Exorcism Scroll / Blue Exorcism Scroll

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  • Hello.

    The Point of the is that, we can create Exorcism Scroll / Blue Exorcism Scroll through each of Special Skill Book (i-e Combo Skill book , Leadership Skill book, Polymorph Skill book, Horse Skill Book, Mining Skill book, Linguistic Skill book ETC) . Means we need to farm or get These Skill books to trade them with Sage/Uriel Or Mr Soon ( like crafting Poly-marble from Doctor.

    As For Blue Exorcism Scroll, to reset the time , we need to use it x2/3/4 times for resetting the time. Means x2 or x3 or x4 Blue Exorcism Scroll for 1 Skill book..

    EDIT: Forgot to mention one more thing, x1 Blue Exorcism Scroll decrease Time to read the next book ( 25% OR 33% or 50% ). Means Decrease of 6 hour or 4 Hour or 3 Hour.

    The Idea looks Pretty lame tho... Well i want to let out the weight by Writing This Post/Thread.. As it distract me from other activities..


  • "Or it could be just the opposite. Hermits and Exo scrolls could be dropped so low"

    What are you trying to say?

    Yeah sure the worth of those book are low to nothing, also they aren't rare drop (for now). Even if this system applied ( Certainly Will not) there must be changes with the drop rate of those books.. Well when i mention the books (i was just giving General Example/General Idea) it doesn't mean only those books. Yeah sure we can farm Piece of Scroll from Bosses ( Like Sash System Which isn't available here) Collect 10/20/25 piece of scroll which can be turn into Blue Exorcist Scroll..

    It is general Idea. That's all

    i hope u understand what i mean..