order to get ONE item that an older player is selling for 30-50won.

    Let’s say you decide to buy an item. A Falcon that’s backed by 8avg, usually going for 10-30 won depending on bonuses.

    If you were to farm for it, how much time would you spend?

    Considering the crappy drop rates, the Metin stones that are few and far between, the V2 rooms full of KSers who have high level chars, the pathetic gold drop, and not to mention, you need millions to even farm these maps as a new character - money for bravery capes, dragon earrings, malled gloves, etc. It costs me on average 20mil to farm in V2 for 2 hours, which averages to 1won and 10 hours of farming to drop an item that’s even close to valuable.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love farming, but combine that with all the gold you need for hermits, books, upgrades, pearls, and we can easily see why so many players don’t even GET to the farming/grinding part.

    In my time as a GM/Helper, I’ve found that the more unengaged and robotic the GMs are, the more uninteresting the server is. Meaning - if all a GM does is run a few events, ban a few hackers, and mute people who decide to speak spanish in call chat, we cannot expect to have an engaged community that spends time in the server.

    “Word on the street” is “the server is dying” - Old players have told me to stop playing just because “SG isn’t worth the time-investment”, because “PVP is dead here”, and so on.

    I don’t believe this is the case. I just think the SG community is doing nothing to grow - old players play just because they’ve already been playing for years and have great gear, and new players lose the motivation to play when they see what’s up.

    Players tend to think this server needs “advertising” without knowing what that word means.

    Even if we get a huge amount of new players coming in, all that is going to do is inflate the economy for a little bit, until these players quit.

    I played SG 4 years ago, then came back around a month and a half ago. What I have now is 2 characters with decent gear and stats(after buying around 500k tp) that I have absolutely NOTHING to do with. I can farm V2 or break a few metins, but overall, SG is extremely boring for me at this point.

    I’m left with the choice to burn my brain off farming the same map for a gazillion hours until I get the necessary items to compete in the economy. That’s not fun for me, so I can imagine a player who didn’t buy TP wouldn’t want to waste 3 months of their life to get to the point where I’m at.

    I run a marketing agency and I can tell you this - the only thing that can kill a business (or in this case, a server) is lack of innovation. And I honestly haven’t seen anything new or anything that incentivised new players to grow past old players since I’ve started playing.

    More droppable boxes, exp rates, or more moons won’t fix this. If you want to remove the “this server is dying” BAGGAGE that is covering this server and actually get it back to the point of being the best - shit has to be done.

    If any SGM or community manager cares enough about SG to make the necessary changes, I have a lot of ideas.

    Feel free to message me so we can get on a call and we can discuss what has to be done.

    I’m a marketer, advertising manager, former GM, and most importantly, I’m passionate about SG and I want to help bring this server back to its glory days.

    I’ll be happy to read you guys’ thoughts on the subject!! The community of Metin2 is extremely powerful and I believe together we can do amazing things for the game and for SG.

    An awesome day and a happy New Year to everyone reading!

  • After an argumentation like this, giving an "one-sentence" answer is even rude, in my opinion.

    Well. Clap! Clap! Clap! Man, I totally agree with you; you have just explained what I thought since first days I played here and, just to let you know, I'm still a new player given I play for 2 weeks then my words should be pretty appropriate, and I must say your analysis is totally fitting.

    The most important problem of the server is that new-entries quit pretty quickly. I thought the problem was to find within the gameplay mechanincs which are pretty boring after a while (that's why I once talked about a renovation of hunting quests rewards, in order to fight, - even if with a very little aspect - such a big problem like that; I had thought HQ in their being-little could be a way of incentivizing new player; that was the heart of the propusal). Boring just because even before you take consciousness of what you could do, you are already forced to take the long, boring, painful way of the farming (or the even more boring and worst way of the fishing).

    Well, I have changed my point of view during these days, and I would tell the main gameplay mechanics are pretty good instead, or better there is just a problem into the primary mechanics: you level up too quickly, the staff should recognize that it doesn't mean give some kind of entertainment and incentive to new players if you let them reach level 75 in just a solar day, since find enterteinment playing a game it's by definition something that could go beyond the mere logic of obtaining easily things; could. And this is a case of these ones.

    For the rest, I would say that almost every big gameplay mechanic is okay!

    Farming has always been a way of making money and in this server shouldn't be less than what it has always been, and since the rate drop of almost every items is well setted, then we have got the problem is not to search in this.

    The cause of the problem is to look for WHAT PUSHES YOU TO START FARMING SO SOON and we know that are Market prices.

    The Staff is already aware of the problem of the need of giving entertainment to the server community, that's why, as you can understand, they do one event a day ( Shadow correct me if I'm wrong!). But this could be just a way of coping the problem giving an another kind of entertainment, a lateral type of entertainment that leaves main things where they are trying to compensate and remedy someway the lack of incentive presents into the "main plot" - just like a videogame - especially at first times.

    Ofc, we do love events and nobody has anything against them, I'm not telling this.

    But I have noticed some things on the server:

    1. Market prices are totally messed up: there are too high prices on the base of what is the rate yang;
    2. There is an imbalance at first on how easy is levelling up and how difficult is to improve (gain gears, up them, improve skils...)

    Image you are a new player at level 35 and you want improve your armour bringing it to +7 and you see that clam that cost 17kk is required, or you need a green changer because you don't have found 2000HP at first attempt WHEN just giving all your 6kk for buy an FMS+9 with 5% average damage has been traumatic and it made you feel poor since they were all the money you have gained from level 1 to level 40... Tell me how these people want to keep playing? Do you want bring AOS to M2? You must have 4kk. Do you want gain something farming from metins? You must have equip. and skills:

    It's a circle, better! It's not a circle, it is a funnel whose passage if it is not painful is at least annoying and boring. :rofl:

    Market prices must be greatly deflated restoring the true value of the Yang and reserving WON for something truly exclusive, but

    the problem is that, exactly how the reality, the market rules and its prices are regulated by people...

    But there is a thing staff could do for a while, causing a deflation just increasing silently rate drop of most important items for New Player, this way you give them the double possibility either drop them or buying them (always with farming and fishing that now would become less profitable and chosen). Prices of items are given also by their rarity of drop.

    Before then, you have to go fishing and to wait in order to find a clam so that you sell it and you gain 17kk with which you can change your armour bonuses 5 times. How many new player can think of it this way? Well I was one of these ones and I'm still here... writing this thread.

  • I don't believe that the staff don't want to change things , I'm sure Shadow has many great things in mind that could improve the server , what is actually stopping the server from growing are the older player they're afrain of change, from what I heard the rarity system made a lot of player quit because they didn't want to grind gear back after having a near perfect gear , but this change feel actually pretty nice it gives freshness for the game something similar should be changed and that's called DSS , make it accessible for everyone or for no one I've farmed dss for 3 months the intended way , killing monsters in firelands and other places and managed to make only 3 legendary rubies and I had no power on which bonuses they had , infact all of them were total crap I bought a clean one to try to increase the clarity grade and failed and got another crap ruby at the end of the process, nerf alchemy and increase up rates or just give us a dss bonus changer because right now the system is broken , unrewarding and completely unfair for new player that joined the server , if you think that I have to farm 5 years 8 hours a day to make a perfect dss page then I might as well go look for a job and do something more constructive with my life.

  • @inchtheking

    you dont get bombarded by strong aggressive farmers at your first month because you have access to novice ch that they cant enter :) there are many nonfarmed metins at map2 and valley when you can farm at first month of your gameplay. i did that and there wasnt so many new players i felt kinda alone. try to play at nights if you can, less farmers online. going v2 when you can farm metins at novice channel was a bad choice because you can always go v2 but the easy farming is only at novice ch.

    and i dont understand why a new player needs a 8 avg bonus. as a 10 years old metin player you should know that you dont have to get every perfect item at first but the ones that are strong enough to kill your targets. im talking about 25-30-35-40 metins. which legendary or mystic item do you need to farm them? why are you upsetting yourself looking at 30-50 won priced items which made by not-new players? you will have them soon, you dont need to be sad about it. you dont need a 8avg falcon for v2 v3 or any map until 90+ ones. do you? you can kill 90lvl metin without having any avg res in stuff.

    my point is, you say you're playin for a month and half, but you try to get legendary or mystic items that worths 10-30-50 won whatever. a char has 8 main items, lets say every item worths 20 won on average -your way of thinking-, that makes 16kkk. nobody can farm that damn gold :D

    another thing you say you use dragon earrings to farm v2. if you have to use that expensive boost for some map, you shouldnt farm there anyway. there are always easier things to farm.

    the hunt quest 23 or 25 gives you 200 attack value booster. with that thing active and the +7 25lvl sword which you can buy from weapon shop npc for 100k, in 2h you can farm many changers at novice map2 -you only use the booster when you attack the metin, take it off while searching new metins-. and with that gold from green changers farmed, you can buy a 30,35+ dmg fms/rib with +3,4 stones and thats more than enough to destroy any metin around your level with an armed horse which you can have in few days. its easy because map2 or valley mobs cant really hurt you.

    you dont need aos p for killing those metins. you shouldnt have aos p in few days anyway because its not some easy private server. but its not hard too. you can read a book every 8 hours how is that long? a person who does the things i just said can farm 10-20 greens an hour. is that a low amount of money for a beginner?


    leveling is easy and earning gold is harder yeah but what is actually wrong with it? if something is easy, you dont have to do it that way. you should earn enough gold to buy yourself gear for further levels. i mean if you can be 75 lvl in one day so be it but dont forget to have your poison because you will need it on that level. most players leave the game because of that and i think its silly because they can check the market and see items' prices on 75lvl, then they can brainstorm; ''if i go 75 without that items, other 75 players will have these items and kill metins much faster than me, i wont be able to farm well, and if i go 75, i wont have any drops on metins that are around my level right now (lets say 50), then i should farm gold at that same level atm to buy these strong enough items, then i will lvl up''

    if +7 requires a clam and its 17kk, well let it be +6. i mean come on you have to be opportunist. dont waste green changers on items for 2000 hp because npc quests 20-30 lvls gives that kind of items. you want to make your aos m2? kill map2 or valley mobs at moon event day, open them and get hermits. you dont always have to pay 10kk/hermit because moonlight (S) drop is good too. you dont always have to pay 4kk for a book, i never bought an aos book while i was farming metins at my first month. maybe it was luck to drop many aura books who knows

    just dont try to have perfect items and skills when you are new because first steps at the game are easy enough.


    dss system is something extra, i mean you can spend gold on it when you finish all your main items, to get extra power from it. i dont know what level you are and what items you have. it just wouldnt be logical for some players to waste gold on dss

  • Onyekuru The point is not centered on levelling quickly problem in which I recognize a gameplay mistake, since it imbalances the game experience: it must try to be balanced, linear and flowing on both sides (levelling and improving) - like good role-playing games allow to their players. There shouldn't be the condition for which I can think about things beyond my level of power;

    This means that --> both being able to have high level with low gears/skills and being able to have skills P at level 35 is wrong on both sides. If this has to happen it should be for the will of the player not because the gameplay is unbalanced in favor of leveling up easily.

    It must try to be balanced especially to not break the game experience; but it was not the POINT.

    It was just a point that I felt to denounce, and can be easily fixed.

    The true problem still remain the Market prices: too high in general for whatever new players want to buy, this way they are forced since first times to go farming (don't mention moonlight (S) that new player don't have the need of wait them)

    I don't want to mention also rarity bonus system (precious, mystic and so on..) because Metin2 players have always been able to play without those bonus then we can afferme players can play w/o the need of make them the centre of their gamepla; but at the same time we can't deny that system gives such powerful bonuses that new player can't naturally play unnoticed it, just like it doesn't exist at all.

    The difference between who owns those type of bonuses and who doesn't own them is too marked.

  • i dont know how many times i said that xD

    but.. low lvl can make good gold

    just get earrings 20% drop bonus and silver brac

    lvl 25-30 char, farm spider web and eyes, and sell the polymarbles

    easy gold. probably ( depend on luck ) i would say 20-50kk a hour

    + on hunters hours, you can make like 200-250kk in 1h ( ok event is only once a month, but still ... )

    fishing? clams have worth, if you can fish with 3-4 chars same time, ( need some practice if you never did fish on metin ) and a bit luck, you ca nmake just with fishing 30-70kk a hour ( fishing extravaganza is a good event, ther you can win like 20-30kk just for fishing a hour with 3-4 chars + if you l ucky and win event you get fish pole +10, have a lot value too )

    -forum event once a week

    - ox event you can win 5k tp each round ( thats damn easy gold )

    - mining ( diamond ore or refined as diamond always can be sold )

    new players, low lvl dont have it hard

    skills can be read all 6h

    horse take a few hours

    hermits doesn't cost really much

    making bonus in equipment is easy af too

    at beginning dont need to waste gold for equipment with 6/7 bonus

    5 bonus equipment is enough, to have a good farmer

  • I have started playing SG not a long time ago, I'm still new player here and I would like to add somethin g from myself.

    First of all, everyone who says that server is hard, skills are hard to get, making money is hard process, and lvling up is hard etc. have never play on any gameforge server which is hard. There is so many opportunities do make money on every lvl and to get lvl up is also very easy (from 85 to 86 I had spent less than 1 hour in sd3, so?..)

    In my opinion the biggest problem with the server is lack of ideas and concerns from the team as well as lack big updates (which if take place takes ages for them to introduce). In my opinion there is nothing to do on the server for players... I believe that team should look at what gameforge is doing would help because daily events are not enough. Lets introduce new pet sytem, sashes, new dungeons, new items (I would focus for weapons mainly because pvp is horrible and hits by skills for 400hp on 100 lvl is nothing) let's just give those players something new to do... Or maybe even open new server ? That might be another issue which discourages new players from playing here ? who wants to fight with peaople who plays here nearly 10 years?

    What do you think guys ?

  • FeetFetish I partially agree with you; updates are always well accepted by players and could bring something new to the server. But we must not forget that the point of the discussion is to understand why new players don't feel enough incentive to continue playing.

    And giving something new to do to new players is a little bit just like doing events without fixing problems below gameplay.

    I am not sure you can adjust something if you give them a new dungeoun or a new kind of map leaving some issues unsolved.

    This server is NOT BAD as the title of the thread would like to make you understand... And indeed it would be better if inchtheking changes it, because it alarms players without a real reason since Metin2.SG is playble.

    But it also true that the server could go better than now so we should try before to adjust some of the first phase-game things.

    I understand that it's not a matter of lack of publicity, as it has been done enough to fill the gap, or am I wrong?

    There is something that must be understood and fixed and I have looked at the market and, in my opinion, this is one of these; the cause of the problem is never unique: there are players who say the problems of Metin2.SG with new players come from the lack of pvp, other ones who said these problems come from the lack of something new to do, other ones who said they come from the missed up market prices, like me, other ones who said for rarity system bonus.

    Who's right? In my opinion, everyone is - in some measure - right because things are influencing each other, but as something is more relevant than others then there must be one who is more right than others in some way.

  • You are right, there is many bits that discourage people from playing here but what do you think about age of the server ? would you like to join the server, be totally new and play with people who are here nearly 10 years? I believe that this is the main issue. How should I deal with people who can kill blue death on 62 lvl and hits metins with 15k dmg ? The server has over 9 years, there is not space for new players.. By looking at gameforge and metin2.pl as an example, when one server was dead, they opened another one to encourage people to start from the begining, then another, and another during those 10 years as it's alive, then, when there was to many servers, they combined for example 5 it into 1 bigger. And I think that might be the idea. Open another server, let peoples start new adventure, with new characters, new equipment, new market etc. Anyone agree ?

  • Personally, I think it is not yet necessary opening another server. I am for the solving first on the main server all the existing problems.

    Because if you open another server "keeping the same formula", the same mechanics setting of the 1° one, we can't see much more differences than before, maybe it may be even worst because you won't see at the start a large part of old players that come from main server.

    In my opinion, only after we have found the correct formula for the server we can then think about opening another one.

    If you already have a restaurant not fully exploited, do you think that opening a new one with the same menu and the same environment could bring some differences? If at the start the new server could bring some differences there would be no reason why these should not have already been seen with the first one, since both would be same.

  • First of all, team has to be asked if they actually looking for any changes. We might spend hours here thinking about how to encourage people, while team is not even going to do anything. So would be great if anyone from the team could answer simple question if they would like to do anything?

  • I can't agree at all with what 8inch is writing here. In his opinion, new players will not stay on this server because there is not enough in it to make them carry on. Let's see if this is the case. I will first present some features this server has. Then I will explain how a new player should see his evolution in this server. After that I will pick on his message and the other great ideas presented in here such as market prices, the relation between lv up, skills and items, rarity system for beginners and alchemy system.

    I started here in the Fall of 2014 and back then SG was only a bit different from the server I left. Now, is a lot better, a lot more friendly with new players and very easy to compete. So, here are some features we have that 8inch forgot to put in balance:

    • Unique runs: Orc Maze - drop of lv 30 weapons and Plagued run - pure farming gold;
    • Removed the minimal value in bonuses on changing stats on items, making it easier to achieve perfect 5/5 bonus;
    • Tradable Item Mall items;
    • Red and green adders and changers farmable on metin stones;
    • High drop rates from metin stones, boss monsters and normal monsters;
    • High rate of experience;
    • Rarity system;
    • Offline shop system/storage page for drops;
    • Daily events and special events;
    • Increased upgrade chance for items and Upgrade+ system to further increase the chance;
    • Upgradable stones starting with +3 stones;
    • Better quests' rewards;
    • Books reading every 6-8 hours;
    • Drops separated in certain lv ranges to force players to lv up;
    • Poly marble crafting system.

    And I can carry on with more other aspects. So, when a new player starts here this is what he can find. Since the experience rate is high a new player can reach a pretty good lv very fast.

    Metin2 is starting in this server, putting items on and start farming to increase the lv and collect items to build new stuff for higher lv. Since lv up is easy, players should be concerned with their skills and ways of making money. You maximize skills by reading books and then soul stones and my Basics for Beginners guide explains how to make money. With the money you buy or make your better items and you also farm metins to put and change stats on items. You can very well choose to sell those and increase the amount of money you have. When you get bored of a certain lv you can then lv up, so from lv 35 you jump to 55, then 61 and then 75. It is always the same, skills, bio quests and items - pretty boring for most people nowadays which brought the title of this thread. Rarity system comes in handy at a higher lv so players have time to farm or to save money and buy already made items. It is not difficult, it requires patience because the market system is hostile.

    The runs we have (see the Guides section) are set for certain lv range or from certain lv. They offer an alternative to daily farming, not the best but not the worst either.Those players who want to lv up will try them and if they will find these runs useful or not is anybody's guess. I did many guides but I can't tell try that run or the other one.

    So, it easy easy to advance in game if you know how to do it. PvM is a joke, farming is easy, there is a lot to do if you have the patience. The trouble is most new players don't have this patience and from my estimations over 90 of new players who start here quit in the first days. But Metin2 is an old concept and perhaps they expect something else which the game doesn't have. Also, keep in mind that some who stay to play will leave later from many possible reasons, one of them being us, high lv players. 8inch, you forgot to address the main question to the community, since you claim only old players are left to play: are we happy with the present situation on the server and will we support a change or we will stand against?

    The lack of PvP issue is explained in PvP Model and I wouldn't trust the "server is dying" at all. It comes from the lack of imagination and boredom.

    8inch, lv up, join a guild, do runs, build PvP and you will see there are things for you to do, but you need imagination. PvP won't come to you unless it happens to be the victim of our power projection capability. Also, Nemere and Yamachon won't hand you their drops, you have to do the runs. And while we are here I would like to know what is the "s...t" that "has to be done". How will affect my way of playing? What should I expect from the future, based on your ideas?

    Players can get gold easy NoStRaDaMuS, as beckmen suggested. Why do you think prices are abnormal high? They are exactly as they should since gold can be farmed. The idea was for players to have money, now you say there is too much gold and should be fixed. You should come with a list of items that need a higher drop rate in order to lower the price by increasing their number. And while you are at it, tell everyone to start selling cheaper by using lower prices. It is interesting how will it work, if it will at all. It's faster than waiting for updates on drop rates and a possible drop on prices.

    Please keep in mind that you don't need rarity items from the start and not even +9 items. Later, with stronger monsters you can get your hands on better equipment and it is to be expected your skills will be high enough too. The fast way of lvling up, better upgrade rates, higher gold drop, adders and changers on metins was meant to help players become stronger faster.

    Last point i want to make is the one addressed by Levioh, with alchemy system. At this point it is difficult to obtain alchemy stones and upgrade them into higher class, yes. But think for a second, because if it were easy a lv 35 would have it full and kill you while you are at a metin in red forest. You would then complain why is it the case and ask for the nerfing of the system. So, easier to get something is starting with lv 90, with drop in cut stones but even faster in Ochao run, with drop of Rare Cor Draconis from princes and Jotun Trym. That would be lv 100 though.

  • I would like to add that i was a new player too. When i first started was in May 2018 ofc i did not know how to make golds etc but many players in yellow helped me, they told me about lvl 35 farmer then lvl 62 farmer (v2) and lvl 75 farmer. I was quite confused at first why do i need so many characters why not one only, gradually though i began to understand, i thought one character or two would do, later on i made my mage lved her skills to P then made a sura etc. I rushed to lvl my main character i even bought wrong gears ie no gears with avg all common items did not know why i need mystic gears and they were so expensive! To be honest i wanted to quit because i felt that i would never have that much gold to get those amazing gears. But i did not quit i started to farm moons saved gold and made gears. Events also helped me lots to make gold.

    I want to tell newplayers that they dont need to rush with anything in game do everything at your own pace take advice from older players (ofc so helpful community we have) and please be patient join all events xd

    There"s nothing wrong with metin sg i can say events are so generous and mostly fun. I wish you all happy gaming :thumbsup:

  • Also, no need to always have best gear.

    5% instead of 8% is already great

    +4/+5 stones more than enough for most pvm situations

    you don't need to have the highest lvl gear, lvl 40 and under gear is perfectly good up to lvl 90s

    if you have the time to join events, the great majority of them are easy gold/TP points

    All these make for a more relaxed play style and lots of fun in between.

    • Farming is redundant, tedious, and pointless.

    I only farm events and exp, everything else I do just for the fun of playing exactly to void this feeling and still manage to make 15-25 won a week with lots of sitting in town in between.

  • Thought i'd leave my opinion and my experience with .SG
    I was a .US player most time, i was transfered here when that server closed, i can tell you there, all the events you had were OX at friday, and national war once per month. It was really hard for one to farm enough to have decent equipments, since that server was swarmed by bots, prices were unbalanced, if i wanted to do real money, i'd have to drop a stone with at least +4 and AoS book, the rest was just discardable. What kept me most on .US was the fact i was on a guild for 6 years, and made lifetime friends. And interactions with GM's ? It would be like hunting a UFO. You could ask on shout all you wanted "Any GM? Pm me pls i need help" forget about it, you'd never EVER get a reply.

    Now arriving at .SG, the market seemed way better and fair, no bots, frequently if not daily events, and everytime i asked for help of a GM on general chat i got contacted pretty fast. I stopped playing serious for about 2 years, and now i created a new acc. NOW for this time period the game has changed A LOT. From the start you have +8/+9 items, its easy to lvl, by the time you are lvl20 you have 1kk already, Armour and Weapon vendor sell you +6+7+8+9 items. The only thing i dont understand yet is the new bonus on the items like, "Mystic" "Titanic" etc. Then, farming has never felt so rewarding, lvl30 metins constantly dropping Green adders and changers. Getting to high lvl is as hard as getting to lvl30 in the past.
    Im playing for almost 2 weeks now and i nearly have 400kk already (idk if you consider that much or not)

    Cant really complain about the server by my part

  • Thought i'd leave my opinion and my experience with .SG
    I was a .US player most time, i was transfered here when that server closed, i can tell you there, all the events you had were OX at friday, and national war once per month. It was really hard for one to farm enough to have decent equipments, since that server was swarmed by bots, prices were unbalanced, if i wanted to do real money, i'd have to drop a stone with at least +4 and AoS book, the rest was just discardable. What kept me most on .US was the fact i was on a guild for 6 years, and made lifetime friends. And interactions with GM's ? It would be like hunting a UFO. You could ask on shout all you wanted "Any GM? Pm me pls i need help" forget about it, you'd never EVER get a reply.

    Now arriving at .SG, the market seemed way better and fair, no bots, frequently if not daily events, and everytime i asked for help of a GM on general chat i got contacted pretty fast. I stopped playing serious for about 2 years, and now i created a new acc. NOW for this time period the game has changed A LOT. From the start you have +8/+9 items, its easy to lvl, by the time you are lvl20 you have 1kk already, Armour and Weapon vendor sell you +6+7+8+9 items. The only thing i dont understand yet is the new bonus on the items like, "Mystic" "Titanic" etc. Then, farming has never felt so rewarding, lvl30 metins constantly dropping Green adders and changers. Getting to high lvl is as hard as getting to lvl30 in the past.
    Im playing for almost 2 weeks now and i nearly have 400kk already (idk if you consider that much or not)

    Cant really complain about the server by my part

    Couldn’t agree more with all of ur statement since i played on USserver for 10 years both on old kingdom and new world and it was hard as **** doing anything unless you spent your monthly salary to make items

  • Ok i will speak as a 2 week's player.

    For my eyes the game/server lucks of quests, repetitive quest or even quest books (sorry but i like questing not grinding like a maniac).

    the other sad thing is the pvp. for now its pointless for me to pvp. there should be an option new players and old players be equally at pvp. I dont say all the time but in some cases

    drop rate exp rate whatever rate very good. patient is the key ofc.

    Overall drops/exp/gold 8/10

    questing/rewards from questing 3/10

    pvp 3/10

  • wait, that can actually be an idea, a daily quest system with easy quests and good rewards (lets say 10-20kk worth of items or directly gold), so even who has little time to play can have a boost and help fidelization of new players.