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  • Mr Cele if you have no idea about the subject next time just up, you are just looking like a fool.. thank you :D

    If you want more information about the bans regarding the orc maze I suggest you talk to the gm's not to me.

    I just stated this thing because it was discussed in game for so long but nobody wants to talk about it.

    "He’s over dramatizing the situation just for the sole purpose of his own benefit" the orc maze design is the worst thing in the world and let me explain why: you need 1 decent account (you invest 50-100kk in it and you will do just fine) and 1 friend (that friend does not even need to play metin he just logs 1 account for you and leaves or runs around with you so that he avoid from being banned). Is that the purpose of a group run? In my opinion no.. that is why the orc maze needs to change (harder monsters so that you require 2 strong accounts could be a solution, it is not my job to balance the game).

    Mr Cele I do not do orc maze son, if you want i can show you that metin2 sg is more than just metins + orc maze, one day if I have time for you. My only purpose is to help improve the server (in my own way).