fix offlineshop

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  • Well is obvious, you have to remove all the items and set a new price. There is nothing to fix, you either get the reminder or no reminder at all.

    look, 19 polymarbles, and all are the same, craftet

    so why i have to change price on each single, when they anyways the same?

  • Because the reminder is on the ID of the item and not on the value of the item, otherwise any sword, or armour would have the same price, regardless the bonus which actually make the price.

    make sense, but wouldn't it be a good " suggestion / improvement " to maybe change the single id on upgradestuffs? polymarbles bonus adders changers etc.. ? ^^

  • Well first of all, i was answering to your thread that is "fix", by saying there is nothing to fix, it works fine, nothing is broken. Second of all, is either a reminder by value, so all polymarbles, all swords, all armours, all DSS regardless their bonus, or a reminder by ID, like it is currently.

    Suggestions are done on the proper section, but bare in mind that the current system prevents the user from selling imba items at the same price of clean items, which is way safer even at the expense of setting back your 19 poly marbles prices.