I think IP-block is detrimental to the game

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  • Thanks for your detailed explanations Thoreau. Just to be clear, if we remove the ip block the population won't change. There will just be more dungeon items on the market that nobody will purchase.


    Forcing people to a certain play style no matter what will discourage people. The population is low and nobody can't deny it. Like 1 month ago I made a guild. 71 people joined and they were playing, farming and stuff. Today NONE of them is online.

    As for this, the ip block is 2 years old, I doubt 71 players quit just because of the dungeon, even because being 71 i find it odd that they couldn't organize party. There were certanly other reasons behind, if you know and want to explain it is appreciated.

  • Apart from plagues which is for lvl 70-90, dragon run(75 or 80+ iirc) and DC all the rest that need a partner are for 100+.

    Thoreau made some good points, but I'm certain most of those 71 were low to midrange in levels and most of them quit most likely due to lack of server population and difficulty in selling/getting gear of the market.

    Most of the runs don't really have a balanced drop for parties anyway, as a buffer you won't ever get the coveted drops(like the box for example) cuz you'll have to stand there and buff, that's why people just prefer to not even bother helping unless you do more runs and split the drop(assuming they dmg dealer even wants to do that; not always the case...I've encountered players who would refuse to share the plagued run drops with you and their response was: be grateful that you're getting xp for free).

    So the short version is: we are forced to party up to do some dungeons but the loot system is certainly not designed for party-play, quite the opposite.

    So the problem isn't the ip-block only, but it's the fact that the drop isn't really fair and balance for all the participants, that's why Skyquake idea of having chests drop for everyone is probably a simple and fair solution.

    I suggest you consider both possibilities: either remove ip-block altogether(having both solo and party variants of the runs is probably too much of a hassle), OR just adjust the drop so that everyone in the party gets the same loot.

  • He dont play xD he is a forum junkie

    AlmightyHoly Why a level 35 dont count? They play the server they are better then purge people who just talk trash

    Go do dungeons with lvl 35 then :P

    Shadow dunno why but this happens more and more often... people refuse to do dungeons with others. Why does a lvl 35-60 quit in 2-3 months? That is the comfort zone.. you only level up to 90-100 if you are passionate and really have a good time on this server. What i wanted to say with this topic is: i have not seen a new player that has started, let us say in january, and become lvl 75+. The new players are not players we can count on to do dungeons with.

  • AlmightyHoly connect your brain once in a while :P if a level 35 dont count and dont do runs he dont quit for the ip block but for other reason so who gives a crap if you cant solo your dungeon without new players the server is doomed.

  • IPsycho and his guild Psychopaths started on April, he is level 100 currently, the others are not far behind either. I recall his name and his guild name because they asked to raise the guild member, to which I answered to first kick the alts accounts and if there was still a lack of space I would do something about it. And this is what happened. This is a perfect example of how things are handled: when there is a problem and all the suggested options are exhausted there is nothing left other than doing a change.

    Like i said i am not blind and i listen to the complains when they are done in a civil way, but the lack of players means that whatever you over farm will stay in your inventory, nobody is going to buy anything because without new players or players in the range of those runs all your drops will be worthless cause nobody is gonna need them, they either don't need them cause they are low level or because they have already all maxed out.

  • AlmightyHoly connect your brain once in a while :P if a level 35 dont count and dont do runs he dont quit for the ip block but for other reason so who gives a crap if you cant solo your dungeon without new players the server is doomed.

    I never said a lvl 35 quits because of IP-block, go get some english lessons! ;)

  • Shadow iPsycho is a good example of a player passionate enough to push his character in a really fast pace and get to the end game with good gear. But I also recall a discussion with him like a month ago when he was still lvl 92 or so and he was really excited about doing some dragon runs back then and then realized how hard it was to find anyone to do it with. This can be backed up by the fact that he opened a thread on forum right after in which he is looking for partners for any kind of runs. I'm not sure how successful he was, but anyway this incident tells us the following: the population is small, I think it was mentioned enough already, BUT there are plenty who really enjoy the concept of this server, players who were really sick with the way GF handled things and the state of the game there. I'm sure if they were to choose any of them servers(assuming both have the same nr of players), they would go with SG 100%.

    Up until lvl 75-80 or so there is plenty to do, you'll always be able to farm something(especially since you added red changers to the metin drops). The problem is that you push your character with the idea to do all the endgame content but you're halted by these restrictions and you'll end up doing the same exact thing that you were doing up until that point and slowly and surely it will become very stale.

    This is what this thread is all about: finding a way, a middleground between what you can do solo and what you'll need a team to accomplish with without restricting the player too much. Teamplay should be promoted through difficulty of the dungeons and maybe some other mechanics and not through a band-aid mechanic like IP-Block.

    quick edit: considering that last 2 patches, I trust that you can keep it up with the QoL changes

  • Another solution could be if we can enter dungeons with only 1 character. So you either choose to do it like that or keep on searching for a partner.

    If you can finish without buffer (it is possible and you will have to spend some boosters) go for it.

  • If the problem is finding people to do run, how could 1 box per player fix this? Sorry but if you can't enter because you can't make a party, even 100 box would be useless as reward.


    1) Not enough people to do runs in groups;

    2) People don't want to join runs because either they don't like to play as a passive buffer, rewards aren't good enough in groups or they simply prefer to play the game alone


    1) Option to do runs solo, drops stay the same, difficulty of mobs stay the same, you add a personal buffer secondary pet that gives 20-30% buffs (again, for dragon mages to keep their relevance since they can reach 70%+ buffs), drops would stay the same as now

    2) Runs in group will now drop X boxes per player besides the normal drops, in which you can put whatever drops are adequate, this way you still keep a small incentive for people playing together, besides the fact that doing a run in group makes it end faster

  • Being a buffer myself, I lost the interest in playing due the fact of my partner in runs leaving and having a different schedule. So, we have to fix the way rewards are being given and have some kind of organization to find runs.

    The ideal thing would be to have splitted rewards from the beginning, so you don't have to worry about doing a run with a person you don't know and not having any reward. Usually I bring the polys so I can compensate the money invested in the runs, but still the ammount of things I can do as a buffer is quite limited and thats a fair excuse for the damage dealers to not split any rewards.

    I made a post a while ago with my suggestions on dungeons, let me find it.

  • Having dungeons unchanged for solo is a terrible idea. Most won't be able to use them anyway since some dungeons are hard even with party.

    Every dungeon in the game can be soloed now with this personal buffer pet except for maybe Erebus and Ice Run since you need a sin and mage players at least for some floors' quest. If you lower their difficulty even more, it will be too easy for experienced players. People that aren't able to do it solo can just do it in groups, they'll finish the run faster and will have a bigger "pie" of rewards to distribute if the extra boss box idea is followed. Plus, the conclusion of this topic is that given the low amount of players in the server, you need to bet strong in the solo dungeon component.

  • But your solution will change nothing. People that could do runs will continue to do runs and those who couldn't do them won't do them.

    Yes. You CAN solo some runs but amount of gold you need to pump into that run isn't worth the time for rewards currently in place. Why bother if you can go farm metins and get more gold?

    Proportions between effort / reward should be balanced. And please be real. Show me a sura that can solo DC run for example.

  • The point is, many people cannot do runs not because they don't have the capacity to or they just waste too much gold in boosters, but because they simply don't have someone to buff them. They still do the runs when they can, but it's not in a non-stop fashion that makes you enjoy the game more. Basically, having no buffing partner doesn't allow some players to play the game as they prefer and how a big part of PvM-time should be occupied.

    DC Run with sura is an exception to the rule I mentioned, however, at this stage of the game, most high level players have access to characters with which they can do the run. For example, Silvester who was just talking here had also a lv115 Sin. Moreover, with the new lv100 helm, new pvm armour and fire shoes, while pushing a lot the damage, maybe suras can do the DC run solo, but as you say it doesn't compensate. DC is one of those cases in which cooperation compensates, since if you take a 90- level partner with you he can assure that the first 2 bosses drop a changer and stone craft 99% of times, increasing the "pie" of each run by 55-60kk.