Apology towards the community

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  • Dear community,

    a few months have passed now since my dishonorable actions towards other players of the community.

    i had the chance to think about what i did and i came to the conclusion that my actions were anything else but fair and mature.

    so i want to take the opportunity to apologize to all of you for what i did to this community, we are all mature enough to be fair and nice to each other and not crossing the line of an online community like i did in the past.

    i still have the opinion that banning my account permanently for the actions another ex-player took was not 100% the correct way, but i understand why you chose that way.

    im asking all of you to accept my honest apology.


  • Let's be honest, this is not sincere apology towards the community but a try to get your character back.

    If it would be sincere, you would change your behavior right after your ban but you continued to provoke in similar manners from other people accounts (if I am not mistaken, some of them got muted/banned thanks to you).

    So basically you did exactly what you mention in your apology... made other people characters muted/banned with your own doings.

    The irony is funny and humility in this post entertaining.

    "You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time."

    Good luck tho.

  • Okey lets be honest.

    Truth is you wasnt even playing when 25cm got banned you came back when he was gone already.

    Truth is you just talk what you hear from your childs 50y+.

    Truth is this was an honest Apology for the sg Community it was in the name of us all.

    Truth is you achieved nothing in this game and in my eyes you are irrelevant mermaid.

    Truth is you post here because you saw how your Sugar Daddy postet.

    Truth is i wasted 5 minutes of my life for this post.

    Good luck and HF mermaid

  • It shouldnt bother you that much if he gets his account back , cous seems you are against it.

    He could use any other char during raids and keep trashtalking people(or whatever he did), yet he didnt.

    Incase only trashtalk/insults bothered people, imo he deserves one last chance to change his attitude, but incase ppl bothered by dying against him in PVP, then I understand you very well.

    The apology came abit too late but I guess it came in right time, when he realized it.

    Also im sure shadow wont tolerate as much as before a bad behaviour, especially in his case.

    as for 25cm, goodluck.

    Never gave in
    Never gave up
    Im the only thing im afraid of.


  • I don't see the correlation in your post. He was banned for harassing a players family.
    Did he ever do that again since he got banned? I don't think so.
    So please don't open your mouth only because you are salty that he might be back and beat you in PvP.
    If you were really on top of such things like you pretend to be - you wouldn't have made such an effort for a pointless post.

    peace out

    #freediggachen2k18 #makesggreatagain

  • i know we had our differences and even though some of you dont trust me i would really like to show you that i changed my mindset.

    so i hope you grant me this one last chance and i promise i wont dissapoint you.

  • If you guys think that he isnt changed , that he will do what he did in the past , that this is not a sincere apology then you shouldnt be against his unban and thats exactly the reason because as you say he will do exactly what he did in the past , i am not saying that he wont or he will but you guys are wrong just because you cant be right if he isnt unbanned so we can all see if he is changed or not and if he isnt changed then you are right and he is gone for good because he had his chance for redemption no more tickets simply this matter is closed

  • He was banned for his dis-behavior. So what PVP has to do with it?

    I expressed my opinion about the subject.

    How many 1day bans, 7day bans etc he had? How many chances?

    He can act (as all of you) all innocent and humble now but as someone who witnessed numerous insults and provocations from his side and even some of you guys who jumped on me here in this very thread... I am saying it once again:

    "Vulpes pilum mutat, non mores."

    It is just my opinion based on my experience.

    I still wish him GL.

    Chill. :) 

  • "how many 1day bans, 7day bans etc he had? how many chances?"

    exactly, he got banned 15 days for his missbehaviour and during that 15 days period another ex-player did huge crap which was leading to his 15 days ban become permanent.

    no doubt he made mistakes and yeah probably he would have gotten himself banned permantly without the help of that other guy later, who knows.

    my opinion is give him a last chance and thats it.

  • How can you be so sure that its all an act? I mean we could do this all day long you will keep saying that it is all a fake apology and i could say the oposite but as you see i dont. I simply say give him a chance to prove his words the first time he does what he was doing his gone i am sure team will be extra cautious and wont be as tolerant as before about him and about insults in general that have no relativity with game.

  • Offf Off offf .............

    Sometimes i make Barrel roles in m Grave

  • Mermaid is 100% right I Support her.

    You support what mate? xD

    None of you yellow plebs would have ever had the guts to ever write an apology in the first place. What do you want him to do, to kneel before you?

    All the respect for 25cm for admitting that he did something wrong and for wanting to change. I hope you will get your account back, some people really miss playing with you my friend! ^^

  • You support what mate? xD

    None of you yellow plebs would have ever had the guts to ever write an apology in the first place. What do you want him to do, to kneel before you?

    All the respect for 25cm for admitting that he did something wrong and for wanting to change. I hope you will get your account back, some people really miss playing with you my friend! ^^

    This sounds funny coming from the guy who banned all his accounts ( when he was your friend ).

    And yes, you seem to be right, i still cannot find your apology letter for what you did in the past.

  • lmao, people should beg the team for him to be unbanned

    lack of ppl in metin2 is big, here extremly

    so every player here is needed.

    and if he changed his cancer attitude, why not?

    after this long ban, he wouldn't act like that again

    unless he really wants then again a permaban without any chance for unban

    so ye, give him a second chance.