Cyen, iFaded, ShootingSt4r, +++ Banned

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  • Hello guys.
    I was working when i heared it. My guild Member told me that Cyen and ShootingSt4r got banned. So i tried to logg in at the homepage and i was very shocked. I got an ip Ban and no e-mails or anything with anny reasons. I did nothing wrong. I payed a lot of € in this server. Last night i Payed 100€ aswell because i managed it to finish my lvl 21er Worria " NichtNormal". And now all is gone.
    I wrote the support while i was working and didnt got an answer yet.

    Sth realy strange happend here that nearly whole ex "Pay2Win" got banned.
    The only one who did sth wrong in this guild was " Ententrainer" the old Leader of Pay2Win. He sold his stuff for real monney. ( he got banned aswell)
    He said to us he dont care that we got banned, because he made enough Monney with metin2 sg. Quite sad

    I think that i wont get my acc's back so i wish you all "have fun and be carefull".

    Best regards
    iFaded / NichtNormal :)

  • Dear iFaded,

    [GA]Shadow is currently on vacation.
    When he returns he will judge the cases. However, some clear points here are the following:

    • Players like AbuDhabi sold items and gold for real money and their ban is permanent.
    • Cyen's items are also for sale in a well known website. Whether he is or not involved, it is not relevant for us. He is responsible for anything that happens on his account.
    • Some of you were banned too because you shared accounts. If you did nothing, you may be released but it is at our discretion since you shared accounts at your own risk.

    Bottomline, we kindly ask you to stop opening senseless threads as this is just lowering your chances to be released and wait for [GA]Shadow to return. I remind you that we take all our effort to investigate and be fair in all our decisions.

    Kind Regards,

  • At first, thank your for the quick answer.

    I played on Cyen because i lvled my Buff in Dt on lvl 90. As far as i know this is not forbidden. Its our own risk if we get scamed or whatever yes. But Its no Ban reason.

    I hope it turnes to the best.

    Do you know when Shadow retuns ?

  • Dear iFaded,

    I am sorry to disappoint you but you seem to be missing some information about our rules right there, so I suggest that you take another look at them. They are available for you to read in our Forum.
    It is at your own risk even logging an account. For instance, you may be acused of being the one who promoted the sale of Cyen's items. I am not saying you did it, but you had access and logged it.
    So it is just obvious that you are under investigation and because of that your account is suspended.
    I hope I was clear enough in this matter.

    Kind Regards,