8 avg vs 8 restore

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  • restore works this way: if you have 10% u get a 10% chance when killing a mob to get 10% of ur max hp back.

    Therefor 8avg on higher lvls is more important.

    You can stack restore elsewhere, like bracelet and scn. Resistance doesnt really fall off if u stack, but resotre becomes obsolete if u reach 20-30% ur fine. (EE+8 with restore gives 18 restore with sockets).

    Hp restore only works as long as you kill monsters, so pvp and bosses its not so usefull. But 30% is already nice to have since smallest mobnumber is 3, that means if you kill 1 group you get rly close to 100% chance of restoring 30% of you max hp. That sound enough huh?

    I mean if you loose more than 1/3 of you life vs 3 monsters, u need something else than restore :D

  • Since when 8+8 is 18? :P

    On serious note though. You get about 55% with buff + 37% fear + 8% shoes + 8% shield + 10% biologist. That gives over 100% and past 100% it just diminishing results.

    If you really need that 8 more avg (and I don't really think you do as a sure at least) get 8% alchemy.

    HP restore is better for farming. Bosses do mostly skill DMG anyway. And you can get more avg res via various means while HP restore isn't that common.

    As a warrior I would pick 8 hp restore still however, I would consider 8 avg. As a sure? No. Just no.

  • I don't think the bonus from fear or blessing is the same as the one from rarity. As a sura you get 12% from blade at P, you can get a scn which gives you 7% hp restore at +6 and 10% at+9, you also will get a brace with 8 restore. Beside these bonuses you'll also get 20% abs hp from brace and armour on normal bonuses (not the same thing as hp restore, but similar). I've made my sura lvl 100 using 8 avg armour, in my opinion you don't need 8hp restore on armour too. Even with a warrior level 95 i could farm easy with an 8avg armour, with a sura it will be even easier.

  • You don't even need it at all if that's what we're talking about... Blade isn't HP restore, it works in a different way and doesn't stack with stats. Neither Fear or blessing or avg from items or quest is the same. But it stacks (in different order). You seem to know know how stats exactly work. Restore isn't the same as absorption. Not to mention HP absorption on items works in a different way than on sura's blade.

    HP restore =/= HP abs =/= HP abs on sura's blade.

    They're all different stats. In this game you can get so much of damage reducion via various means I would always go for restore. If there is a place you begin to struggle because of 8hp restore instead of 8avg just use alchemy or dragon god defense and you will get even better results and keep HP restore.

    8 avg is better for warriors because they use berserk so you can negate the damage penalty from berserk. Also warrior don't have fear as sura which is the best pve skill in the game.

  • I am quite sure the restore happens on hit and not on kill?

    The game must be a girl cuz im always in it.

  • Not true. Depends on other items. I don't know why people think having 8avg in armour or not will make you immortal. There are so many ways to get damage resistance.

    On top if what you said was correct having restore + blade would make you even more immortal. And that's not true.

    OP seems to be confused so here is your answer. If you can get top-tier items and buffs go for restore. If not get 8 avg because it will fill the lack of resistance from other sources.

  • Thoreau, have you ever played on a high level sura? I did and so did BuffMausal, we speak from experience.

    You don't need more hp restore because your hp is already restored when you use blade, when you get 15-18% hp restore from brace and neck + the abs hp from armour and brace. Yea, they don't work in the same way, but the final result is that they regenerate your hp so more hp restore on armour won't help you more than 8 avg.

    DarkVision, the best way to see what works for you is to try them both, but as i told you before in my experience avg is better than restore for a high level sura.

  • I had lvl 96 with 8 avg bone plate and in some places I was better off with 8 restore YY+9 with same stones except haste. Explain that then?

    I had ofc all possible avg including biologist and alchemy. As I was speaking in my example.

    I still consider 8 avg better if you don't have great items, and 8 restore if you got all possible avg via other sources.

    Ofc there are places where 8 restore is useless but, I would still pick 8 restore.

  • 8% restore works better when you kill the mobs quickly enough (spiders for example), because isn't the same as hp absorption on Enchanted Blade (restore procs when you kill, absorb procs per hit), having a good amount of absorption makes useless to have more restore, being of more use to have block or average resistance. (And this depends on the amount you get from helmet and phoenix or quilin boots)

    I think you should max average resistance as much as possible and then worry about block, more than restore.