(War Horse Quest) Players killing archers only and leaving packs

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  • Let's start this off by saying that I got really mad (because i failed war horse quest 5 times in a row wasting 2 hours and 30min of my life on this ) and went ham on all chat and got chat blocked. You wonder why? Well it's because people kill only archers and leave the pack unfinished so it would never re-spawn other archers. Found 4 Metin stones that were only used to spawn archers and then left unkilled ( I killed 4 of them and they all had only last spawn of mobs left on them ). Let's say CH2 still has Tanaka Pirates and it's a mess i wouldn't even try doing it on CH2 only CH3 and CH1. Personally players who do this get away with it because nobody has nothing on them. I'm gonna be honest and say this out loud I HATE THEM ! Enough with the hate let's give Keno some MAD LOVE :love::love:. He was kind enough to kill all the packs and make them re-spawn archers so that i could finally finish the quest. I asked on all chat on both yellow and blue a few times nobody I mean nobody messaged me to help me out. Keno was the only person that did so he is doing his job as a HELPER very good. I would highly suggest to GMs or Helpers to check Sahara every second day or idk maybe they can reset spawn on mobs on the map so that other players don't have problems with war horse quest. Please let's put an end to redoing war horse quest more than 2-3 times because some players ABUSE re-spawns and just kill archers and leave Metins unkilled.

  • Desert outlaws are really hard monsters to kill, especially for new players who just started, that's why they leave them and go on finding only archers. It's not something staff can do about it, nor we Helpers can go there always to clean the mess :D

    Thank you for your kind words. Any new player feel free to contact me, I will try to help you with spawn.

  • Hello,

    Your chat was blocked because you were insulting everyone, using a very vulgar language, which is enough to have your character suspended.

    I highly suggest that next time you be careful with your language in the game.

    As for your situation, people always killed only the archers for these quests, and you have enough time to kill the groups, so they can be respawned normally again. That is no reason to use the kind of language you used.

    Lastly, I hope you succeeded in finishing your horse quest.

    Kind Regards,


  • Lets talk facts.

    Fact 1 : If people don't kill full packs so that they can respawn again with archers someone else is going to have a hard time finding archers. This happened in my situation and I got frustrated because I wasted 2 hours and 30min doing nothing in the game but trying to finish war horse quest.

    Fact 2 : In the same day I was doing my quest I saw a BM sura lvl 55 doing his war horse quest. Killing a metin to spawn archers. As soon as the metin was about to die he just ran off. He left the metin on 5k HP and ran off. He could have spent 30 more seconds but he didn't so I had to go and kill the metin because If you felt something on your own and you see how bad it is you don't want other players to experience the same. On the same day a saw another sura doing war horse and he was just running and killing archers and leave packs unkilled. Unacceptable.
    Fact 3 : While doing my 5 attempts. I killed 6 metins lvl 40 with no spawns on them. Maybe 2-3 had the last spawn left on them. I'm just hitting the rock expecting it to spawn mobs and it didn't.

    Fact 4 : I asked for help in all chat. No one I mean no one messaged me to help me out except one guy. Said go find them around oasis thats it................................ Not even a single guy said I will help you out or what's the problem.

    Let's see a player drops in and fails his war horse once or twice. How many people have the patience to do it 5 times and fail? Most of them would have left.

  • Hello,

    Can you tell me which of those facts explains the rude and vulgar language you use today in Call Chat?



  • Tary, people will rage no matter the rules to stop/prevent them, that's why you ban them. He knows he raged and the consecuences for it, he didn't ask for a unban, he is complaining about there are never those archers.