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  • Hello!

    I have suggestions about game.

    Point system is a system what give points for online time in game.

    Points we get for 1/2/3h(randomly) online.

    Gained points can be exchanged at special NPC for different items... e.g. Hermit - xx points, White Pearl - xx point etc...

    Ofc points cant be forwarded.


    More ppl online at one time

    More ppl in the city - better impression for new players

    Items for playing prompt new players.

    This is just suggestion which can be modified in a convenient way for the server.

    I have seen such a system many times and people have been satisfied.

    Sorry for my crap english!

    I am waiting for comments!

  • Hey there,

    I have read your suggestion and from what I could understand you would get points for being 1, 2, 3 + hours in game.

    What if a player logs a character in the morning, goes away from keyboard until the night? How fair would this point system be?

    Kind Regards,


  • All systems have minus but these are points for online time.

    If someone wants to leave a character he can do this and take points for spending time in game.

    Anw any player can do that and city looks more populatet.

    Ofc this system dont must be about time online... we have many options with this system.

    Such a system is often encountered and it is well received...

  • This won't most likely be implemented due to several reasons:

    1) Being prompt to exploitation - anyone can log 20 characters and leave them online only for this and it will be a pain for the team to be constantly monitoring these situations.

    2) Many players already leave their accounts afk in town, and the staff won't be able to tell if it's an habit or they just want to get the rewards; they'll have also a lot more workload without need.

    3) Also, it is hard to figure out which rewards would be good enough to incentivize players to login while not destroying the server's economy (this is an on-going feature, not a 2-week mini-event).

    4) Moreover, the staff of this server is really strict in terms of avoiding exploits in the game, which is quite positive, so they are very risk averse regarding suggestions of this nature.

    However, I see the advantages that you are referring to: not only it can give a notion of more activity in the server for new players, but also stimulate people to be more active (some will have incentives to login as a result of this and will end up playing a bit, and even become more consistently active players). Also, I've seen such type of system work very well in different games and in a different metin2 server.

    Therefore, I'd suggest this in a different fashion, so if we think about the possibilities:

    - Distributing rewards based on IP? No, it should be hard to do and still a bit prone to exploitation.

    - The points being obtained through Combat Mode being on, since the game recognizes when a player is fighting. However, players can just leave their characters in a spot with aggressive mobs and a fast respawn. Also, there's the issue of level difference - a level 120 player can go to a spot with lv50 monsters that make no damage, he'll still be on combat mode but he wasn't supposed to kill monsters with such lower level.

    - The best solution in my eyes is making it Karma-based: to win karma points you have to kill monsters near your level range so the staff can use this as a basis for this "point system", which makes it is easy to implement and ensures that players only gain points by doing so. I also don't think it is a problem to have already 20k karma, with or without 20k karma i suppose the game has the same mechanism and formula to know how much karma points you should win by X kills. This won't stop the "afk-leveling" problem in some spots, such as on Lemures' spot - however, I believe that if rewards are moderate there will be very few people there will be very few people with incentives to do this and in the end, the benefit for the server overall will be much greater than this small risk.

  • Points for online time just to make it look like it's populated ? No offense, but this is one of the most stupid suggestions i have ever read on this forum.

    Game should not be played for rewards, it should be played for fun.

    We already have tons of events which bring tons of gold and items to the server economy, any player who plays a decent amount of time can build gear really fast just by farming in events.

    In the old times, it was must harder to start new char and build items than it is now. Now it's like too easy.

    I really can't believe how lazy can someone be to expect rewards for leaving a char logged ingame. What's next, rewards for creating account on metin2.sg ?

  • we have reward for ctreating acc on sg... 7day exp etc xD

  • We are not going to add any system that scream exploits and abuse from a mile away. If we wanted zombies in town we would stop banning bots and hackers or we would create bots of our own, why giving free rewards for people who just have to log in? I mean I would understand if you have to pay money to create an account here, but is free.

    We have also better things to do than monitoring if the players are afk or not.

    So thanks for the suggestion, but no thanks.

  • to solve the problem about Some Player opening x20+ account 24/7 days, Simply a player who is afk atleast 55 minute, immediately will get logout/Kick out by the system.

    about player opening shop from Character, well in that case the character is still in Progress but those who open shop wont count as Playing so will receive no points.

    so the price of the items will be quite high,


    (3 point) for 2 green changer, (5 points) for 3 green changer and (10 points) for 7 green changer.

    (6 points) for a hermit, (10 Points) for 2 hermit... ETC

    But the items from those points will be non tradeable.

    Tbh the idea is pretty much good, but it won't be implemented as it is quite a pain to make settings for it..

  • What about farming to get gold instead waiting for charity ?