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  • Legano

    somebody selling dragon claws?

  • CapTaiiN

    someones trollin here haha

  • Ettore66

    No ox event tonight?

  • 6ix9ine

    Help me pls ^^ Resolution Problem

  • xWoops

    ye pretty much, must be the lack of proper fonts

  • EmyEmy

    I guess its blurry? With wine

  • xWoops

    well it's fine, graphics are a bit worse but it's playable

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    Sure it is ok, but in case of issues caused by wine, we can't provide help.

  • xWoops

    (on linux)

  • xWoops

    shadow, i'm using wine. That's ok isn't it?

  • UnkoJP

    I miss him more, toss off! u minion

  • A.O.S

    shadow i miss u bb

  • CapTaiiN

    Sell [Lot of Stuff] updated

  • CapTaiiN

    Trade Sura PVP Armour make offers guys

  • DontBeScared

    When will be released lottery results?

  • H2SO3

    when hunter ranking got reset?

  • MrSoon

    buy salvation fans 5int mystic

  • Jese

    Let's rebuild red kingdom

  • Jese


  • palita

    Shadow is that silent stalker, stay in the lights and you will see him

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  • Hey SG Community my Name is Nils and i will try something here is what i was thinking about.

    Ingame you know me as SuraMain some people like me some people dont and thats okay.

    I started to making videos for Metin2.SG An stoped some while ago cause i played a other game.

    And then another and another and another and now im here back again.

    I want to Start a Twitch Channel were i unregular Stream and play with a New Ingame account just for streaming.

    I want to make proccess with it and show people how far i can get with it. Im not sure if i will continue with it im not sure

    how long i will do it but i saw on Facebook that SG has done this big Update and im rly rly impressed and i want to try

    to get new player bringing old people back to play because i like what i see (: . ( I will also upload Streamhighlights to youtube after the streams so

    people can see some progress on youtube too)

    But thats giving me something im rly worried about ,

    does people even want to see someone streaming and lvling ,farming

    Im no Pro Metin2 player i just now somethings and some dont , how am i suppose

    to start it , should i do it without itemshop or with itemshop what charakter people want to see

    Should i do it in English or my home Language German.

    The Main Question is still does you people want to see this??

    And of course my main reason i want to do it is because i want to support this server with all i can (:

    I will have the time for it too soon cause im almost finished with my Learning and im free to go soon then working in a normal Job yaiiiii :D

    hope i get some replys from you

    Shout outs to everyone here see ya

  • I think streaming would be boring and will be not watched much at the same time.

    YT videos are better imo

    You can show some important parts in few minutes that will be more interesting for watchers and beginners

    But good luck in any way you decide to do

    "I am not lost, I am on my way!"

  • Thanks everyone i will start the stream today at 21.00 GMT and i will playing metin2 like usual and after every stream i try

    to cut the important things out and then make a stream highlight something like that i will give it a try why not (:

  • Hey i alrdy Streamed about 7 Hours yesterday and today (: and im rly enjoying it some people alrdy were there all the time

    and i rly like it i hope to see some more of you people here putting the highlights on youtube will take sometime

    so please wait for it (:

    Thank everyone who were there next time you can talk with me dont be to shy :D