Plagued Dungeon Run Guide

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  • The Roman Army - Strategy and Discipline; key tools for all achievements.

    Plagued dungeon presentation: Exclusive Plagued Dungeon [Implemented 10/10/2015]

    The run consists in 6 tasks, 1-5 are random, 6th is always the same, kill the final boss. Because in the link above the features and the run is very well explained, I will not insist. We will discuss here about the strategy required to achieve the desired result with the lowest costs possible.

    Since the run requires dragon mage and assassin in group, the party you will form must include these two classes. Don't forget only lv 70-90 can enter on this run. It will be very good if you include two mages and two sins in the group; one mage can be light mage, also very helpful inside. Don't forget to take enough polymorph marbles.

    My suggestion, based on our group experience: Use one dragon mage, one heavy tanker and two sins; this if you have good items. If not, you will have to increase the group until you have full strength for this run.

    Items required: Armour lv 48 or 54 any+, with HP. Stones are optional.
    Lv 70 weapon, +4 or higher. Assassins must use the lv 70 bow in polymorph. Stones are optional.
    All your regular accessories you use every day when farming (helmet, bracelet, etc)

    Items required for Assassin in the most expensive version when the party consists in 2 assassins and a buff mage:

    • Armour lv 48/54 with 8% avg dmg resistance, +6 stones - evasion, dodge and defence.
    • Sting Sword+9 full bonus with monster+6 in it. Plagued eggs don't have sword resistance so the damage is going to be over 20 000 with Tiger earrings, 8 vs. monsters pet and the rest of the items below. Damage on monsters will be around 15 000.
    • Soul crystal earrings +7 or higher.
    • lv60 helmet with 5% vs monsters and if possible 10-15% chance to dodge arrows. Helmet should be at +6 or higher.
    • Soul Crystal Necklace +7 or higher with good stats. Mine has 2000HP, 8 Faint and 10 critical.
    • lv 61 shield with rarity 8% avg resistance, with immune and 15% chance to block normal hits.
    • Bracelet with 8% chance to restore HP rarity bonus.
    • Quilin shoes with rarity 8% avg resistance +6 or higher, if possible with 10-15% chance to dodge arrows.

    Important things: assign tasks to all group members before you start. Never break group formation. Don't get killed inside the dungeon.

    Strategic advantages of plagued dungeon run: the lv 48 and 54 armors offer the best protection possible, use them. Lv 70 weapons offer the best damage possible, use them

    Strategic weaknesses of the plagued dungeon run: predictable AI actions (aggressive monsters ready to ambush your group) and large space to maneuver.

    Key strategy to beat the plagued monsters: the group must be extremely mobile: long range characters with high moving speed must attract the monsters while close combat characters must concentrate the attacks to terminate the gathered monsters. From our experience, sins in polymorph can serve very well as a compact killing wall against plagued monsters, while mages can collect a huge amount of monsters in order to complete the tasks quickly.

    Key strategy to beat the metin: defend players who hit the metin and neutralize the spawns, to avoid any losses in group number. Since the metin is vulnerable to lv 70 weapons, your damage will be high and spawns will be massive.

    Key strategy to defeat the Plagued Carrier mini boss: defeat all monsters that defend the area before engaging the mini boss. The Plagued Carrier also spawns monsters, but only one at a time. Once all monsters are eliminated, the players can attack it without any problems.

    Key strategy to destroy the Plagued Eggs: these monsters are vulnerable only to assassin damage. Use poly marbles and lv 70 bows to obtain the best damage possible. Use more assassins on this task, since there is one correct egg in a mass of 60 eggs. Time matters, be fast.

    Key strategy to complete the final task: eliminate all monsters that guard the final boss then use sins to destroy the eggs that make him invulnerable. Once all eggs are destroyed, players can kill the boss in few seconds. Enjoy the drops!

    Personal consideration regarding the plagued dungeon: the run consists in a new concept which puts more accents on team play strategy than on items. Also, creates a huge opportunity to use in a run classes considered useless before. Practice makes it better, after fails comes the success and the run is completed.

    Special Thanks to SG Team for this unique map. Special thanks to HeLLHole members who developed the strategy required to beat the run.

    Now, since reading is boring, the plagued dungeon run video guide. Thanks Fleur!

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    Enjoy the run, test our strategy, taste the drops!
    HeLLHole Guild and players Neve and ZdzichStrzela.

    Credits for the Map go to Fleur :)

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  • The dungeon gives you the opportunity to play the game with a team. It's not so much about rewards (the box is quite awesome with a bit of luck), it is about team play. Give it a try, don't think on rewards, is a game after all.

  • Yes i understund you , my point is that the dungeon its just for do it 2-3 times with your friends and not as a profitable money maker , like orc maze is actually , its cool inside but is sad that usually is never made for the difficulty of found a group big enough .

  • Just I have realized that, the "mini map" what is there by Fleur is wrong? I think if i consider this mini map I always start in the 2nd room nit in the 1st.... after it I exited the forum, beacuse its wrong in my opinion. What do you others experienced?

    Credits for the Map go to Fleur :)

  • Just I have realized that, the "mini map" what is there by Fleur is wrong? I think if i consider this mini map I always start in the 2nd room nit in the 1st.... after it I exited the forum, beacuse its wrong in my opinion. What do you others experienced?

    I am not an expert for plagued run but I think you get rooms random and not by numbers stated in mini map. She just made it easier to show what each rooms contains.