Cyen got banned / His friends too / I think I spider

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  • DarkVision

    mooblight today ?

  • Eskeetit

    WTB mystic fms 8% 45%+

  • Andrei Chiriac

    wts fms 55 avg! pm

  • iPsycho

    WTB HTN 4res+life

  • CatFood

    WTB Black Tunic +9 or Aqua for mage with rarity pm me in game

  • Mighty007

    Oleee oleeee 4-2 bangg bangg

  • NightSlayer

    WTB Sura armor lvl 54 +6--+9 with ss+5--+6 pm me in game

  • RudiAusmWald

    WTB poison 8 avg

  • iPsycho

    Thanks :D

  • iPsycho

    SGM/GA look "Questions and answers"

  • iPsycho

    WTS Diamond double skill

  • iPsycho

    WTS Jade doublelife

  • MrSoon

    high lvl drop a lot of 75 weps on new maps, so their price drop... imagine poison 8avg mystic used to be up to 60 won

  • CeReal

    im confused....

  • CeReal

    is there a reason why poisons with 40 avg are almost cheaper than a fms with same stats? xD

  • iPsycho

    WTS Jade double life 5won

  • iPsycho

    WTS Diamond skill+skillres / 5won

  • iPsycho

    Penge buff me

  • Howker

    Penge pm to me ;d

  • Penge

    Hi all! Looking for a lonely man/girl who is also looking for a partner to play. Im 24 years old, and others say im very rich in the game but i dont think so xD I like runs, have buffer, archer, warrioir blablabla

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  • Hey friends, family and bodybuilder,
    today happend something which is very sad. One of the famous players on Metin2.Sg got banned with no reason. They said he sold stuff for real money, but where is the prove? I only see them talking... But with no words! My friends, who loved the game got banned too. They never did anything. I said check my logs, check their logs CHECH US... And what happend? Nothing. Nobody was looking if its real. Nobody can say that all our Accounts did anything.

    Please guys, when they bann us, without any pics or something which shows it. Why can they do it?

    I only hear sad thinks about the Support... It never helped us... I dont think that I still can trust So many rumors which i heard...

    I hope that the support will answer my question. And answer with something which is understandble and not only hot air...
    Show me the yellow from the egg... I dont wanna be only on the woodway...

    And now! My friends we will try everything to get CYEN back! :misslelauncher: :minigun: :chainsaw: :rocketlauncher:

  • Hello Cyen.

    I think we told several times that we don't need to show proofs.

    If you want to think that we did an unfair ban. You are wrong, and everytime a player complain about a ban in public is always proved that he break the rules.

    You are not an exception, and of course I won't waste more of my time on try to argue about a case closed. We have solid evidences about what you did that we don't need to show.

    You can call us whatever you want. You can ask your friends wathever you want. But one thing is clear. You broke the rules and hence, your account is banned.

  • Apologies for my absence I will give some clarifications on the matter and also on all the bans since some old and new players don't know how it works.

    We don't need to show any evidences regarding any bans because this is how we decided. We don't even need a reason to ban to be honest, we could just block the account as written in our terms and conditions. All online games have this policy and we are no different.

    Obviously from a moral and professional side we will never block an account without a real reason and now I come to the part of why we don't post evidences.

    Metin2 is a free to play where you need from 10 to 30 seconds to create an account and start playing. There are a lot of hacks for this game and a lot of players who gives try to hack to have an easier game experience. If we had to take videos of every hacker we see, we will ban only 10% of them. Our hard drives will be full of videos (because of course some hackers ask why they are banned after 1 month too). We are skilled enough to reconize who use bots and who use hacks.

    Most of the time when a player complains of an unfair ban, is because he either shared the account with someone who used hacks or he just wants to know how he got caught. Why should we provide the evidences of how we caught him red handed? This will just make our work to keep the server clean harder.

    And this was the part of the hackers, botters, etc.

    Now comes the part of the player's report.

    I take you beckmann as example since you created a thread asking about these evidences. Imagine you want to report someone, someone who is your friend but that he is selling items for real money. He talks to you ingame in private chat, you screen the chat and you report him. Now of course since he is your friend you probably don't want him to know what you did. If he asks evidences what should we do? Rat on you for being praised by the people here? Of course not. We prefer to keep your privacy instead of betraying the trust of a private and secret report. Even if the community may think we ban the guy for nothing.

    I don't like to make rules and RULES, either I am able to show evidences for all cases, or i don't show any. I prefer to have some unfair players trying to creat havock on the forum claiming they are innocent, rather than betraying a player's trust.


    this is not the case.

    There is a report but I can post the contents without mentioning the name of the player.

    I dislike to promote sites that are not ours so i will just link a portion of it

    This is the account that sold golds and items for real money.

    The player is Entertainer / AbuDhabi

    He also has a character named Marv related to these 2 by trades

    Here you can see one of his posts selling characters, items and more for real money

    Just a little sip but you can clearly see, even if they are not in english, that he is selling a level 86 warrior and more which is this one

    Now if you check the list of the items, he posted some bonus and it is relative easy to track, expecially due to the rarity system.

    Most of these items are on CyenSG, the player who is trying to tell you all that he is innocent and that we are basically liars.

    There are 7-8 items who belongs to him that are for sale. So he is either with "Marv" (since CyenSG apparently just log for few minutes) or he is just being scammed by him, who knows.

    But is weird that here

    He trade for nothing 430 milions, which they were sold the same day to a level 35 (also banned for real money trade).

    CyenSg is not banned for nothing, these are just a bit of evidences I posted because we are tired of certain players who act innocents, there are many more gold trades in the logs.

    Now I wonder, what if the day we banned AbuDhabi, he deleted the posts from that website? We wouldn't have any evidences to show you, but does it means that we should release the players because of this? This is not Metin2 CSI and this is not a Law Court. We don't need to show any evidences and if you are banned, you DID SOMETHING.

    I hope this clears all doubts that those players tried to put in your head. You are completly safe here as long as you respect the rules.


  • Hello Shadow,

    first... thanks for showing the reason for banning the accounts. Secondly, I asked him ( the seller) what he did, because I know him for a long time in real life. He told me that he sold cash from Later I found the post on elitepvpers, which you showed allrdy to us. I can understand the bann now and I dont want to say something against it. I only want to say on thing, 3 days before i got banned, I gave him with PapaBear 1,5kkk for the qulin shoes because I wanted to buy them. Thats why they are on my account. I also did not knew that he sold the cash or that he did anything.

    Thx for showing the reason.

    Your Cyen

  • What about 800 milions that he sold later to a level 45 with the character Error404? They came from your account, and they were sold like 10 minutes later.

    Why are your poison, your armour and accessories for sale on the website?

    If we did not ban you, you would have lost these items.

    It is also very possible (almost sure) that you knew he was selling stuffs for real money, iFaded had the common sense to admit it, so why did you not report him?

    Should I use the same reasoning that you did with us, show us proofs that you were not involved? And if you don't he ban stays? To be fair the evidences joke should go in both ways don't you agree? Or maybe you agree that is better when evidences are not shown :)?

  • For me its okay that you show it :)

    The last trade to AbuDhabi on thursday. I traded him from my home internet adress 1,5kkk in total. If he made something later then I dont know it. Oh, and I have one pictuce after giving him 1,5kkk it was at ( 17:20 pm).
    I just saw on the website his eq, not mine. For exmaple: My poisen had 37 Avg and not 31 avg. But I can unterstand you so its okay.

    I hope that you will show in the future more reason to unterstand the problmen. It makes it much easyier to understand.

  • There is nothing to understand. When you asked about your ban on private using our support we told you exactly what was about. You just had to make a public thread because you thought maybe to get some people on your side. You didn't answer if you knew that he was selling or not, since iFaded knew, i am sure you did too.

    He posted many threads, maybe some were removed, but more than one of your items was showed there :)

    We didn't take screenshots because we are not forced to provide evidences.

  • Haha, my first post here was just a joke... Do you realy think that I talk to my friends when I say bodybuilders? :D
    Maybe its just the german humor^^+

    However Im banned and know i know the reason. I did not knew it before your answer and thats all what i wanted :=)